Three days later, five barrels of tea were served.

In the meantime, Mr. Eval was delivering leaves full of baskets, as he did every day.

Eval, who delivered the leaves, saw Fire Dragon asking for hot air drying outside the coffee shop window because it was hot, and she was tearing for cuteness......

And I, I was protested.

"You're letting me work so hard and of course you're giving me the reward!?

"Fire Dragon reward......"

That must be, like, lost magic, right? Plenty of rice.

"Of course I plan to offer you a bonus"

Though I answered Mr Eval, the end of the phrase gets a little weak.

In order to give you a lot of magic, you have to get away from the castle, to places where knights and such don't patrol.

To do this, we need to ask either Mr. Frey or the captain......

I don't want to be killed at home, either.

Magic or something like, "Hey, hey. I'm the enemy A! If you don't say" or anything to me, "chances are you can't handle it. Even Mr. Fire Dragon will be in the middle of a meal at this time.

But it's hard to ask.

It's hard to ask for either!

Fortunately, the last three days. Mr. Frey just checks my condition every morning.

Is the captain busy or just going to the coffee shop with Mr. Eval for a little face and a cup of tea?

I haven't come to Dr. Orvé at night to pick up your medicine, but was the lack of sleep okay...... I'm a little worried.

And today, I handed over five barrels of tea to Mr. Jörn and the others.

"Thank you! I'll be selling a lot of them, and Yura will be producing them again!

That's what Mr. Jorn said as he shook his arm,

"Good luck, 'cause I'm gonna sell it!

Anita also declared well and left straight for Tanastra.

It's still because it's a journey, I had another escort, but that was a woman around the same age.

I thought it would be okay to go to the neighboring country on a two-person trip for a woman, and also have luggage, but Mr. Jörn gave me a heartbeat about it.

"That mother, Anita herself, was a crusader."

Oh, I discovered a rare female crusader here!

"Anita's mother also had a history of marrying her father because of her help in the middle of the job,"

Anita's mother, strong......

I see, is it also because you are not afraid of Mr. Fire Dragon?

Thanks to listening to that story, I was able to drop Anita off with a lot of relief.

When I hand over the tea, I'm relieved that you've made a paragraph.

I'm going to take a little rest today, stop making tea, and put the leaves that are left to be treated in a cool place.

When I finished cleaning up, Mr. Fire Dragon came down from the sky, who I assumed was dining time next.

If you don't have dry business, Mr. Fire Dragon has been flying a lot lately.

"It will be time to replenish my magic, witch."

"Oh, right. Shall we go to the courtyard?"

I'm just going to give you about five fireballs, so I'm going out to the courtyard on my way home from the first building.

So I was stopped by the captain, who apparently came out of the building a little late.


"Yes, sir"

I hear my voice and look back very nervously.

As usual, the captain looked calm. Your honorable face, illuminated by the West, is always beautiful.

But I didn't know being seen standing still with purple eyes would make me so nervous...

No, I was nervous there at first.

I wonder if they'll kick me out. I wonder if they'll kick me out for something weird.

The tension now is a little different than before.

Reminds me of the sensation of the captain's hand and his imminent face, and I am restless.

"I guess I'll feed the Fire Dragon. Lately, others want to feed the Fire Dragon. I want to take the form of supplying my magic, hang out a little further away."

"Ah... yes"

The captain apparently suggested to himself why not give Mr. Fire Dragon a little more rice.

Sometimes Mr. Fire Dragon was screwing with my bonus, and I nod.

Then I finally remember.

Uh, I wonder if Mr. Fire Dragon will fly away. Or do you want to ride with Vilta? Even so, I, the captain, will grab me.

Nevertheless, even now I cannot rebel, and I have decided to follow the captain of the regiment while dragging the tension.

The destination is the dragon house, which is dedicated to Vilta.

It's not bitter to walk, but it takes five minutes on foot to get there a little farther.

Meanwhile, I don't know what to tell you anymore, and I tend to shut up. But the captain didn't seem to think of anything in particular, and he left me without talking to him.

That was appreciated.

If we went to the side of the dragon house, the man employed by the Knights in charge there gave a gift to the captain.

And Vilta comes out of the dragon house herself.

The dragon house itself just has walls and a roof, nothing in particular blocks entry and exit. Perhaps Vilta is free at all times.

Has he come out perceiving the signs of the captain?

I remember all the time and try to turn on channel D on the status screen.

Fire Dragon: Gu Gu...... What is the magnitude of losing to such a young man... "

"Grr...... What is the size of losing to such a young man..."

Did you just become Mr. Fire Dragon's subtitled broadcast?

I think of it, cutting the button once, so that I can magically turn it back on, mindful to still connect with Vilta properly.

My MP goes down by one point every second.

This connected me well with Mr. Fire Dragon even at a long distance.

"Vilta: … Lew……"

"Oh, I wonder if Vilta's is enough to manage to pick up the radio waves when it gets closest"

It feels like talking to Mr. Fire Dragon, who was at a distance, without the use of magic.

With my neck clenched, the captain, saddled with Vilta, listened to my words and said:

"What, you can't talk to Vilta?

"To the extent that we know a little bit about fragments...... It's not just Mr. Fire Dragon, it's supposed to be a move that you can talk to dragons about."

It's about the witch's abilities, so I managed to talk normally. Lower your voice, though. There's still someone in charge of the dragon house nearby.

"Yeah, well, maybe it's because Vilta and I have a contract."

"What's the contract... you know?

Is it me or the one Mr. Fire Dragon does?

The contents of the doubt seemed to me to have been guessed without words. The captain shakes his head to the side.

"Nothing. What makes a dragon a favorite person, close to forming a friendship...? Not like you, but I can interact with emotions and wills. It's not exactly a word."

You can't talk to me, can you?

But I see, I thought. Since I'm only connecting the line with the captain, does the channel between you and Vilta feel like a mixed line?

You might be able to do something with more magic, but you won't need it now.

I switch off the channel.

Looks like the captain is just about ready there.

The captain reached out and I grabbed the captain's hand when I saw Mr. Fire Dragon riding on Vilta.