That's where the conversation ended and I pulled into my room and took a break.

But think again after dinner.

... Actually, that's not the problem, Mr. Frey.

The eagle, maybe, if Miss Maia was a witch... she's taking a lot of magic away from me, and she's probably beyond...

"'Cause you're the one from the Goblin Forest, right?

That's over 100,000 MP.

"The dungeon one, right?

I think I got magic because I got a level or something.

"I guess most of it went the other way when Coo Sea, but you did scrape some, didn't you? I was able to keep half of Mr. Fire Dragon's."

So I'm 150,000 MP now.

I'm sure the witch on the other side wouldn't have received half the magic. Still, I can sign with Mr. Fire Dragon or something... so I guess you know a lot about magic...

Mr. Fire Dragon, who was listening round the bedroom, says the story.

"People are a hassle. If only we knew the enemy, we could wipe out the charcoal quickly."

"Mr. Fire Dragon, if you do that in human society, you're out."

That's a fire dragon who doesn't feel like a person. The idea of solving the problem is too drastic.

"Even if it's a weak meal, once we kill each other, the seeds will perish, so the solution will be at the end of the day, when there's nothing left."

"Well, dragons kill each other and so on... Nothing like a meal."

That's right. If you didn't eat enough, I guess you and I would cook that woodland together. This isn't going to be a fight.

"If I do anything to betray you, I will not forgive you."


I knew it was a dragon society, a slaughter.

The next thing I remember was Miss Maia, after all.

He always seemed calm.

But he seems like a sweet person, and he doesn't seem to move on from himself to act like a very witch.

Is it really her?

I hope not. It's too spicy that someone who exchanged words and had a peaceful time is one of those people who tried to kill me anymore.

... I decided to stop thinking.

So I moved to the kitchen upstairs for tea to change my mood for depression.

"That, Master Commander..."

In front of the kitchen table at night, the captain sat down.

Besides, on the table, there is a tea vessel or something, and I can see the color of the reddish brown tea.

And you were brewing yourself this scent, this tea?

"Are you still here? At this hour, it would have been customary for you to be here. So if I came, I'd wait to talk to you."

"Something's kept you waiting..."

From the tea of the captain, the hot air is gone.

Probably spent the time there boiling the water myself and alone. I'm sorry, I should have just come.

"Never mind. I decided that if I didn't come, I wouldn't be feeling well, and I just told the story tomorrow. Would you rather have tea than that?

The captain stands up and tries to reach Kamakan.

"You can't let the captain brew you, it's you!

I made you wait, and if you even brewed me tea, it would be really ugly.

"You won't be feeling well today. Be quiet. And I would have let it brew once. I can do it, and if I just brew it, whoever does it shouldn't change the effect."

The captain peels and insists.

Something went wrong with that, and I accidentally blew it out.

"Why are you laughing?

"No, I thought the captain could be mean too..."

Don't tell me you thought you were cute. I've heard that when you say that to a man, you get stubborn. Oh, I wonder which one this memory belongs to. Was it a previous life......

"Me too, because I'm human for once, right?

As I say, the captain stares at the pot with hot water and says:

"Even I get some jealousy, and I get mean"

I sighed and went on.

"I am aware that people tend to think they have anything because of their identity and possession of a special sword. I don't know when that stuff will be covered. Besides, this sword is not so good either. Strangle yourself if you do poorly. So I worked hard to survive without anything and gained the necessary abilities. But I wouldn't have done this without my will."

Sure it is.

If I only saw the current captain, he would only look like a person who continues to be blessed, including his identity, appearance and ability to do so.

But this man took a lot of things and lost them in the meantime. Even if they are returned afterwards, it is not like the wounds on your heart can heal quickly.

Because when something negative happens, people are creatures that they will remember strongly so that they will never fall into such a crisis again.

While steaming in the pot for three minutes, the captain says it's rare and pompous.

"I'm not going to die without an identity. More terrifying than that is being betrayed by people's hearts and what they believed in."

That's how the captain turns his gaze on me.

"Did you tell him you were a witch, judging Frey believable? I'd like to hear the basis for that decision."

At lunch I also said something to Mr Frey that would leave me to him, but I guess the captain is worried about it there.

I told him some things, so he believed the decision and nodded, but I think he was worried if it wasn't a mistake.


How far shall I go? Mr. Frey wanted to hide it, so I don't think you should mention royalty. Besides, I just listened to Mr. Frey, so I don't have any certainty about that either.

I just believed that story because I'm Mr. Frey.

If someone from a less intimate knight said that, he would be half-hearted.

I worried and said the reason for my judgment.