I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

After we get back to the castle, we'll have a check-up.

First, we're going back to the Knights' Castle.

Anyway, I'm in this situation.

Mr. Frey puts me on the horse that was bringing me here. My body still fluttered and I couldn't seem to walk very well, so I was helped.

But riding a horse is also a struggle.

I'm almost sick, so I had Mr. Frey assist me, and I was supposed to ride a horse.

"Will you turn your hand around your neck?

Mr. Frey has smiled and demanded that. I shake my neck.

Had Mr. Frey ever said that before?

But when I grab it by the neck, I've heard stories about it feeling a little lighter, so it's odd that I refuse to take care of myself.

But I feel ashamed to hold it from myself, and I think it's the men and women you don't date who...

"Um, good luck on your own..."

"Okay. Let's carry it like this."


I was forced to hold him up. I'll be put on a horse in no time.

But now I don't have to hold him. Though it was me who breathed a little.

"It would be hard to ride normally, so it would take a little longer"

I panic when Mr. Frey in the back pulls me in so that I can be embraced.

"I'm sorry to bother you."

"It's not annoying. My responsibility has always made me feel bad for you. [M] I just want to be of some help."

To that word, oh, I recall.

Mr. Frey has planted trauma before... Perhaps this is also very hurtful, although Mr. Frey hasn't put it on the table.

It's like my family almost killed my friends, where I don't know them.

Thinking that way, it's kind of hard to refuse.

While I'm trying to figure out what to say, Mr. Frey turns his arm around his stomach and fastens it like a seat belt.

Grunt...... it does make it easier.

When riding a horse, I have to stretch my spine properly, but now it's even been very hard, so I'm relieved.

"It's okay if you fall asleep. I won't drop it."

If Mr. Frey tells you that, you're going to lose your mind more and more, and it's dangerous.

"No, that's all!

If I fell asleep, Mr. Frey would just be overburdened. So I opened my eyes firmly and went back to the castle.

Nothing seemed to me like a different knights when it came to getting me home on a horse.

Mr. Frey sometimes says, "Oh, is the Yura clerk back on? I'm just told."

Yes, it was. Mr. Frey was dismissed from the position of Yura clerk.

Yet what you were there for...

"That Mr. Frey."


That's where I asked Mr. Frey.

"Did you come around to see how I was, thinking maybe someone would come around me who tried to make a witch?

"I was paying attention. Ask the Spirit. Though he said he took the Fire Dragon today, and I didn't think it would be rare because you would have the right magic powers... I was just gonna go after him and see how he was doing."

Yet before I was about to be raided, I was making a scene.

"Then my magic..."

I thought you were watching, and Mr. Frey nods at me.

"Honestly, I was more surprised than I expected. I knew that in the battle with the Fire Dragon, if you did the Spirit Shield, you'd be in a row."

Seeing something too unusual would certainly surprise you and would doubt your eyes......

"Do you think I can talk to the captain soon? I thought maybe tomorrow."

Mr. Frey, who cut the words, indicates forward.

"You instructed the Spirit to let you know. I'm here to pick you up."

"Uh, welcome?

If you ask me, a silver-haired figure was walking in from the first building.

When the captain arrives in front of the fifth building, which is a short distance away, he stands arm in arm there waiting for me and Mr. Frey.

"… early, let me explain, Mr. Frey"

If I don't tell you right now, I feel like I'm going to be question-attacked later.

"Okay, sweetheart."

Mr. Frey nodded and dropped me off in front of the Commander of the Fifth Building.

"Captain, you should see Dr. Yura, can you take him?

"... were you down somewhere?

The look on the captain's face clouds and grabs my arm still a little underfoot.

"I think I'm hyperventilating..."

When I explain, the captain nods, "Okay."

Mr. Frey accompanied him there.

"I need to talk to the captain about the cause. With Yura present, I'd like to ask you."

The captain frowned.

"Okay. Just leave the horse."

Mr. Frey nodded, pulling the horse and leaving the spot.

From the cage I was following to the horse, Mr. Fire Dragon jumps out and follows me.

I went a few steps into the fifth building to get to Dr. Orvé's office and I can support him in the form of a hug to the captain.

"My legs are fluttering. Are you sure you can walk?

The captain told me to worry so much that I seemed to feel a little weak.

"I can't walk, but I'm still a little dizzy."

"Then I didn't care slightly, but you couldn't help but think that Frey was there for you..."

Hmm? Kind of a weird thing the captain is saying...

But when it came to it, it was going to be a big deal, so I decided not to ask.

First, let Dr. Orvé see if he can cure this condition.

"Orvé, it's an emergency."

Open the door, the captain said.

Dr. Orvé, who was in the clinic, rose in surprise at the word emergency and rounded his eyes to the fact that the emergency was me.

"What's going on, Yura?

"They say it's hyperventilating. He says he's still dizzy, so check him out."

The captain answers and lets me sit on the couch in the office.

Dr. Orvé used some kind of magic to check my condition. After checking my pulse later, he brews me some medicinal water.

"If you drink that, you should rest today. Tomorrow, you'll be able to brew yourself a calming cup of tea and see how it goes."

"Thank you"

I thanked him and for the first time in a long time I put my mouth on the potion water my teacher had brewed me.

It's a little bitter.But I know it's something like this, and it's not like I didn't like medicinal water from the beginning and couldn't drink it, so I'm fine. I feel much easier than I just did because I mouthed something warm to it.

Then, when the effect of the potion water comes out, it seems that it can move normally.

That's how the captain seems to have rented a hospital bedroom with no one on the edge while I was having my little sip of potion.

In addition, Mr. Frey arrived, so after drinking the potion, I decided to travel there with the captains.