I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

You know, speculation about suspicion.


I speak out unexpectedly.

Miss Maia, are you a witch?

I couldn't believe it. 'Cause Miss Maia didn't even have a sleigh to use any particular magic...

That's when I realize.

If you are a noble maid protected from dangerous eyes, you will not have any chance to use magic. Even I could hide it to some extent, if I didn't use magic, I'd be left unaware of it forever.

And Mr. Frey speaks surprisingly.

"If you are also an Idrisian royalty in the first place, you should be able to use some spirituality. There's no way Miss Maia Armadire can use it either."

"I've heard about Idrisian spirituality..."

The crushed captain sighs there.

"Besides seeing her only enough to count in the first place, you never talked to her long enough."

Then you can't even tell. In front of me, convinced, Mr. Frey accidentally blows out.

"Captain... you were really avoiding it"

"You won't have a choice. He's the one I wasn't willing to marry in the first place. What do you do to make me feel weird?"

"It's too thorough."

Mr. Frey continued with a bitter laugh.

"In any case, the Idrisian royalty, who is said to draw the blood of the Spirit against the prohibition of spiritual fusion, should have a high degree of aptitude. And that he was safe even when he was abducted."

Mr. Frey points and counts the reasons.

"And then there's no doubt that she was spending time with the people of Idrisia on the northern periphery. Yet if you were abducted without being informed of anything, you would have been badly betrayed... but you wouldn't have looked like that, would you?

"That's a nod story. I said I don't remember, so I thought it was something like that even though it seemed calm..."

"Later, he said he remembered a little. So, you saw me in the kidnapping..."

I recall and say so.

Asked twice or so, why are you so obsessed with me? I was wondering if you wanted to talk and spit out the hard feelings with someone who suffered the same damage.

If Miss Maia had really become a witch. Did you want to make sure I was one of them?

But I imagined there was, and I trembled.

Could it be... If you knew then that I was a complete witch, what would have happened to Miss Maia?

All you had to do was keep me away?

But thinking Miss Maia was a witch, the abductors who were with her just now tried to kill me. It was the kidnappers who tried to cadaver me in order to escape in the first place.

Miss Maia said she didn't mean to......, she might have been raided early if she told me she was a witch.

The captain tells Mr. Frey.

"Anyway, sometimes I just can't see about Yura. I want to count on you, Frey, more than I found out this way... Don't you want to be in tune with the same hometown?

Yes, Mr. Frey cut off his hometown. Even in the literal sense......

Mr. Frey said it would be better for the people in his hometown sooner or later, but I wonder if it's okay.

If everyone in my hometown resents me......

It worries me, but I can't say it here and now.

Mr. Frey was deceptively telling the captain about himself. I guess I don't want them to know that I'm an Idrisian royalty. Still, he told me what I needed, and I don't think I even have to tell him all the personal qualities, so I'll keep my mouth shut.

I also have a secret that the captain hasn't told Mr. Frey, but I think he only asks for it on one side...

At the question of the captain, Mr Frey said clearly:

"There are several possible reasons to try to create a witch, but honestly, I don't think that's a good way to do it."

"Do you have any idea why?

"Probably involved in the invasion of Tanastra. When it comes to bringing up witches and confronting them, I wonder if Tanastra will try to kill the Idrisian spirits or bring down God..."

"Down with God?

"There's a place where we can do that."

I recall setting up the game.

To the witch story, Idrisia had nothing to do with it in the first place. What Tanastra created as a weapon is the witch.

Mr. Frey's explanation is a little different from what I thought.

Aside from Tanastra's weapon, did you build a witch to break it?

Also, I guess the pattern in the game is that it's superficial what the players were looking at.

Like when Vice Commander Harral's quest was really the work of the Spirit of Confusion..., originally because of those who tried to make witches.

"I originally gather magic and summon the Spirit King to make a divine call...... Because there are ways to force it. Instead, by devoting a tremendous number of spirits to the good of many."

"Go ahead."

I remembered there what Sora had said before.

I was wondering if you wanted help with this. Is it because the Spirit may be killed?

If Miss Maia was a witch in the game, she wouldn't have stopped it?

"Witches are basically what destroy, it is passed down to Idrisia. You're probably going to stop it by destroying Tanastra... if too much magic can handle people"

Mr. Frey gets a look. Maybe he doesn't succeed or thinks he'll destroy anything but Tanastra.

I wonder what will happen.

Nothing so far. Though the spirits are helping us.

You felt that anxiety, Mr. Frey looks at this one and smiles.

"It's okay, Mr. Yura. I think he targeted Yura because he took away his magic. I'll protect you, too."