I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

While the battle against witches may approach

I'm used to flying in dragons now.

Thanks to the fact that there was a firedragon sitting fluttering across Vilta's neck in front of me, I didn't have to be too nervous.

In doing so, you sound like Vilta's kid, Mr. Fire Dragon......

Soon the captain descended, apart from where the raid had occurred the other day, but not so far from the Knights' castle.

It's a painting in the woods, so I was wondering if there were any other demons out there.

"If there were two dragons, the Zakos wouldn't be close. You're gonna have to spare your life."

That's what Mr. Fire Dragon says, so I guess you don't have to be wary of goblins or anything.

"How about a strong demon or something, Mr. Fire Dragon?"

"What are you worried about, taking down a dragon like me that's been alive for hundreds of years?

"No, well, yes,"

Don't you hate surprises? I don't want to get hurt.

They're after you for that, so you want to avoid having enemies in both directions at once.

"Yura, are you alert to demons?

Having a conversation with Mr. Fire Dragon, the captain, who only knows half of the contents, looked back at Vilta after she said something.

"Ah, yes. Mr. Fire Dragon said if we had two dragons, we wouldn't be close."

"I guess so. Even those enemies who created another witch would not be able to follow them first if they were to travel in a sudden dragon."

That's how the captain adds.

"You can't travel through space, you can't walk around with a bunch of bodies."

The captain laughs all the time, but I feel like "uh-huh". Because I imagined walking with the corpse connected by a rope.

"Still get it done early."

That's what they said, and I just started giving Mr. Fire Dragon dinner.

Taking advantage of the last reflection, after pressing the Po slightly button, wait until Mr. Fire Dragon finishes eating the five fireballs that came out.

But people couldn't see it, so when I had a big horse to eat, the speed of the meal improved a lot.

I can suck in about five.

Then I supplied it a little rhythmically… I just inhaled a hundred of them, and Mr. Fire Dragon raised his hand "wait".

"That's enough. Eat any more at once and my stomach will be torn apart."

"Oh, yes, sir."

I stopped my finger trying to push the button, and Mr. Fire Dragon's meal is over.

And Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Whoa, whoa!

Seeing how big it could be with the magic it took in, it was back about the size of the fifth building itself.

"My body is steadily returning!

Are you satisfied, Mr. Fire Dragon?

"Come on...... fly a little!

Are you happy, Mr. Fire Dragon fluttered up into the sky.

Just keep swirling around big...... but it's getting dim time so it's a little hard to see.

Staring at him, the captain, who had been silent until now, said to the pretense.

"Yesterday, I sent a letter to the King."

"That's... Master Maia's"

Something to report to Miss Maia that she is suspected of witchcraft. And he said he'd send her a letter that he wanted to know about Armadir territory so she wouldn't know, that's it.

"The reply will probably come in a week or so. By the time the reply comes, soldiers for captivity and priests will be dispatched from the Spirit Society under Maia Armadir"

So the captain sighed.

"I hope she can be captured without rebellion... If not, the Knights will be on the move too, but then we'll have to take you with us."

"... if the Knights could not contend with the witch's magic,"


The captain nods.

"You may have to be prepared to defeat people..."

I feel nervous about the words and my stomach shrinks. I'm telling you to be prepared, even if it means killing not only those kidnappers, but even Miss Maia.

Because if you disobey with magic and it turns out to be like deploying to the Knights, it will undoubtedly mean that Miss Maia is gaining the power of a witch.

But there, the captain laughs bitterly.

"Well, maybe I'll do something again because it's about you"

Since things have been like that from time to time, I suppose the captain also thinks that I would not normally solve them.

And maybe it's because I was sympathetic to the other guy that the captain is willing to get lost just a little bit too.

I hope not. In that case, Miss Maia would welcome a soldier without resistance.

Even if it wasn't, it was the end of a sin that cost so many people. If you are to be caught quietly and make amends with the abductors, do you think there are times when the captain can help you with something too?

Anyway, when I heard I was a witch, I was the one who treated me without prejudice. The Spirit Society also has influence, so depending on Miss Maia's situation, she might try to ask for extenuating circumstances.

... because he's a sweet man.

But the captain also thinks about cases where he did not.

I'm going to do it thoroughly in that case, so I guess you're also thinking about things you can't handle on your own, and you're saying you're taking me.

I imagined, too, more than once.

As Miss Maia was a witch, this one is more likely to be strong because I am taking away quite a bit of magic.

But he uses a ban, he calls in Mr. Fire Dragon, and he has all sorts of witch knowledge over there. I have no choice but to rely on force pushing and Mr. Spirit, and I doubt I can do something about it.

Most importantly, if it meant playing against witches here... Will it be recognized as a struggle against the original witch?

Finally, the Spirit as a player, I don't know if he'll come out.

I could have been fine because you were always on my side, but if I wasn't there, I'd have lost my strength.

I don't know if I can beat a witch with that......

"I'll ask the Spirit if he has any ideas!

I've always done that. Even if there is a player role Mr. Spirit, the last thing I would do is tea in my case.

Asking Sora if the witch has any way of dealing with it with tea is one of the preparations I can make.

I put my chest up and thought to myself! Though I can't say.

However, if only in any way the captain or Mr. Frey and the others could get through everything with less injuries.

Declaring so, the captain laughed.

"I expect"

That's what I was so honored to say.

The captain, who nodded, continued.

"Tanastra is also getting obsessed with seeing the dragon noise the other day. We need to get rid of the witch first to focus on you."


Even though Mr. Fire Dragon isn't attacking Tanastra, protesting?