- It was known.

I was shocked, for a moment, wondering if I should run.

Though not in such a state that I can run very well.

Above all, there's nothing you can do to escape.

To the extent that I could think of such a thing, I still remained calm. Still stuck on my shoulder, thanks to Mr. Goblin Spirit, can I stay somewhat calm?

But I don't know what to say.

I can't talk to the captain, and, uh...

"If I could see the Spirit, I would have seen you use the Spirit to fight me"

To the words of Mr. Calm Fire Dragon, oh, I think.

When you fought Mr. Fire Dragon, it shouldn't be strange to find out. You must have known it wasn't just the ability to make tea anyway.

"How could you... ever, ever not tell me?

Mr. Frey knew, but he kept his mouth shut until now.

Instead, if the abductors didn't show up earlier, I probably wouldn't have told them all the time.

Then Mr. Frey laughed small.

"You didn't want them to know, did you? Besides, I told you I'd protect you."

"No, I am. But you're a witch, aren't you?

"But I became a witch because of people in my hometown. It's not your fault. Instead, I'm in a position to redeem you."

I am astonished by the heavy word of redemption.

"Instead, I thought you said you couldn't forgive me. He said if he found out he was one of those people who tried to kill himself, he'd hate me, too. But since I couldn't hide it anymore just now... I want to tell you"

Mr. Frey looked at my face, letting go of me once he was holding me, trying to grab my shoulders and support me.

"If you think you hate me, you can kill me after you stop their plan"

Mr. Frey with a serious look.

I felt so cold in my heart.

I wonder why you say that. But I guess Mr. Frey is feeling responsible.

Mr. Frey is not just a nobleman. If you're right, the only surviving heir to the throne in Idrisia. It's like a king.

If a person from your own country were to have kidnapped and hurt someone from another country...... it's not strange to think that you are responsible for it too.

"But that's because Mr. Frey is a surviving royalty... that's what you're saying, isn't it? 'Cause Mr. Frey isn't directly involved, and you've been protecting me for a long time. And yet I can't believe I resent it... to me"

I can't. I mean, there's no reason to resent it.

"There's no country where Mr. Frey should feel responsible now, is there? And it's not like Mr. Frey managed it all along in a way like a lord, is it? Because I was working as a knight in a place where I couldn't get any information about those people. So Mr. Frey hasn't done anything terrible, and I don't think he needs to be held accountable."

Though I think this may be because I'm a civilian.

But if you're not ruling them together on the side, I don't think anyone can blame you for failing to grasp the behavior.

"Just one thing, as soon as you tell me about the Idrisians..."

I don't think you found out I was a witch yesterday, even from Mr. Frey's mouth. Then I thought if you could tell me about the people who created the witch...

Mr. Frey looks troubled and shakes his neck to the side.

"I thought you'd run away from me if you didn't speak well."

More than once, when the world finds out I'm a witch, I try to hide myself, or I try to flee to another country, and I giggle inside.

This is a situation where you can't even get away with it, so maybe you're asking too much......

"And I didn't want the captains to know yet, either. Perhaps you're telling the captain that you're a witch?



Especially if you can see the Spirit, you must also know that the Captain, who can see and talk to the Spirit as well, left many player spirits unattended.

If you see that, you'll know in one shot that the captain knows...

"I didn't know why the captain was protecting Mr. Yura. So if I reveal something about Idrisia... and find out you have information, you'll have to suspect and detain me for once. Then I can't protect you."

"Oh no. The captain would do that..."

"Do you have any proof?

Mr. Frey asks me, and I think.

I think the captain shelters me because of his feelings. I became a witch because I became a victim.

And since I'm only moving to help the captains, and I don't care what you think, it's a murky head to think about the conspiracy.

But what about Mr. Frey's case?

I have a connection to the enemy... No, I meant Mr. Frey, who was trying to bring down the opponent just now. I think it's almost like I cut off the edge.

Even in that situation, if I reveal his identity... I don't know if the captain will believe me as well. I can understand Mr. Frey's concerns.

"I don't know if the captain... will miss Mr. Frey..."

That's what I had to say.

"Don't you? So I'm just going to take this opportunity to tell you that I'm an Idrisian person. There was a witness named you, so if you could talk to me, I'd like to pass this information on to the captain successfully. Can you help me?

Mr. Frey didn't seem to intend to keep his mouth shut all the time to the captain.

It is certainly more natural that Mr. Frey suddenly decides to know some information about his enemies with my assault than to say that he has purchased a story from somewhere.

I nod if you will reveal the information.

Mr. Frey smiled as relieved and said something outrageous.

"Thanks, and if you want... sooner or later I'll have a way to get rid of the witch"


How to be no longer a witch!?

"Is there such a way!?

Mr. Frey smiles at me when I almost scream and ask him in a hurry.

"I do. In a way that only passes on to the royal family of Idrisia...... But it takes time to get ready, and it's a mess, and I want to be free for that."

Oh, my God. I hear Mr. Frey is going to save my situation, too.

Always ready to be chased as a witch, I was so relieved.

"I'm so glad you're not a witch..."

I'm going to cry.

Although I may not be able to make tea, it must also be hard to live in hiding until I die. Something that, if something happens and you find out, you'll have to distance yourself from someone you've been close to.

Just because you won't have to worry about it, you're going to lose your strength.

Although it will annoy Mr. Frey for a long time.

So I think of someone who needs to stop being a witch.

"Mr. Frey. There must be another witch besides me...... Do you know about that person?

A victim other than me, a survivor.

If Fray has information about that person... maybe he can help. Together with me, if you could use a way to stop being a witch.

Mr. Frey closes his eyes once tight with a dark look.

And he looked at me again and said:

"I have information about him, too. I'll talk to the captain."