I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

* The knight was reappointed as Yura clerk

After the discussion, Frey left the fifth building with the thought of being pulled back just a little.

That's how I breathe.

"Finally a step forward..."

Anyway, knowing that Yura is a witch, I won't talk to her unless I let her know. To protect it, it means to be secluded.

... If you're in a state like you've been with me for a long time, Sakashi Yura might think you're creepy.

This morning, I learned signs that Idrisian humans were moving and decided to leave the patrol to the crew to follow Yura's trends.

Apply to EVAL for permission to depart from the mission.


Catch Eval coming out of the first building.

"I want to take the day off. Turn it around for what I forgot to pick up the other day."

"Hey, you abruptly again... Now what's the reason?

Because of Frey's habit of taking time off and going out every now and then when he feels troublesome, Eval says it with his face.

"Today, I was wondering if I could take an occasional break. 'Cause I'm a little out of shape."

When I say that and smile, Eval gets the look of seeing something that looks frigid.

"... you look terribly well, don't you?

"But it's also true that we have extra time off, and there's no emergency right now, right? If there's a problem, I'll be right back."

"... well, I get it. If anyone in the unit understands, let them."

"Thank you, Eval"

Thankfully, Eval sighed like he was tired.

"I'm worried about Yura anyway, and you're going to see it, right?

... to sharp words, Frey's cheeks nearly tightened.

"Master Lucien doesn't have to put it on the table either, because I sometimes wonder about it. In case it means insurance, I don't think it's a bad idea for Frey to go see how it goes..."

Eval says, "And it's a tough thing to do, because it's about using a vacation."

"But I must say one thing, Frey"


To Frey, who listened back, Eval told him once he breathed.

"I can't stand by you about Yura."

If you think of it, I've declared that to be a discipline. Frey laughs unexpectedly.

"Is it weird?

"No, think you're serious. You wouldn't normally say that, would you? Even I knew that EVAL, the leader of the regiment, couldn't have done that."

"Oh... is that right? For once, I said this more than I was close to, because I didn't think it would be fair to know, or not to know."

"I guess I have no choice but to obey my lord because he is so tough."

If I decide to do this, I will not bend. I am the Lord.

I'm not sure why the captain won't marry...... Yes, that's the problem.

"Are you saying that the head of the regiment should not be a noble woman in the first place? I've never been interested in a woman in town before."

"I won't tell you why, and I'm perfectly clear on how this happened,"

Eval says with a serious-looking look.

"Because I said what I had to say for now"

Eval walked away from front of Frey.

"You really are a loyal man..."

Watching Eval reminds me of the escorts who sheltered themselves and died, as well as the servants.

So I guess even a tunkened attitude doesn't bother Frey.

Exhaling softly, Frey chased Yura to the woods first.

When I found Yura, I was apparently just feeding the Fire Dragon the magic of fire that feeds her. I didn't realize Frey together because of you.

"... uh"

Even Frey was miserable enough to leak such a voice.

First of all, too much fire magic out there. One fireball after another is born with the momentum of how we can do that.

Although the Fire Dragon would not die in such flames either, even if it was a small body, it was just surrounded and unable to move.

Yura saw it and tried to turn it off in a hurry. I had manipulated the Spirit too much at once to wear water to myself.

Exactly that would catch a cold, and if she left worried, Yura dared to say an excuse like a child.

I know you don't want to say too much about being a witch, but I also feel like you want me to think of some more excuses.

But she and Fire Dragon seemed to have even developed a feeling of caring for each other rather than just communicating with each other.

Because I never thought a fire dragon would dry Yura's clothes with a warm degree of brace.

But for Frey, that was a good thing.

I let him take off the cloak where he smokes the most water, and Yura's clothes are a little transparent...

I had to get out of my sight, thinking I'd let the Fire Dragon dry quickly.

But also because of it, Yura dried her clothes early on and thought she was going to be sorry without catching a cold.

As the Spirit told me he was nearby, an Idrisian human appeared.

That wasn't to come into contact with Frey.

As I feared, they were after Yura's life. Because I have made Maia a witch, but many times Yura's actions have interrupted her acquisition of magic and so on.

I suppose I thought it would inhibit my behavior in the future, and I decided to end it first.

I didn't hesitate to fight.

Because he's already killed someone who's made his hometown the same.

I never listened to persuasion, and I didn't want Yura killed, hesitating to target anyone who was going to kill this one.

But I didn't expect Yura to get out of shape about it.

All guilt boiled down to the way she suffered. When I think it was the people in my hometown who planted hard memories like this......

But thanks to this one thing, I was finally able to tell her that I knew her secret.

Perhaps it was just a secret between the captain and the two of us. That I could break myself in there, too. And I was relieved to finally be able to protect Yura with all due respect.

Because there's always a limit to resting on Eval for lying. Besides, I can't help but notice that Yura is injured.

Of course I told the captain about it.

Thanks to this, I returned to my position as a Yura clerk again.

"... a little more, maybe not enough"

Even during the discussion, Yura had repeatedly glanced at the head of the regiment. I wonder how to answer that.

I guess Frey hasn't revealed all Yura's secrets yet.

Sometimes I feel like there's some hidden.

But even that, come on, you'll find out.

"First, we need to make sure Yura gets used to me."

I don't hate you for hugging me, so I guess you don't hate Frey. But it still feels strange.

Frey thought we should take a little longer and get closer.