I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

The three of us will be exchanging information.

"Mr. Yura, can you walk?

"Are you all right on your own?

Once I get up, they tell me and I laugh bitterly.

But I'm very grateful you care.

"Thank you. But Dr. Orvé's meds made it a little better."

I lifted Mr. Fire Dragon, who was sitting beside me, and headed to the hospital bedroom.

That's where Miss Maia used it a while back.

It is a slightly smaller room in the hospital bedroom, and since then the interior has been restored, with four sleeping areas and a small area.

But when I sit on the sleeping table, I make wrinkles on the sheets that I have laid down because of it.

Sometimes I thought you didn't like that, and I asked Mr. Fire Dragon to leave, pulling a chair with his back and trying to recommend it to the captain.

"Yura, that's about it, I'll do it myself. You sit down."

Yet the captain pulled his arm, pressed his shoulder into the suki, which forced him to step back in front of him, and sat him in a chair with his back.

"Uh, uh, superior..."

"I wonder if it's okay to put the person at the heart of the problem there. And don't push me because I'm not even in the mood yet."

While I do that, Mr. Frey puts a chair in front of me with no back.

The captain and Mr. Frey sat down, and Mr. Fire Dragon stuck behind my chair, like a bird.

"Is that all right, Yura?"

If you say so, it's not very good.

He's just looking at me with his face that the captain doesn't want to pull, and Mr. Frey doesn't mind this. He wouldn't nod at me if I told him I wanted him to change.

Weird place makes me think these two fit... Originally, though we seemed close.

"First, let's hear why Yura got sick. Of course you do, don't you? Frey."

That's what the captain said, turning to Mr. Frey. Seems like Mr. Frey thought he'd be the main speaker from the start. You're right.

"In the first place, I think it was patrol day, but how did you end up in a situation like picking up Yura?

Reminds me in the words of the captain. Oh, I knew it was patrol day, Mr. Frey.

From Yura's dismissal, I don't know more about Mr. Frey's plans, so could I be wrong? I thought so.

Mr. Frey looks calm. I would never be able to imitate that. The captain seems calm, but something like this, I'm scared of my eyes.

"Yura was attacked. The other person is the one who did the proscriptive experiment."

Right? And Fray's gaze was pointed, so I nodded.

"Clothes were the same. And he also said weird things..."

What can I say from here? When I got lost and returned my gaze to Mr. Frey, he continued.

"It's going to be an obstacle to this witch, so I'm going to kill Yura."


The crushed captain turns his gaze on me.

Oh, this is like, "Did you talk to him? ♪ Meaning, right? ♪ Instead of nodding, I made the motion of closing my eyes and opening them.

Now you'll know what we talked about.

Meanwhile, Mr. Frey continues.

"They also affirmed that they were witches about Mr. Yura. Because it interrupted their attempts to transfer the magic of the Fire Dragon to other witches... As a result of the battle, both opponents were injured. One self-harmed in order to perform a metastasis by underworld art. Yura remembers when she saw the enemy harming herself and using the technique of spiritual fusion… so she became temporarily confused and breathed abnormally"

So Mr. Frey turned his grim gaze to the captain.

"... Yura is a witch, isn't she?

After a few seconds of silence, the captain sighed.

"I want to hear it first. Why were you on Yura's side when you were supposed to be on patrol?

"Allow me to make an excuse for that, Captain"

Mr. Frey only raised a few eyebrows and responded to the query.

"As for today's patrol, I only had the crew turn last minute. Normally, I could have left Yura alone if she was just going to the woods with the Fire Dragon...... I went after Yura alone, knowing she could be attacked."

"The possibility of a raid, how did you know that information?

To the Captain's question, Mr. Frey turns his left hand up and casts a spell about two words.

It was the spirits of the wind, like round birds, familiar to me, that appeared to float in that way.

The Spirit of the Wind, noted to the three of them and Mr. Fire Dragon, shyly thought he had hidden his mouth with one feather, winged and rinsed away.

It was a rough sight, but it didn't work for the captain.

"Frey... you spirits?

"Excuse me," Mr. Frey apologizes first to the captain who says with a serious look.

"I've been hiding it, but I can use spirituality. If I told you I was an Idrisian... you'd understand, wouldn't you?

"Is that what you mean..."

The captain seemed to know that Idrisians could use spirituality. So I recall why the captain is so familiar with Idrisia.

Yes, because Miss Maia's mother is an Idrisian princess. I think once I got engaged, when I was informed of her circumstances, I heard a lot about her.

Because the general public has no idea that many people in the Kingdom of Idrisia can handle spirituality.

The captain sighed deeply.

"You've come to escape the invasion of Tanastra?

"That's the place. The training of the knights was loaded, so I came to Sigur after falling about one or two places in the flowing territory of Arlendar where there was a legend."

I see, I think.

I was wondering how someone with the right to inherit the throne of Idrisia got into the Sigur Knights, but they originally had an identity, and it's not strange to have a handover.

"So you remained anxious about Yura, who was taking care of you, and you were watching over her?

"I thought it was more dangerous to watch than to watch, Captain."

Mr. Frey laughed and said.

"Seeing Mr. Yura summon spirits, or a series of magic as strange as it sounds, even I knew right away. Yura... would be a successful example of example surgery. Before this raid, I realized that."

I know it's just in case, but Mr. Frey said it a little down.

And the captain seems to have decided that there is no choice but to lay low any more.

"Sure, Yura is called that by witches and... spirits, too. Frey, even if you know it, you can trust me to tell you that you didn't say anything."

The captain put his fingers together in both hands.

"Yura became a successful example of a ban. I've known that for a long time, but it wasn't what I originally wanted it to be. I intend to protect you."

Mr. Frey nods to the word.

"I'm going to do that, too. Above all... I feel responsible. Those who attacked Yura were undoubtedly Idrisians."

"... not Tanastra, huh?

"Definitely. He used spiritual arts, and the idrisian-like traits were seen in the words. I didn't know that the people in my hometown were using a ban without discrimination, forgetting Arlendar's gratitude..."

The captain seems to have believed in Mr. Flay's condition.

"Idrisia? Many of them must have been in Armadir territory. We have to get him to investigate it once."

"Captain, never give information to Miss Maia Armadir at that time"

And Mr. Frey said something shocking.

"She too, because the ban could be successful"