I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Mr. Fire Dragon, you can't say any more!

"Bi............ creeped"

After that, I thought I might not get a night's sleep, but sometimes I wasn't feeling well, and I seemed to be asleep at some point.

But I don't feel asleep.

I fainted and it was morning when I regained consciousness. The tiredness still lingers on my body after feeling about it.

"Shit, that's not good"

I get bumps and crushes.

I don't think I have a choice. 'Cause I'm surprised you just mouthed it on your forehead, and your chest is kind of going to get tired of sleeping.

"Why are you pushing me down..."

For a moment, I imagined something not to be. Just remembering that makes me want to roll over the sleeping table.

But when I do that, I bump into Mr. Fire Dragon, who seems to be settling on the sleeping pillow, so I dissipate in a different way.

Shut up and nod your face on the pillow and scream.

"Dear Commander's fool, oh, oh, oh!

I'm ashamed of myself for imagining something terrible, and I hit the captain eight times.

No, you should be able to protest this to the captain. Because of the captain...

I turn around and breathe.

"But I'm afraid after protesting. 'Cause I was trying to think it couldn't be until a while ago..."

That the captain was looking at me, as a woman.

I didn't think so.

Anyway, the captain of the regiment is a beautiful man like God, of high stature and kindness. Imagine choosing someone like a goddess one of these days. All my life, I thought I had nothing to do with it in that sense.

Afterwards, after all the intimacy, drinking tea and the two of us failing, I understood you were feeling friendship.

I thought if we were friends, we'd be worried and hugging each other.

Even if I'm dealing with friends and... the captains, I might do it. If I were on the scene where I jumped and I was safe, I would definitely stick around.

Anyway, it's a culture that makes hugs and stuff much better than Japan.

After the subordination contract, I thought it was strange how far away I felt because I was treating pets...

Sometimes, I wonder if there would be if they were dog-cat opponents, even if they were bewildered by being treated like females or did something that just seemed like an approach no matter what they thought.

That's what they were trying to understand when they told me not to leave.


I also knew you were deluding yourself.

If I didn't think I was treating you like a pet, I'd say hello.

I can't believe I'm in love with it, I'm fluffy, and I'm not sure I can think of a very witch thing or even a crisis in the Arlendar Kingdom...

"But I'm going to be deluded, I'm going to be deluded...!

I lay low and hit my head with a pillow.

Calm down, me!

Calmly, when I thought of judgment…, I heard a voice from my pillow.

"It's noisy, witch. Humans do weird things, but you're a mess in the morning. If you hit your head, wouldn't that head be even more of an asshole?

Turning all the way around, there was Mr. Fire Dragon who was round in the corner of the bedroom.

It's a little figurine in size, and she's really cute when she's quiet. I was about to soothe, and my blood caught my breath.

Yes, yesterday's... thoughtful firedragon saw me...

I asked Mr. Fire Dragon after I stuck him in the pillow again.

"Ki, forget about yesterday, Mr. Fire Dragon!

"Yesterday? Oh, my God."

Do I have to tell you that? It's a hurdle high to say it from your own mouth!

"Um, yesterday to me, what the captain did... what"

I can't say kiss on my forehead or anything. I couldn't say I pushed it down or anything, so I managed to blur it.

"Oh, the owner of the Spirit King's sword yesterday, he was courting you."


Mr. Fire Dragon is too direct!

To me, Mr. Fire Dragon snorts.

"It would be common if gender were a creature divided into male males. I don't understand what you're wandering about when you act like that... Just decide if it's compatible or not. Humans are strangely still lurking."

They said pale, my head was going to heat up already.

Sure, if it's an animal or something, then maybe so. But humans, that's not how it works.

"Um, but because there's a human being in a position or something like that..."

"Position? I don't know, do you mean if you can live in a robust house when you're in a castle?

Are you talking about a king or a noble castle?

Dragonally, the treatment of the size of the nest or the degree of sturdiness difference?

"What we need is better offspring..."

"Wow, oh, you can't say any more!

I accidentally grabbed Mr. Fire Dragon's mouth and blocked it. From the edge of his mouth, which resembles a crocodile, the smoke soars, whether he was unhappy or not.


I let go of my hand immediately, but the lines are too dangerous!

"Why the hell are you making such a fuss, witch? Besides, you don't think you're a bad opponent either."

"Su...... sloppy"

Mr. Fire Dragon, they think of the human love system entirely the same way as insects and birds, but they're highly capable of perceiving feelings, aren't they?

"It would be obvious. If they're held back and there's no sign of resistance, they probably don't think it's compatible. Then you just swap your magic to make sure it's compatible with you."

To the words of Mr. Fire Dragon, I shake my neck.

"Exchange of magic?

"Can't humans do that? You may not do it if you have no magic... but a normal dragon will hand over magic with his mouth and mouth..."

"Wow, oh, I couldn't have done more!

I unwittingly block my ears.

Mr. Fire Dragon, it's too extreme! I didn't think you'd tell me to kiss you or anything!

I can't ask Mr. Fire Dragon about that anymore... Something tells me there's going to be more horrible words.

"Quicker than that, feed me, witch."

You changed the subject, so I decided to get on with it, but it's my meal first.