"When Mr. Frey was from his hometown, he knew his enemies. Convince us to help ourselves... But Mr. Frey said no. Then I heard about Mr. Frey's hometown. He said your mother also died when you fled the war. And Mr. Frey, he was related to a nobleman, and he told me that he ran away while protecting his people."

So, plus that it's Mr. Frey, I thought I could take his word for it.

"I don't think Mr. Frey, who seems to care about his hometown, could have immediately broken it off by dumping his surviving companion. Still, just doing what you did, I thought was enough."

I can tell now.

"That one," the abductor said then, "grieving," was perhaps Miss Maia. It's royalty to royalty, and in Armadir territory ahead of us, where we've been fleeing the war, Mr. Frey should be seeing her.

I'm a little concerned that there was nothing at the Sigur Knights castle that the two of them were talking about......

Hmm? Maybe Miss Maia was seeing someone once, in the middle of the night, but was that Mr. Frey?

The captain seems like the type to be thorough once he decides, and he won't be close, so maybe it was Mr. Frey.

If so, there seems to be some basis for teaching her that she might be a witch.

It is possible that Miss Maia asked me to help her with the witch at that time.

I guess that's why you're really willing to set yourself apart from the people in your hometown if you're going to accuse me of Miss Maia.

"Above all, Mr. Frey was seriously fighting the kidnappers. Me, I couldn't do much because I was afraid to find out that I was a witch, but the kidnapper was cornered so much that one person couldn't move, then he probably hurt himself trying to get his side away..."

Still, it makes me sick when I remember.

Seeing a scene in front of me that actually punches me in the chest seems more shocking than remembering my own memories.

"Okay, Yura. Just have some tea."

The captain serves the tea poured into the cup.

"Thank you"

If my strength returns, my fears will also be a little distant. I put my mouth on tea quietly.

... to warm tea, relieved.

I don't know if it's been more than three minutes since we talked about it as we thought about it, although it was a little sinister, but I feel more snug because of it.

"I was relieved to think that there would be a fire dragon to protect me from losing my bait in case... After people raided, I didn't expect you to be damaged in unexpected places. You should have been more concerned."

Sit next to me and touch my shoulder while the captain says "I'm sorry".

When people say such sweet things, they're going to cry kind of.

"But I didn't know Frey was going to take care of it."

and so the captain tells me he doesn't seem to like the fact that Mr. Frey helped him.

"Uh, but the captain is busy."

"That's what I wanted."


The captain, who was touching my shoulder, touches my neck.

As if looking for the magical remnants of the subordination you put on there.

The captain laughs small when he shrugs his neck to a sweet sensation that reminds him that he is being caught.

"It's my unconsciousness that I even imitated you like I keep you. Because of that, if there's anything I miss about Frey, I'm increasingly fuzzy as an owner"

"Um, Master Commander. The contract stays the same no matter what..."

Besides, I might not have to run if I found out I was a witch.

It seems that Mr. Frey knows, as long as there is a way to undo it, he will not escape until he is forced to cancel the captain's contract.

Speaking of which, I'll pierce your silence because Mr. Frey is going to get a lot familiar with witches and be asked about root digging leaf digging.

"But you'll miss Frey a lot"

"I mean, I'd appreciate it if you did better, and you'd trust me, wouldn't you? Don't you like Mr. Frey, Captain?"

I know. How dare you say that the captain takes into account Mr. Frey?

Before, even when Mr. Frey got worried about me, he didn't have a choice not to care.

And maybe if Mr. Eval didn't trust Mr. Frey so much, he wouldn't care so much. Oh, Mr. Eval could be some kind of Doberman or something like that.

"Not that I don't believe it... It doesn't feel good to be missed more than I do."


Master Commander, I didn't know you said that clearly. trouble. Anyway, it's not a good idea for parents to distrust me, so I said.

"Um, I'm the least concealer, Master Regiment. I didn't even tell Fray about the amount of magic."

Then the captain gave a slightly happy look.

I understand, though. If this were a real dog and cat, I'd miss it and be jealous if I miss it besides the owner, and I think I'd feel "kee" too.

I'm human. But I can't even claim it because I feel scared afterwards...

Something like this, with that as an excuse, I wonder why it feels so weird to be on the line with each other.

"Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll have to leave it to you. I can't stay on your side forever."

Uh, this is worrying you, isn't it?

"Um, sorry for your concern... But for Frey to know, it's also possible to use magic often to repel it."

I've been in trouble because I didn't want them to know until now, but now I don't have to hesitate. Then even I would have a winning eye. That's what I said.

"If that's what you want, still..."

That's what the captain answers and says, drinking up the contents of his cup.

"For now, you should sleep as soon as you drink that. It won't be in good shape yet."

Good prospects...... Still a little fuzzy. Much better, so I didn't think you'd find out.

"It's perfectly fine. But you're going to bed early."

It would be best to hear what you have to say. I think so, and I drink the tea I've been waking up to just the right temperature all at once and get up.

But then the captain said, "If you fall down the stairs, you don't sleep well." He pulls my arm and quickly lifts it up.

"Master Commander!? You can walk, you can walk!

It's been a long time since exactly what happened at lunch, so if you just walk, you'll be fine.

"Besides, if Dr. Orvé sees you like this, you'll die of embarrassment! I'll pull!

'Cause without a doubt, Dr. Orvé will ask you something. I can't believe I'm not out of touch with people, but I can't believe they're carrying me up in the building!

If, out of tremendous kindness, you are mistaken for dating and are not taken into account...... I fell seven times in the room and I can't show my face in public anymore.

"Okay, okay,"

The captain will not let me down while he says so, and he will direct the Spirit of the Wind in unison.

"Keep Orvée distracted"

That's not where you take into account. Whoa!

I wanted to scream, but I'm out of time and I can't say anything. Master Commander, if you decide to do it, you'll never give in, will you? Surprisingly!

If I get busted, the captain will get hurt.

While I'm in trouble doing so, I arrive in my room.

I was too afraid Dr. Orvé would see me, and I was relieved to go inside the room.

That's how I tried to thank you again.

The captain drops me off on the bunk and follows my hand next to my face in the rolled state.

I can't get up, my face, close... eh. Doesn't Kako's posture taste bad?!?

Why do you think? The captain whispered to me.

"If you can't sleep, you should tell that to the spirits nearby. If necessary, I come to force you to sleep. You wouldn't want to wake up the Orvée in the middle of the night, would you?

"Uh, yes..."

Well, he's worried that his daytime memories will be too intense for him to sleep well.

"Wow, I get it"

But that's not what you're gonna say in this position, is it? Answering, the captain smiled satisfactorily.

"Now, I'm going to leave you deluded. 'Cause you still seem to miss me... good night, Yura"

The captain, who said so, leaves with a slight touch of lips on my forehead.

Before I could say anything, the captain would just leave the spot.

Of course, on this day, I had too strong a memory of what the captain had done than about the abductor's suicide, and although I didn't remember, I fell asleep worse.