I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Today's coffee shop sounds like a dangerous conversation.

I was in peace with Mr. Fire Dragon that way.

Opening a coffee shop meant… I knew there would be an encounter.

First, at the same time as the store opened, Mr. Frey was waiting in front of the door.

"Good morning, Mr. Frey."

I bit in surprise.

I wish I had assumed that I would come too, but I'd forgotten if my head had remained quite confused until it was time to turn the door tag into an opening.

"Good morning, Mr. Yura. How are you feeling?"

That's what Mr. Frey says, and he's reaching out casually. But wait, there are other customers waiting!

Mr. Frey laughs at me for inadvertently avoiding his hand. Glad it didn't seem unpleasant......

"You look good. Aren't you tired from yesterday?

"Heh, I'm fine! Oh, come on in."

I'm going to ask you to go inside just to mislead me.

"Yura, the usual -"

"Me too."

"Oh, then I'm the same, because that's always the case."

A pair of knights who come like every morning and one of their friends will order them.

Yes, that's a regular cup of tea.

Whether it's training you don't want to do or drinking too much the day before, drinking tea means you can be motivated, and if the store is open, they come four days a week. Thankfully.

But I got worried that my nostalgia wouldn't hurt so much going through, but the Knight's salary is fine there, so he's worried about the money, but it's not a problem.

Again, the knight seems to have a different sense of money than a country barn.

Go on, Mr. Frey says.

"Let's make it a little different today. With orange tea."

It doesn't look like you need to restore magic, but you want something with a different flavor.

"Thank you for your order"

If the answer was the way it was, I could do it without any problems. Yeah, I guess it's because it's content that's never going to be weird.

That's how I prepare my tea, and I think.

I wonder what I should do.

With Mr. Frey, his cheeks touch him, or he stays in his arms and doesn't let me go. The captain is already... My face is going to turn bright red just to remember.

Anyway, I'm in a hurry if I don't get back to normal.

And if you think of it as a romantic approach, you can't even pluck the possibility that you think of me as a play.

When you think you like it, you have a future between you and me? Because I think about it.

Not to mention the captain.

Mr. Frey has no country now, but if he ever mentions rebuilding the country or anything, as he was able to solve the witch thing safely... Whether or not you feel enough to follow me.

Either way, in the daughter of a country cabin shop, the lowly mistress of a noble man is at best.

They're smart people, so there's no way the two of them won't think about it.

So even if I hear that the witch thing is going to work out thanks to Mr. Frey... Can I honestly think about whether I like it or not, makes me anxious.

"Let me hear your thoughts, or I won't..."

In case you didn't like me in a romantic sense, I'd be just an idiot to hear that.

If so, before you clearly like one of them, say no?

First of all, in the case of the captain, before I say it, he may see through my feelings and apologize that I really meant to treat him like a dog.

That's fine then. You laughed that it was a joke, and I'm still around.

"Mr. Frey..."

I get anxious after I say I don't like it for not having a connection with Mr. Frey like the captain. To deal with the witch thing, it's going to be a mess...

What a thought, steaming time is over.

I was pouring tea, and I heard a conversation that bothered me immensely.

"Captain Frey... what's wrong with you?

Those three are a different team from Mr. Frey, but they seem to be easy to talk to.

What are you talking about?

"Yura told Captain Frey that he was a little suspicious of behavior..."

"No way, did you get your hands on it?

I almost dropped a pot of tea by accident.

Hey, what do you mean, get your hands on it! They didn't do anything!

Isn't it bad to hear people? But Mr. Frey is about to deny it.

"I'm just still giving it a little bit."

"Well, if it's Captain Frey, I'm just saying it's an instant poison fang, stay!

Apparently the speaker was hit in the head by someone.

My face was hot and my hands were about to tremble, and I wanted to scream pleasantly that I had done well.

Looks like you cared what I heard, and then it turned out to be a blurry, whispering conversation.

But in Mr. Frey's words, it fills my head.

Still, it is out of the question to miss out on drinking.

I carry the tea while I have just poured it, and I manage to relieve myself by finishing distributing it.

After that, nothing happened, and the knights went on patrol, and I tried to clean up after them.

Mr. Frey grabbed the hand he reached for the cup, which was still there.


"I'm sorry. I guess you heard something weird, huh?

I hear Mr. Frey cared. But you shouldn't have to grab my hand. I thought it might have been better if you hadn't told me this story in the first place.

"Oh, you know, I don't care, so don't make fun of Mr. Frey either"

I managed, yes, to joke and say it.

"You're not kidding, are you?

I shook my hand in disappointment and said.

"Ma, again... Ha ha."

What a reply to this. Whatever you say, I don't feel like something. I laughed and tried to delude myself, but Mr. Frey continued.

"I didn't say anything yesterday because you were in a tough state..."

Mr. Frey looks a little contemplative, then pulls the hand he grabs and mouths it on his armor.


I had to stop it.

"I'll see you next time. I feel sorry for you for bullying me any more. In the meantime, I have work to do today, so I'm gonna go."

That said, he stroked my head with his eyes round, and Mr. Frey also left the coffee shop.

... No restart required.

Mr. Fire Dragon comes to my side, who was flabbergasted.

"So witch. It's time to get used to courtship. Of those who do, it doesn't mean they're kids.


It's nice to have your thinking back, but I'm depressed by Mr. Fire Dragon's words.

I'm already twenty years old. I'm not too old to be late or anything in the country. But.

"Me, because I imagined some more plain love!

After I went back to the country, customers who would come to the cabin store or something.

Since I started making tea, like a friendly little store merchant who said he would put tea in the store.

That's what I meant......

And if I were to smash myself in, the coffee shop door would be knocked.

"Oh, yes, we're opening!

Responding, it was Mr. Eval who opened the door and came in.

Mr. Eval looked at my face and nodded one thing and said:

"Oh, you seem to have made it all fast. Then take this."

Looks like a few knights were waiting behind us, carrying about three large baskets. Inside, it's all Heddell's leaves. It would be something you've picked for me anew.

"I heard you only needed leaves when you processed them, so I let some of you divide the leaves."

"Yes, Mr. Eval, you look like God!

It was so hard to peel the leaves.

I held both hands and thanked Mr Eval.

"Thank you! Thanks!

"... it's not that pleasant. We're going to make a lot of tea, right? To avoid ruining the leaves, aren't we going to be working until just before dinner today?

And Eval, who turned away, makes that point. Yeah, that's a shield.

But I was relieved to have a conversation away from romantic matters.

After that, it produced so much.

I found out the hot water, there was a warm breeze from Mr. Fire Dragon, and it got hot in the store, so I opened the window once and breathed.

Then Mr. Fire Dragon walked out the window.

"I'm flying a little bit in the sky"

"There you go."

I wave and drop off. In Mr. Fire Dragon, who is still only about the size of a horse, he will return if he just flies because he could lose to a large flying animal or demon opponent.

In the unlikely event, there is the magic of the captain's contract.

Sigh as you watch Mr. Fire Dragon fly in a loud swirl.

"While you're being deluded, you just have to think carefully..."

I was the one who crushed that, but I still didn't want to know that the time I could stay long was actually short.