Surprisingly, I hold my breath unintentionally.

While doing so, Mr. Frey touched me and his own cheek.

I feel only Mr. Frey's temperature on his cheeks as he feels his head is about to turn bright white.

...... warm.

I can see that Mr. Frey is fooling me.

"It's okay, no one's harming you anymore"

That's what he said and stroked my back....... It's okay now. Yeah, that was in the past.

Yura, she's alive.

"Look, I'm fine now."

There was another voice of the Spirit, and now I felt fluttered out of my shoulder strength.

I guess that's why I stopped trying to breathe in the groan, Mr. Frey said to me right off his face.

"Are you all right, Yura?"

The expression calling out to me in vain was something very serious.

After a few seconds, I finally realize that my breathing has calmed down.

Perhaps Frey's behavior helped me calm down where I was about to panic.

Mr. Frey is still stroking my back. Maybe he thought he wasn't calm yet.

I'm still jerking off my head, too, and I can't do this right away.

I guess this took too much air rather than acid deprivation.

"Let's move the place. It doesn't seem like it's a good idea to be on the side of something you remember."

In time, Mr. Frey lifted me up and stepped away from the side of the pond.

Fire Dragon also says, "Huh, people are troublesome..." but he flies along.

I am made to sit on the fallen tree where the green remains, though I am made to do so.

I still feel dizzy and acid deprived, but I calmed down a little.

"People can be confused and breathe too much when they are too surprised or reminded of painful memories. Sometimes he dies. So for one day today, you better take your time."

"Yes...... Um, thank you"

By finally returning the answer, Mr. Frey sat next to me relieved.

I can't sit properly with my strength on my back yet, so it would be very easy and appreciated if Mr. Frey could hold me.

Maybe Mr. Frey, too, is going to do that.

"Yura... was it a shock to see that the enemy had harmed himself?

Asked, I nod.

"Remember me, just before they used the ban on spiritual fusion... Before surgery, he stabbed me in the chest with a sword..."

Oh, no. I'm going to remember it again.

When I thought, the Goblin Spirit flew in and stuck to my cheek perfectly.

"My imitation, I guess."

Says Mr. Frey.

Yeah, maybe I am. I tried to laugh, but after I remembered that happened with Mr. Frey and I got embarrassed... I realized.

"Mr. Frey, I see the Spirit..."

I try to look up. But they're holding me, so I can only see my jaw properly.

I don't know what look you're wearing, but Mr. Frey replied.

"That's right. I see the Spirit from the beginning... Yura."

From what I heard from Mr. Frey, I still felt incredible.

No way. Until now, the Spirit has acted like he can't see. It shouldn't be a bad thing because you were seeing it, why?

Before asking, Mr. Frey started talking.

"Will you listen to me for a long time?

When I nod, Mr. Frey speaks slowly.

"I am originally from the Kingdom of Idrisia. That's a small country in the mountains, even if it's a kingdom. But there were spiritual sanctuaries, there were many spirits, there were mineral productions, and even though it was idyllic, it was a rich place there. Many people also see spirits and can use spiritual art"

In a nostalgic voice, I can tell that Mr. Frey loved the Kingdom of Idrisia very much.

"Oh, my God, are you with me?"

Mr. Fire Dragon is under Mr. Frey's feet and kicks that toe. Although Mr. Frey won't hurt because he's covered in boots.

Well, Mr. Fire Dragon's house is in Idrisia.

"I was born in the Duke's house. In the Duke's house where my father, who was my brother Wang, was made down to the throne... so then"

For a moment, Mr. Frey told me.

"When Idrisia was invaded by her neighbor Tanastra, the royal family was killed by those who were infiltrating the royal palace because it was a small country. I guess the royal family was the first to try to crush it after assassinating it because they knew that spirituality was all they could handle. As one of the surviving heirs to the throne, I had to run away with my mother."

Mr. Frey and the other royal relatives thought they could escape as soon as possible thanks to the Spirit.

But it was too late.

The border of Idrisia had already been consolidated by Tanastra.

Mr. Frey and the others fought with the evacuees to escape the siege.

"A lot of people are dead. The other sideline royalty died from the elderly, and I was the only one left. So my mother sacrificed herself trying to keep me alive."

With so many sacrifices, Mr. Frey and some of the people of Idrisia apparently fled here to the kingdom of Arlendar.

"It was an Idrisian who tried to attack you earlier."

"… so?"

He also called Mr. Frey. He also seemed to know about Mr. Frey.

So, uh, I wondered what Mr. Frey was like.

"How could an Idrisian... Those people tried to make a witch, didn't they? Is Mr. Frey... is Mr. Frey too?

Did you know it all and cooperate in making witches? For all of us, if you're the last remaining royal man, you can't possibly not know.

Such suspicion arose in my mind and I got a little scared about Mr. Frey.

But earlier, you tried to help me. So although I'd like to think not.

"It's an excuse, but I found out about it later. After you opened the coffee shop. Idrisian humans have come into contact..."

Mr. Frey hugs me once and for all from a supportive posture.

"You've been made a witch because of the people in my hometown. Sorry......"


Uh, Mr. Frey. No way......

"Wow, me."

"I knew you had taken in magic so no other witch would take it from me when I fought the Fire Dragon. Only a witch can do that. And... I've known for a long time."