I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Is this what blue sky thunderbolts are for?

The week after that, I even kept making tea reserves.

Anyway, Mr. Fire Dragon, there's a hairdryer. Grunting along. That's Mr. Fire Dragon!

Thanks to this, we were able to produce about six barrels.

Mr. Fire Dragon's meal could also be consumed in large quantities because the captain again took him to an invisible place. So it is now beyond the size of Vilta and the enormity of the main tower like the castle.

Even when I ate the flames, I grew up and ate them, so I was able to consume a lot.

I had absolutely no problem with that fireball streak.

... Though I was donned by the captain who watched.

Once after that, the castle made a scene.

Hi, from Tanastra to Wang Capital, I hear you saw the messenger flying.

Are you a messenger for the war? Or... speculation flied and some began to secretly prepare themselves to cope with the conflict.

A messenger flew from the Wang capital as well, and the pressing air flowed, but eventually everyone's nervousness eased as Arlendar's messenger and someone from Tanastra headed together to the Wang capital.

"Are you okay now?

I don't know, so I asked, and Mr. Frey told me.

"You wouldn't have to fly with a messenger from a country who could be an enemy, would you?

"That's what it is."

They're no longer in a state of tension for now.

Though it was me who breathed relief...... I never thought it would involve me until I did.

That was after I finished making six barrels of tea.

I was just about to open a coffee shop in the morning, and Mr. Eval came running.

I was about to unlock it, stop my hand and say hello for now.

"Um, good morning?

"Not if I'm greeting you relaxed, I'll have you here!

Mr. Eval grabs my wrist and tries to pull it somewhere.

"Oh, where is that!?

"I'm going up the stairs."

"No, I didn't!

I'm asking where you're going, Mr. Eval. Though I thought so, it soon turned out. The office.

Inside were the captains and Mr. Frey, with a slightly harsher look.

But not long after I say hello, I can be pushed next to the office.


"Don't make any noise inside. You mustn't speak up either. And this is the captain's private room, so don't vandalize it!


Just to say, Mr. Eval has closed the door.

I'm left alone in the room.

Mr. Fire Dragon is taking an empty walk this morning, so I'm really alone.


I wonder what the hell that means.

If I did something wrong, it would be strange to go out of my way to say "don't be rough" and lock me in the captain's room.

While that was happening, there were bums and people in and out of the office across the door.

I hear people in between.

When I looked into the door gap to see if I could hear it, I could tell what I was saying well.

"How thorough are the instructions?

"It's over. Yura is supposed to be out there."

"Then pick out the personnel who are leaving to 'pretend to call you back'. I command whoever is patrolling the woods to do so."

... I, apparently, am supposed to be out in the morning.

Did you make that story thorough for all the Knights?

To call me back to give it to you, pretend to send a knight?

"What is it?"

I accidentally crush it.

Something happened to the reason you called me in, and that means you're an outside Knights.

And there's a reason you don't want me to see you right away, and I'm trying to buy you some time... then.

For some time the report on the thoroughness of the communication continued.

Looks like no outside visitors have arrived yet.

"Oh, then."

If you were looking out the window, you might know who was coming?

That's why I snuck out the window of the captain's room and glanced out.

I can't see anyone for a while. As always...... I could just see the view of the courtyard with a little scarcity of people.

But shortly afterwards, a squad of strangers with box-shaped carriages appeared in the courtyard.

Cloak with black lines in blue. The surcoat you are wearing is stitched with the crest of the Kingdom of Arlendar in black on the blue ground.

That's why I think he's a knight or a soldier in his own country, but why are the captains on guard?

Even so, if there is a carriage, has anyone even brought someone of high stature?

Though I thought about it that way, there's no sign of anyone coming down from the carriage. What is a carriage for?

While they were thinking, they went down and a few people came into this first building along with the Sigur Knights who welcomed them in numbers.

Eventually there was a noise in the hallway. There is a noise of the door of the adjacent office opening and closing. I heard the door gap again.

"Hiccup, Duke."

Someone from the visitor greeted him. Sounds like a young man?

"You look better than anything, Claus. It's a surprise visit, but I need you to tell me what to do."

When the captain asked in a very calm manner, a man named Claus replied.

"Your Eminence's Knights have been reported to have witches."


The captain's voice goes down a step. I can see how grumpy you are.

For what I'm hearing from the edge, I'd sound pissed off with disgraceful rhetoric from my own Knights personnel.

And I am.


I held my breath for a while. One of these days my hands will tremble.

How did you find out I was a witch?

In the meantime, a person named Claus continues.

"He said there was a snitch on His Majesty the King. The senators have heard that, and His Majesty couldn't see how it was because it was under His Excellency the Duke."

So he uttered even more decisive words.

"His Majesty the King has ordered us to take him to the King's capital by directly discussing those suspected of witchcraft. I'm a daughter by the name of Yura employed by the Sigur Knights. Your Majesty ordered us to hand it over to you."

... to the worst of developments, I accidentally sat on the spot.