"Lately, you don't come to the dining room in the morning, Doctor. Ain't it been a long day?

It was Frey who raised the question.

That was one morning in the Cavaliers' Grand Dining Room.

He eats in the dining room except for the captain, deputy captain, and doctor Orvé. Because I don't hire so many people to serve. Because if you're not from nobility, all the knights say "I don't want it".

But Orvé seems to be very mouth-watering just because of his normal diet. After you finish your meal, come to the cafeteria for a little while and get only one dish to eat.

"You always say you don't eat enough or something, but have you even lost weight lately?

That's why Frey's question was the best.

Lucien, who had business with the other captain and was coming to the dining room, listens to you somehow.

I answered with a peeved look from the Orvé.

"Oh, I'm getting what Yura left me"

"... what?

Frey got a decent look.

"We always eat together. If I was going to leave it behind, I wouldn't be too hungry because it's what I get on the spot."

Well, sometimes I don't even leave Yura, so I come here, and Orvé goes on.

Frey flashed his face.

"Always having dinner with me?

"I've brought it in, and it's nice to eat each one alone in the room. So after checking her health, she's eating with her and checking Yura's health from the amount of food she eats. At last, Yura doesn't seem to eat much. I always get one piece of bread.

Oh, my God, don't you think it's so efficient that if you threw one stone, you could have dropped three birds?

Hahaha and laughed, Orvé flattened the soup.

Although Frey has got a sharp eye, he doesn't say anything.

Lucien, too, can't say anything. Positively. No matter how much I regret it, I decided to let myself live on Orvé's side.

But the other knights spilled pompous.

"I'm so proud to be able to eat with a girl every day..."

Frey nodded slightly. Lucien can see it.

"Well said," he praised in his heart.

Orvé looks strange.

"You mean when you're at work?

"'Cause if you want to eat face to face with a pretty girl anyway,"

You made me feel stronger about one of them being crushed, another young knight said so.

Lucien keeps a secret check on the knight's face.... a dangerous person.

"Only teachers are sloppy."

I hitched a ride there and Frey smiled and softly protested.

"But you guys, you can't take your young daughter to a place full of these nasty men, can you?

Orvé was the best at what he said, but he still seems to remain a little untrained.

"Then I guess I'll have you present at the coffee shop"

Frey said that and went on to say, "I want to do that, too." "I hope we chatted once in a while. Even the general of the town liquor store......"

But there's one problem.

"Aren't we going to get in the way of Yura's sales?

When Lucien said blush, the opinions that followed were interrupted.

"Well, that's a good thing to rent out, isn't it?

The young knights agree with Frey's counterproposal, which he lightly put out.

That's how the discussion began.

Yura notices me in the form of someone renting out a coffee shop every day. So it seems to have settled in the form of an arrangement, with up to five people only going to the coffee shop after lunch and having Yura present.

Of course it was Frey who came up with the odd idea.

Lucien thinks he's a fighter.

Frey, the Yura clerk, will be at the coffee shop whenever he has time. They're going to include it among the personnel they've decided to rent out.

There's no way Lucien can do it like the Freys do.

I know it's just wild that the captain intervenes and crunches at the knights' whispering pleasure. And I want you to be in the tea table, that's all.

You're talking about Yura standing up while she serves, so you're just gonna think that's it.

It's hard to complain.

There's just one part of Lucien that's more advantageous than them. With that in mind, you won't have to worry about the Freys.

That evening Lucien visited at a time when Yura would always be having tea.

"Ah, welcome, Captain."

Looking back Yura.

And on the table at her side, there are cookies. It's got red berry jam on it and it looks so gorgeous.

"It's unusual to want to be a tasting. But thanks for the taste! Enjoy."

When I went to the coffee shop, I asked if there were any new pieces, and she said she just wanted to put them out in the coffee shop.

That's how Lucien brought it into the form of eating with Yura.

"... Is this sweet?

"It could be rather sour. I thought that would ease the sweetness of cookies."

"I see."

Nod, try one. It is true that the sweetness of the cookies is diminished by the sourness.

"I have no problem"

"If even a sweet, bad captain can do it, the other members are easy to eat, I'm sure! Thanks!

As she nods to Yura, who laughs innocently, Lucien gives her what she brings.

"Because I thought it was all sweet. I brought it. I hope it fits your mouth."

Yura received the cage, looked inside and smiled.

"That's quiche, I love it so much!

"I made it for night food, but I thought it was because of it."

With that said, Yura looked very happy.

"It's a late night tea party."

Looking at that face, Lucien thinks.

It's good to have Eval make it and bring it, he said.