- I won't leave.

I don't care how many times I let you say that, how can I be anxious?

I thought you were a concerned woman.

At first it starts with strange words and deeds. Secondly, he was happy to have a relationship as comfortable as a friend because of the commonalities he seemed to admire his grandmother.

Yura is bright enough to look energetic, positive, and a little weird.

I'm always surprised when it comes to tea......

In the meantime, I began to realize that I was concerned as a woman.

Perhaps I had to become aware of it when I tried to bring out the power of the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance. It was when I mouthed her, her forehead, who had lost too much magic.

Even then, she was relieved that she was drawing a step line.

But...... maybe that got me into a depth I couldn't get out of.

Afterwards, there must have been other ways, but he suggested entering into a subordination agreement.

Besides, when I saw Yura, who had accepted the pact of subordination without much loss, I think Taga had almost loosened up.

Originally, I think Lucien wanted something that he wouldn't betray because of the intense memory of losing all sorts of things.

... Even though Eval pointed me out before and I felt subtle.

Yet someone who was somewhat fond has entrusted him to his own life. I don't think it's possible to say don't fall.

But Lucien has a problem.

So I thought it would be better than a light restraint.

I felt I couldn't go back completely even though it was...

It was after Frey was pushed on the back by his growing love affair with Yura, and when he saw Yura being attacked by the Fire Dragon.

At that time Lucien ran down Vilta as soon as the Fire Dragon came out.

In the meantime, I was in a hurry, feeling that Yura was right near the Fire Dragon.

When he reached it and saw Yura in a painting that the Fire Dragon burned down with a brace, Lucien wondered if it would draw his blood.

If she hadn't mastered advanced magic, and had no higher powers as a witch, she wouldn't have been safe.

If I had lost it.

I just imagined it, my hands trembled.

Until a while ago, I had even thought about whether I should give way to Frey if I didn't like marriage, but I asked myself if I could think about such a raw thing. If I give in, in case I lose her, I can't even put that wreck to myself.

I thought I didn't like that. In any way, he wants to claim her ownership.

... The best way to do that is to wear a wedding ring.

The only reason I can't get through is because of the Spirit King's sword.

Lucien remembers.

The sword was brought into the house on a stormy day.

It was brought to me by a knight of relatives of the Duke of Alvine family, relying on his father, who is no longer here.

- The sword of the Spirit King.

Young Lucien didn't exactly understand the situation at the time. But I can deduce from the information I heard at the time that both the nobles and the Spirit Society were numbing down against the King, who remained tyrannical after a few years in power.

Perhaps the grownups tried to give way to it in peace.

In the form of a declaration of the Spirit King.

Later I learned that the Spirit Society had apparently failed many times in its own attempt to perform the ritual of summoning the Spirit King.

So I guess this knight heard from somewhere about what would be the "Sword of the Spirit King" and brought it. He brought it to the father of Lucien, who, though weak-hearted, did not match the king and sleigh of the time.

My wife, Lucien's mother, must have thought that she would definitely bring me to the Spirit Society because she was also a former princess who had put her shoulders in the Spirit Society.

But I guess the king was also wary of movements on the part of the Spirit Society.

In the form of a raid in the middle of the night, he forced the man who hired him to enter the mansion.

Lucien got up just in the middle of the night and got caught watching the sword......

It seems that the blood of the slashed Lucien touched the sword, grabbed the sword to defend himself, and responded to the voice of the Spirit of the Sword, which made a covenant.

Though the sword took in the magic of Lucien and defeated the Raiders...

Under the influence of the Spirit King's sword, the Spirit was to be seen and heard, while at the same time being influenced by a sword that sought to take in the power of the surrounding Spirit as it was cursed.

But because of that, Lucien must have been thanked in a way by the king.

Why Lucien was helped when he was endangered by the Spirit Society (even told if it was a cursed sword because at the time he also questioned whether it was the Spirit King's sword) and told him to dispose of it.

It was also thanks to the current king's uncle and grandmother for their bulk, but the spiritual society was unable to reach out because of the opinion of the previous kings, which held back the bulky language.

Anyway, that dangerous sword made a pact with Lucien.

I thought that was just Lucien.

But later on, when Lucien stopped taking the magic of the spirits around him, the spirits told him that he was the Spirit King's Divorce in the Sword.

- This sword was bound by a covenant of blood. From now on, people from your family will have it.

It automatically means that once you have a child, the sword will take that child as the Lord and become a person who takes away the power of the Spirit.

Lucien was just relieved.

There were times when I wanted to destroy this sword and despair in my heart, even if I was the only one who had made a pact because of force majeure.

But my descendants will be tied to this sword from birth.

... I didn't feel comfortable accepting that.

Even such a cursed sword can help. But those who want to be useful and want to use it, they should choose and have it.

Even if it is wrong, it must not be the only thing that can be decided at birth.

So my engagement to Maia Armadir also managed to dissolve.

Any engagement story or pageant, I've turned it all down.

But that determination is the most shaky thing in my life.

After entering his room, Lucien finally sighs.

"The question at hand... is whether Yura agrees or not"

I think I like Lucien. I don't refuse to touch you, I don't hate to mouth you.

But there's a chance you'll react the same way to Frey.

"Besides, can you get her into troublesome things..."

Given what happened earlier, I can only imagine the circumstances that make Yura cry.

I also remain afraid of being rejected, but I don't like being taken by someone, and I make sure over and over again that I feel right for myself.

You can't just worry about it slowly, Lucien thinks.

There is no way that Maia Armadir has nothing to do with witches from the story of Idrisian humans being related by Frey.

I informed the King in a letter about the need for an investigation, so soon there will be results.

I hope Maia and the others hear the persuasion after taking the back.

But if you didn't settle on persuasion. Fighting against Maia and Idrisian spiritualists is also possible.

Then Yura, who was known to be a witch, would be targeted.