I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Fire dragons are essential for mass production

Dine with Dr. Orvé.

Mr. Fire Dragon will also be present, but at the beginning Dr. Orvé was surprised.

Well, you'd be a little nervous if you had a dragon on your side who seemed to think only of people as obstacles at meals that would be very alarming......

Though I don't do that now.

Anyway, if I refuse to supply a magic tank, Mr. Fire Dragon can't grow up.

Dr. Orvé seems to be getting used to it.

"Fire dragons really don't eat anything but fire."

And when I light the candle and give it away, I look at Mr. Fire Dragon, who eats flames and looks like he's having fun.

After dinner, I decide to give you the magic of the fireball again in the courtyard.

Up to five fireballs for breakfast.

If I do any more, my anomaly will become more pronounced.

If you take the time to serve one at a time, Mr. Fire Dragon seems easy to eat, too.

"Speaking of which, what do you say? You got a little bigger, too?

"Mmmm... you want to give it a try? Yesterday, I ate a lot of them."

Although I couldn't count how many fireballs came out in the end (due to hitting the button in a row without thinking about it), Mr. Fire Dragon was able to eat a lot yesterday, too.

Mr. Fire Dragon, who had finished his breakfast minutes, floated up into the universe.

As soon as its body seemed faint, it spread wide.

Last time, it was big enough for Mr. Frey to hold it, but it quickly grew bigger than a horse.

"Oh, you're growing fast! Awesome, Mr. Fire Dragon!

"If only I could eat that..."

Mr. Fire Dragon lands in the courtyard with a body about 1.5 times the size of a horse and exhales all the time.

Well, there was a lot of it...

"But for this minute, can we go back to that building in seven days or so?

That's what I showed at the tip of my nose is the fifth building where I live too.

"Like yesterday, if you have a massive eating day, I think so."

I say that in the morning and evening, just because I'm eating Chimichi, I still think the speed will drop.

"Whatever, witch"

"I'd like to do something about it..."

The question is whether it's okay for me and Mr. Fire Dragon to go somewhere out of sight. I can't be the captain of the regiment and not report it to Mr. Frey because he was just targeted for his life.

But I want to avoid face-to-face with the two of you... if possible.

If I thought so, Mr. Fire Dragon said he took it.

"Anyone who was courting would listen to anything. There are two of them, so why don't you ask one of them, witch?"

"Ki Woo! Two!?

No way are you two!

"From the woods I went out yesterday, the man who brought you back. Would that be a courtship, too?


"No, a long time ago, the man imitated his cheeks..."

"Give me a real break!

I tried to block Mr. Fire Dragon's mouth with tears, but when Mr. Fire Dragon, who is bigger than a horse, turns his long neck one way up, it no longer reaches me.

"Come... if there's magic in flying the sky or something!

Unfortunately, the magic of flying in this world is only about spirituality. Basically, getting a flying lizard and moving around the sky was the only way to fly in the game.

Oh, but is there any floating magic?

Though I came up with it, no. If I use advanced magic, the knights who are in the courtyard and paying attention over here will see me...

"Aren't we growing too fast? I hate being able to turn my suspicious eyes to them who talk almost like," That's just the size Yura would be comfortable riding. "

I decided to use my last resort.

"Mr. Fire Dragon, to put it any further, today's dinner is already nashi"


Mr. Fire Dragon turns this way reluctantly and causes the smoke to rise from the edge of his mouth to protest.

"Why not. He just told me what it was."

"I can't! It's super personal, so I should think about it later..."

But think about it. Is there something I can do about this?

Anyway, just remembering yesterday makes me restless.


Tea at times like this. Let's have some tea.

I also opened a store. I've had a little idea.

"Anyway, go back small, Mr. Fire Dragon. If you help me do what I'm about to do, I'll usually serve dinner too."

Smile and say, Mr. Fire Dragon also returned to his small appearance. Mr. Fire Dragon, who wants to be big, can't seem to resist this suggestion.

That's how I headed to the first coffee shop with Mr. Fire Dragon.

Instead of yesterday morning, I thought you had tightened up the store as it was, but I baked it yesterday and checked the cookies that left it in the fridge, and I start preparing hot water and stuff.

It's only around 8: 00. We have time before the store opens, so let's give Mr. Fire Dragon a try on the array once.

I put Hedel's leaves in large quantities in a pot containing boiling water with magic.

A goblin spirit emerges from the fluffy hot air, twirling around on the pan.

The hot air and leaves that have risen with the Spirit fall a moment later, discoloring and turning brown.

This completes the tea creation.

There is no more water left in the pan, so if you dry each pan...... the tea will be finished.

"Mr. Fire Dragon, I asked you just now not to sprinkle the leaves in this pan, while covering them with this cloth... I want you to dry with a warm breeze brace that you gave me yesterday."

Mr. Fire Dragon, asked of me, looked pompous for a moment.

Then I can look at the pan and my face alternately and sneer disappointingly.

"Me... you want me to help you create this rare drink?

"It's tea. It's very important. It's my source of income, please."

If you can make tea quickly with Mr. Fire Dragon style drying, the amount requested by Mr. Yorn and the others can be done quickly.

If you also make spares between coffee shop management, the next time you make a request, you'll be able to give them to them right away to spread the tea even further.

... Though I still don't know what Sora thinks about spreading tea. I'm glad you know this wonderful flavor.

Mr. Fire Dragon looked at the pan with a subtle face, but eventually grew a bit to make it easier to grab the pan.

Cover the pan and Mr. Fire Dragon will use a warm breeze brace, as he asked on the workbench.

While Mr. Fire Dragon was blowing in the wind, I had cookies for when I ran out.

Mr. Fire Dragon immediately spoke to me.

"Hey witch. Is this it?

If you look, the tea leaves in the pan were clean and dry. It curls and makes teasing noises.

"Perfect, Mr. Fire Dragon! That's just great!

Happy and exaggerated,

"... well, it would be like this for me"

Mr. Fire Dragon also reacted poorly.