"It just shouldn't be like this right after you go to Your Majesty. Because Eval had arranged for your tea to come from the Duke's house, His Majesty seems interested in you as a tea master"

"Your Majesty is interested?

And I know a little what Sora said. You're telling me to break through there?

"Even though His Majesty is just favorable, I'm pretty sure there's a suspicion against you. Sometimes it may be ridiculous to His Majesty. Naturally, it will fuel your suspicions, so there is no taking the Fire Dragon. Just because you can talk to a dragon can inspire those you doubt."

That's where the captain breathes.

"For once, I passed the demand earlier to put one here, the watchman, on. Honestly, you don't know what happens if you can't use magic. It's up to the person who escorts you to deal with suspected sinners. Even with His Majesty's life, there are those off the road."

That was very gratifying. 'Cause only one person, being taken by a stranger for treating him like a sinner, is careful and anxious.

But when I made that request, someone on the side who was ordered to escort me said, "Can't you trust me!" They protested.

... sounds like that's what I heard you talking about earlier.

"Upon arrival at the royal palace, His Majesty the King will also be able to see you, and I think I can use the power of my Duke's house to say a letter to His Majesty to guarantee some security..."

Still don't know if it's perfect. The captain who said, looks at me still.

"So I want you to decide if you want to run away or if you can make a good cut through it. If you're going to run, I'll let you run away at all costs."

"Dear Commander..."

I'm sure if you're going to let me get away with this, you're going to decide that I just disappeared like this.

"But if you run away, the captains will always suspect you. It's unnatural for me to disappear in the morning and not come back."

More importantly, it would be too suspicious to throw out the opening time of the coffee shop I enjoyed doing and run away with it.

"If you thought it was the result of my alone actions, you might be reasoned that I was detectable because I was a witch."

Witches have terrible magic anyway, and many people think they can do anything (as did my old witch image). So after a mistake, it only deepens my witch suspicion.

"If I do, I will be more and more convinced that I am a witch and more clearly searched and crusaded. If you do, you will also cause trouble to the Knights and Commanders who were hiring witches."

"Never mind there"

"No. For years to come, if you do poorly, as a loss for the Sigur Knights for decades, you can't do anything memorable. So."

Even if Sora's telling me it's okay, I'm a little scared to go for it, believing only one opinion.

In case anything happens to the captain, he probably suggested the option of escape.

But because of me, the captains could say terrible things or be punished for something.

"I will go to His Majesty the King and deceive you that I am not a witch"

The truth is, I'm a witch, so you're right to go cheating.

If I looked straight at the captain and said it, the answer came back "ok" after a few seconds of thinking.

"Okay, Frey, get ready."


Mr. Frey gets up and leaves the room.

"Let Frey play a role in sending you to the king's capital. I really wish I could go, but I can't leave here right away..."

"No, thank you for your consideration"

"Yura, you're going to take the tea anyway, right? If you show up, the escort knights will undoubtedly only make it easy to pack, so bring some tea."

"Oh, thank you! I have something in the can on the shelf, so please do that as much as possible"

Please, Mr. Eval leaves the room.

Helpful. I don't know what to do if I'm trying to spread the tea but I only have a little bit of that tea.

I'm also suspicious that you'll let me make tea. I'm also suspicious that Mr. Jörn will let me get what he's selling.

The remaining captain, stand up and come to my side.

Somehow I felt like I shouldn't be sitting down and stood up like I was stuck.

"Don't push it. If there's nothing you can do, you can use magic to escape."

"You can't do that! I'm sure I won't bother the captains..."

"I don't mind bothering you, Yura"

With that said, the captain pulled my shoulder and locked it in its arms.


That's where my words stop, too.

I don't want you to let me go, because I thought. No matter how much Mr. Frey will follow me, I'm still scared.

If I don't clear up the suspicion that I'm a witch, they'll look all over the kingdom no matter how far I run.

When that happens, we'll have to flee to other countries already. If you do poorly, it is possible that you will never see the captain again.

Because I miss you so much when I think about it.

"As for the Fire Dragon, I shall have obeyed. I told the person in charge of the escort earlier. And as soon as I'm ready, I'll take the Fire Dragon to the Royal Palace, too. If you look like you're following me, not you, no one will ever call you a witch."

"Now the captain..."

Though I thought you'd get weird suspicions.

"I have the Sword of the Spirit King. Whatever, I can give you a reason, and there's a way to get the Spirit Church to give you a push. So until then...... don't do anything strange. And if you don't want to lose your source of magic to that fire dragon, tell them to follow me."

I laugh a little bit when they tell me not to do anything strange, not to keep me safe. So I lost my mind.

"It's okay. I'm cute about me too, and I'll hang in there because I won't be able to stay in Arlendar and I'll have trouble visiting your grandmother's grave."

That's why I could laugh and say it.

To me like that, the captain whispers in his ear.

"Still, you don't know what you're gonna do."


My ears and neck muscles tickle and I raise my voice unexpectedly.

"In case anything happens, I'll take you out of the royal palace without asking your opinion. Stay with me."

"No! That makes them think you're one of the witches until the captain!

Then you will not be able to stay in Arlendar until you are the captain or, hence, Eval, who is unwilling to leave with the captain.

Try to persuade me to protest, or the captain will loosen his arms a little. So I looked up at the captain and thought I'd give him another push.

"Please reconsider..."

Words were made to stop.

Because my lips are blocked. With the captain's lips.

Even though it was only a short time away, the warm lip feel of the captain and the slightly sweet feeling of leaving engraved in the back of his brain.

... Me, did you just kiss me?

While I'm depressed, the captain takes his arms off me completely.

"I'm not gonna rethink it, am I?

That's what the captain said and a few steps away, the door opened and Mr. Eval came back.

What was in that hand was a backpack full of contents.

"Ah, you've come a long way..."

Blurring and I snap like that.

"I put all the cans in my eyes. If Your Majesty is interested in tea, it will be up to you to behave. If this isn't enough, make sure you contact the Duke's house."

"Yes, thank you......"

Though I replied and received my backpack, I was still feeling fluffy.

Mr. Eval seemed to have strangled him, but he didn't act any stranger than that, so he decided to leave him alone.

Eventually Mr. Frey returns.

Mr. Frey, who is travelling with me to the royal palace, seems to have prepared himself for an outing and for horses and luggage.

At that point, I contacted the knights as escorts that I was back, and I was to move in with Mr. Frey and pack.

Dr. Orvé, who was waiting, looked at me as I came to pack and found out that I had decided to go to the Royal Palace.

"Take care and go. I wish I could have gone too... In the unlikely event, you can rely on a doctor from the King's Capital I know or a local doctor."

That said, he entrusted Mr. Frey with the address and what he wrote his name on.

By this time, I was finally getting my head straight, too.

"We apologize for the inconvenience...... But I'm sure you'll clear your suspicions."

"I'll leave the room."

I bow my head to Dr. Orvé's thankful words and I move forward again in the first building.

There's already ten knights there who came to escort you with the captain. And that carriage from the window was waiting.

"Are you a daughter named Yura? A summons order to the royal palace has been issued by His Majesty the King. We'll escort you, so get in the carriage."


Nod, I got in the carriage.

Just before the carriage door closes that way, I look back and see the captain.

The captain who was looking at this one smiles at me the moment I see him.

That's all I did - I remembered earlier, and I was in a carriage with no one to cover my face and get upset.