I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I talked to Sola, and she gave me some strange advice.


What should I do?

I don't know how there was a snitch that I was a witch. I mean, it sounds like we're still talking about something, but I don't know what the temper is to ask.

I thought I had to find a way to get away faster than that.

If I were here, I'd be bothering the captains.

I went out of my way to thoroughly match the words "I'm out". I'd be willing to buy you some time to get away with it.

If I find out, there's no way that the captain of the regiment won't get away with anything.

Anyway, my captivity is a king's order.

What should I do?

Sue me I'm not a witch, will you listen to me? Want less?

Should I run away once this has happened already? But how to escape without bothering the captain......

I take out the cookies I had in my pocket.

I always try to hold a few pieces, just in case.... although it can be my snack as it is.

In the captain's room, I searched for the Spirit. But I don't see it.

"Then the Spirit Summons..."

I walk out the door.

The room I was in seems to be the private room of the captain, with sofas, table sets, etc. Probably here for meals and such.

I place cookies on the table and call the status screen.

Select the Spirit Summoning move that is LV10.

Do you want to summon?: One Y/N snack required "

I pressed the button silently.

Then five spirits in goblins appeared on the tabletop, pompous.

Though it absorbed the magic of the Fire Dragon, the goblin spirits' outfits have not changed.... because I'm restoring my magic to Mr. Fire Dragon, or something like that, right?

Anyway, now, I want to call Sola.

I asked the Goblin Spirit, who had one cookie overhead in five bodies.

"If I'm going to call Sola outside of cookies, what am I supposed to make?

I'll ask you what you need to make from the start because the price is definitely going up.

Then the Goblin Spirit snapped his neck simultaneously.

"Mmm. Fluffy sweet."

"Is it full of cream?

... so all I can predict is a sponge cake. Is it okay if I lay the hot cake over it and decorate it with cream? That's not true, is it?

Either way, I don't know if I can make sweets in the current situation. So just in case, I asked overlapping.

"Can't we do something with cookies?

"Hmm, a hundred?


Too many! Absolutely not! When I thought, one goblin spirit gave me another answer.

"You should make the cookies perfect!

"Do you like cookies?

"Tea's gonna shine, too, huh?

Tea...... right, you mean magic?

But I can't believe you put magic into matter... Oh, does it feel like when you're Mr. Fire Dragon? Anyway, if you can call Sola with one cookie, let's do it now!

Next to the five goblin spirits sharing and eating cookies, I managed to instill magic in a single cookie.

And we have to hurry.

Beyond the door, he seems to be wearing something, and he can hear an exasperated voice. There was also a slight sound of shoes coming in and out.

".................. mmmmmmm"

Still, after about a minute of hard work and about a thousand fewer MPs on the status screen, the cookies started glowing blurry.

"Glowing Cookies......"

I have an indescribable substitute.

Seeing that, the Goblin Spirit shakes after eating cookies.


"A little blurry, but die-job"

"I'll call you. I'll call you."

When you give them cookies, they center the glowing cookies and the five goblin spirits become rings.

"Come on!

"Kings do ho"

"Hey, it's not..."

"It's a witch call."


Raise your connected hands by making a whimsical call.

Once, there is a slight increase in the light of cookies, the light of which spreads white and spreads......

A little bigger than before. White light that will have a size contour that has crossed my back. After that glow disappeared...


Though the clothes remained the same as the last time Sola had her back length stretched about Mr. Frey.

"Hey, Yura."

That face smiled at me. No, on its head, it had long dark hair that grew.

"Or hair..."

Why did you grow hair!? I want to scream, but I can't do that right now. Besides, it's not if you're obsessed with Sora's appearance, but you can't help but put in the scratch!

Sora shyly lets you pick the ends of her hair.

"Oh this? With more magic from you, I'm really close to who I was..."

"Original appearance?

What do you mean? Though I thought so, Sola asks me questions through.

"What's more, Yura's in a stuffed situation?

"Yes, even the witch was suspected, and a restraining order was issued. I'd like to run away somewhere right now so I don't bother the captains, can you?

When I asked for it, Sola told me something unexpected.

"It's okay, Yura"


"Tea is spreading to Wang Du as well. Plus Lucien can do everything he can to make sure it's not against you. Don't worry, Yura. We'll spread tea to the king."


How can you tea when you're tied up?

He strokes my head full of doubt, and Sora disappears all the time.

A few seconds later, the door was knocked.