Nevertheless, I do not want to give Mr. Frey the certainty that he is a witch until the end of the day.

So I use the magic level 1 of the shield.

However, push the Po button a little.

Just magic was done to Mr. Frey, who was slashed by kidnapper A.

Mr. Frey swayed his sword with the light of gold, and shook it with the sound of thunder. Abductor A, who was trying to gather spirits, flew away from thunder.

But the other one gathered spirits and seemed to be doing something.

Something like a dark shield spreads and inhales the thunder unleashed by Mr. Frey's sword moves.

"Let us ask you to leave the Knights in order to reconsider"

That's what I said. Abductor B tries to catch Mr. Frey by spreading that dark shield.

Of course, Mr. Frey, there's nothing like getting caught right away. Fly away and avoid, slashing and tearing that darkness apart.

but theres a spiritual act of abductor a activated. The water struck from Mr. Frey's head.

Like a needle.

Then you're not going to half-kill him and grab him where he can't move!?

The magic of the shield played me some, but that's just elementary magic. Even though it does not add or subtract any magic, it will run out of effect where it has been prevented to some extent.

Maybe their magic is too strong.

On Mr. Frey's shoulder, a needle of water pierced his leg, and I almost screamed.

I'm in a hurry for the color of blood, but I fly the magic of recovery and the magic of shields.

I didn't need a spell so it activated immediately.

Mr. Frey, who got up quickly, moves agile to avoid any further attacks.

He then alters his target and manipulates the surrounding water through the legs of the kidnapper B, who was punched in the face.

Hmm? Manipulating the water?

I think I saw something strange, but not now.

"The spirits, it's snack time!

As soon as I use the magic of the shield, I use the cookies I had in my pocket to summon the spirits who were gathering again around kidnapper A.

Spirit in Tobiuo flies away from abductor A's side.

Five bodies gathered in three cookies.

I was delighted to see the spirits eating cookies following like fish, and this reduced them a little. Maybe if the number of spirits is low, you can't use a big move.

Though I thought it would have helped, kidnapper A ordered the spirit at hand to attack Mr. Frey again.

Abductor B, who injured his leg and shoulder, also attacked, leaving for Mr. Frey to re-establish his posture once.

In that gap, Abductor A, who was deprived of his Spirit by me, saw this one.

"Interrupt me one way or the other...!

The moment kidnapper A pointed at me, a fluttering black flame rose from the body of the spirits who were eating cookies.


Though Mr. Frey, looking back, raised his voice and I also rounded my eyes.

The black flame went out in an instant, along with the pattin, and the sound of the chavon balls cracking.

The spirits of the water ate the cookies unchanged,

"Puffy. Puffy."

With that said, spreading feathers like Tobiuo around me and flying a hoof.

It looks like the Spirit as usual.

Well, I wondered what that was earlier, and I put my eyes on abductor A and put my neck around it.

Abductor A had his mouth open with Pocahontas. Keep pointing at me.

Mr. Frey, too, for a moment, rounded his eyes and looked at me, but soon slashes into a blurry abductor A.

Kidnapper A struggled to activate the shield of the Spirit, but met Mr. Frey.

I guess Mr. Frey, too, needs to roll out the moves there to do the damage that can break through the Spirit's shield.

Wave your sword to draw a semi-circle and set it on the upper stage.

"Knock... not like this!

Abductor B, who was bleeding and falling, explores his own pocket as it is.

Maybe I'll give you something.

I thought so, I stuck my hand in my pocket and tried to get the cookies out. I was going to ask the spirits around me to protect Mr. Frey.

... but there was no need.

Kidnapper B took the knife out - and stuck it in his chest.

Red blood splashed.

To that sight, I stand more shocked than I think.

On the blade I stabbed against my chest, one day I saw it, remembering the sight of myself being stabbed with a sword...

Kidnapper B may have activated some kind of magic in that behavior. White flames cover him and the other abductor again, and the two figures disappear from the spot.


The crisis has left. Still, I, for some reason, can't breathe well and hold my throat to bitterness.

No, I'm supposed to be breathing air, but I don't feel like I've had enough, and I breathe in again and again.

But I can't wait to breathe.

The figure of that abductor overlaps what I remember and reminds me that it's possible behind my brain whether I close my eyes or open them.

About that time I was stabbed in the heart with a sword to fuse with the Spirit.

The pain is not remembered.

Yet only fear could be plucked, and even if the spirits in goblins on my side tried to spoil me, all this time it was ineffective.

"Yura, I don't want to"

"It's going to be okay."

The voice of the Spirit clinging to his arms does not resonate with his heart.

Because you stuck to my own memories? Or is it because fear cannot be made to forget completely?

The feeling of being scared is going to wave and push my feelings away, too.

That's how I can't breathe and I'm going to choke......

Why are you breathing air all the time, and it's so painful?

"Yura...... Yura, are you okay!?

Looks like Mr. Frey's on my side, but I sat on the spot in bitterness and nodded, not quite.

"Hey witch, why are you dying!?

I guess I didn't know why, Mr. Fire Dragon was making a confused voice.

"Hold your breath once, calm down, Mr. Yura"

Even if Mr. Frey tells me that, if I hold my breath, I'm going to die and I can't. He manages to shake me beside his neck, hugging me like Mr. Frey holds me.

But Mr. Frey pushes my face against his shoulder like he can't breathe.

I tried to escape Mr. Frey with bitterness. I tried to stick my hand on my chest and pop it, but I can't help it.


I wonder if I'm going to die like this.

Oh, come to think of it, when they used the ban on spiritual fusion, I might be dead once, or even now...

That's when I was getting distracted, thinking about it.

Mr. Frey turned me up and put my face closer.