To the sound of a knock, I leave the table.

The spirits had already disappeared every cookie, so there was nothing to hide the evidence from. I answered yes and waited for the door to open.

It was the captain and Mr. Frey, Mr. Eval, who came in that way.

"You hadn't let me know the details yet. I'll explain. Sit down."

The captain said so pointing to the couch and sat me down.

Dear Commander on the couch across the street, Mr. Frey pulls the chair from the table and sits down, and Mr. Eval stands behind the Commander in earnest.

"First, someone snitched on you that you were a witch."

"... nothing about the person who snitched?

Having calmed down a little after talking to Sora, I asked the captain so.

Something tells the story from nobility to kings. To sources, I don't think that would happen without a lot of trust.

Not to mention me, a man who's not even a knight of the Knights.

If you do poorly, aren't you trying to make some nobleman guilty by saying he's a proper witch against civilians? Some people must suspect that.

Yet if it came to a situation where the king would give orders without being treated like bullshit, then someone... a credible person would have said so.

"What you say is good. There is no such thing as someone who needs to fall for telling you that you are a witch, who is only a civilian employed by the Knights and is only as widespread as making tea so far.

And just because you accused me of civilians, there shouldn't have been any witch damage, but few believed it. "

The captain affirms my opinion.

"But the person who accused me was the problem. I guess it was an opinion that I couldn't ignore for a reason, on top of the people I knew in person about you"

"Look in person...?

Someone you've met with me. I have a bad feeling about that word.

The captain told me that no way......

"It's Maia Armadir."


Again, I thought.

I don't think she's the kind of person to say that herself. But if it involves a witch...... on the contrary, there is a possibility of accusing me of witchcraft.

I just don't know.

"How could His Majesty believe that, even if he accused me of witchcraft?"

I don't want you to be in other witches, I don't want you to get in my way, so I know I'm going to charge you with letting you in custody.

But Miss Maia has also disputed me with a witch, who, ostensibly, threatens to be lightly treated as if she doesn't like having a woman on her ex-fiancée's side. But it didn't.

"It's Tanastra."

The captain answers.

"The nation has told Arlendar, where many of its people fled by the acts of destruction committed by Idrisian humans. Maia Armadir was decided to be the bride of Prince Tanastra II as a hostage to suppress it"

"Master Maia..."

It's supposed to be a glorious story about your dowry, but it just makes it disturbing to have the word as a hostage.

"During that story, he was followed by the difficulty that he might be trying to manipulate the Fire Dragon from Tanastra's side. I guess he also tried to make the rampage in the mountains near the border a loss for Arlendar......

At that time, Tanastra said that there was a witch in Arlendar who must have manipulated the Fire Dragon. "

Hmm? I think.

How could Tanastra have immediately told me she was a witch?

"In contrast, Maia Armadir has a witchcraft in the Knights. He called the Fire Dragon... and said that the Knights must crusade."

"... somehow understood me too"

With that said, the captain nods and continues.

"I don't know if it's probably a Tanastra messenger or some of the people who gave that messenger away, but I have a fellow witch.

As far as Frey is concerned, the ultimate goal of the Idrisians is to crush Tanastra. Maybe he was planning to move Maia Armadir in this way to send a witch in for it "

While I'm convinced I do, I realize it all the time.

"Ah, uh, Master Regiment"


"That story, to Mr. Eval... can I?

Mr. Eval, behind the captain of the regiment, had his hands on his forehead to put a little headache away. Um, you're not the first person to hear this story right now, are you?

"We really need to get Eval involved in our upcoming actions. So by the end of the morning, I'm briefly talking about you. I haven't got the details yet."

The captain says hello, and Mr. Frey laughs bitterly when he hears it.

"You don't care about me, Master Lucien. Because we are only listening to what is needed now, as we will be hearing the missing information later."

Mr. Eval gave up on his face, and he said so.

That's how the captain went on to say.

"I needed to hide you temporarily to give these explanations and to tell you about the future. Whatever path you choose, you'll need information. So now I let you come to my room, which is the hardest to find... you have two choices"

The captain opened for a few seconds and told him.

"Do you want to stay caught and go to Your Majesty? Or are you going to run away with a missing person?"

I swallow spit.

I'm scared to get caught. But Sola said she should spread tea to the king. Then I don't think they're going to put me in jail or execute me.

But I don't know why.

So immediately without nodding, the captain took a single seal out of his nostalgia.