"Why would Tanastra protest? There was no real harm, was there?

"There was no real harm there. But the dragon suddenly appeared near the border and was headed for Tanastra, so I guess the other side stepped on it as a good disappointing material. They say this one put a dragon on fire for Tanastra."

That kind of communication was brought about by the misplaced from the other side shortly after the captain sent a letter to the king.

"One more thing. The Knights defeated the Fire Dragon..."

The captain looked up at the sky and said it again.

"Shortly after protecting the Fire Dragon, the Idrisians apparently carried out sabotage activities in the king's capital of Tanastra. You heard the report that the Fire Dragon was approaching, and you think that happened shortly after you sent the Knights? Tanastra suspects that he moved the Fire Dragon, kept it yang and made a case...... sounds like a statement. They must have poked at Arlendar's weakness in hosting Idrisian refugees."

"Destructive activities in Tanastra…"

Naturally, I thought someone would be lurking in Tanastra. To review in an enemy country.

After finding out it was the Idrisian people who created the witch, I find it even more believable.

Do the Idrisians want Arlendar and Tanastra to fight?

Instead of creating a witch and stopping Tanastra from invading another country?

Gradually, I don't know what they're up to.

And Tanastra also feels the idea of using it as a pretext for war, no matter what begins.

"Does Tanastra want to have so much war with Arlendar?

Indeed, even in the setting of the game, it said that Tanastra wanted hegemony.

Why would Tanastra want to expand its national territory so much in the first place? Though there are many reasons for most wars that the economy and food situation cannot stand without taking it away from our neighbours......

I've never heard of being that poor.

My question is answered by the captain.

"In the case of that country, we've been trying to reclaim the land for hundreds of years..."

"Why is that?

Even the game wasn't explained until a detailed history. And I, the civilian, don't even learn the history of another country.

Kids are about the age of elementary school, reading and writing arithmetic in the Spirit Church and learning a little bit about the history of the Arlendar kingdom. And then I also help with the house, so the time to go to church is about the morning of the day.

Civilians who even go through the circumstances of other countries will be limited to people who have connections in business or something like that.

"Quite a long time ago Tanastra was vast and until Idrisia and parts of Arlendar it was Tanastra territory. Part of that territory is independent or the territory has been absorbed into Arlendar and other countries like it is now... quite a long time ago, but even now Tanastra still wishes to restore its national territory. fertile land or because of the mines."

I see. It's where it was originally our own land, so they're highly untrained.

I guess the Idrisian knew that and made a case in Tanastra.


As you have read my thoughts, the captain says.

"Assuming the Idrisians are the killers, there's a chance we could have done something about the part we wanted the Fire Dragon to destroy."

"Oh, then..."

Maybe you don't want us to have a war? The possibility arises that

"Whatever, don't get too anxious"

That's what the captain says, he reaches for the lid and strokes my head.

"We'll have to work it out one by one. That leads us to the next path of resolution. In the first place, there's no way you can predict the future perfectly."

Even the Spirit is a difficult thing, listening to the captain who goes on, and I turn away even as I reply.


Dear Commander, I should have been able to "if I had done this then".

I knew what was ahead, so I figured it out and I was hoping we could all live in peace.

But... I thought I'd changed it, but there's a future that won't change, and I'm anxious.

Was what I did for nothing? Doesn't that change the future that we all sacrifice? That.

If Sola knew the future, would she know any solution?

In the first place, Sola said spreading tea would help me achieve my purpose. I'm getting Mr. Jörn to spread the word right now, but I wonder if he'll make it...

Even now, I get anxious because I don't know what the future will be.

You saw that, the captain says.

"Don't worry. Do you want me to be able to stay?


If you think in any way, the captain holds my hand.

"Master Commander?

I seem less nervous lately that they just hold my hand because of all the outrageous things I've been doing. Instead, I was strangely relieved by the warmth of my hands... and realized that my hands were getting cold.

"Though you have the power of a witch, you still don't carry it alone. I have one too. Frey will protect you after he learns about your situation, too. If you ever hear anything from the Spirit again, you can talk to him."

That's what the captain said, and he kept holding my hand.

All the time until Mr. Fire Dragon gets back, maybe five minutes or so.

In the meantime, I thought from the bottom of my heart that I was really glad to tell this man that he had witch skills.