Cover your face, nod, and endure desperately.

If I scream in the carriage to be escorted, I might be able to put on some weird argument that the witch showed her true nature and started rambling.

But when I close my eyes, I remember.

The face of the approached captain.

But that's a lot of stuff these days, and I was totally alarmed.

When I noticed, my mouth was blocked.

At the same time I remembered the temperature a little lower than myself and my head was about to explode into the fact that I kissed it.

"Dear Commander...... No, I know why I did that."

Trying to stop convincing me. But you could have blocked your mouth with your hand, but the captain chose to kiss you.

I'm not the kind of person the captain would kiss a woman just to try and surprise me.

So it's a sure behavior......


Unexpectedly, he knocked on the carriage door.

Oh, what can I do for you?

As we approached, the carriage was accompanied by a convoy knight.

I tried to open it and ask because it had a window that I could see outside.

"Are you feeling any ill? I heard a noise..."

"Oh, um, excuse me. A little nervous...... Oh, haha."

I laughed and misled.

The knight leaves with his neck clenched. Probably confirmed to me that the subject should not be ill and have problems early after starting the escort.

Though I found out unexpectedly that the escort people normally care about me and that it seems to be a gentler response than treating me as a sinner.

"How daunting..."

She said she was an old woman, but I didn't know she'd still hear her voice if she cried.

I just sighed, and I looked at him with a feeling that something was touching my hand.

It was the spirits in goblins who were there. Maybe he came in when I opened the window earlier.

Do you comfort me with "don't worry" as I slap my hand around my neck?


That's what I said and I put my finger on it, and I said, "Good job! He stuck out his thumbs-up hand and, of course, disappeared.

Thanks to the Spirit, I feel a little changed.

I can't forget about the kiss, but we should think about being escorted now...

That's what I thought, but I'm stuffy and I've been thinking about what's going to happen, and there's so much I don't know if I need to go. Honestly, I wonder if it's just a waste of time to think about it.

"The captain said His Majesty the King would like to see me, and that you would consider it somewhat."

Problem would be, other nobles.

"The only way to do something with tea is for His Majesty the King to make us behave like tea and hold a tea party or something...... right?

Will you be able to guide it well?

And the only information I have about His Majesty the King is that it's Onei.

- and remind me of other things to do there.

"Yes, Mr. Fire Dragon."

Nothing has contacted me.

I can understand people's language, so I think the captain explained it to me and I know the situation...... Since no one understands Mr. Fire Dragon's words, it is unclear whether he is convinced or not explained enough.

So just make contact with Mr. Fire Dragon.

Although not so far away yet, communication begins while magic is applied to the D button for once.

"Uh, Mr. Fire Dragon, can you hear me?

"Fire Dragon: You..."

As always, Mr. Fire Dragon's line sounds like a villain. And it's been a long time since I saw that in character display, and it was kind of emotional.

"I think I've probably been briefed by the captain..."

Fire Dragon: You're Going To Do It With The King Of Man, Right? I'm not worried if you don't get poked anyway. "

No, I guess so, though.

Where the sorcerer attacked me, if I had the magic of a shield that could prevent Mr. Fire Dragon from bracing, I wouldn't be dead.

"I'm worried one way or the other, because I'm about to die socially"

"Fire Dragon: Socially?

"If you say it, it means that everyone might tell you not to show your face again because your fellow dragons thoroughly hate you. Psychological damage and behavior are limited, and we may not be able to take action to restore Mr. Fire Dragon's residence for another year or so."

If I can't get into Arlendar anymore, I can't go home. I'm going to visit my grandmother's grave once I have a paragraph, but if I can't do it again, I'm just depressed.

Besides, it would make it harder to act against Tanastra.

It should take a long time for the captains to be unable to receive their assistance, and for them to be able to meet with Mr. Jörn, who will sell them tea.

"So please work as the captain says for a while. I'm not going to do anything wrong."

"Fire Dragon:... I'm not sure what's going on with humans"

Mr. Fire Dragon spilled it like that, but he ok it for now. Now you can leave Mr. Fire Dragon to the temporary commander.

I was just relieved and had nothing else to do.

Whether you're still looking at the landscape or along the street, that's not how you get a novel view.

Because of that, I was somehow flattered...

After lunch and the carriage stopped, I woke up much more.

You can't keep a horse running all the time either. I guess people stopped because they need a break too.

That's what I thought, the door knocked.


When I replied, I opened the door and Mr. Frey glanced at me.

"It's lunch time. Come on out."

"Uh... don't you have to tie something up or something?

For once, I thought it was like a suspect pulling up to the king, so Mr. Frey normally calls in, and I'm surprised.

"If you want me to tie you up, I will. I like that, too."


Don't be scared, Mr. Frey!

"I'm just kidding."

Mr. Frey, who laughed, answers my questions.

"It looks like they were dispatched as escorts for people suspected of witchcraft, but they seem to be stabbed by His Majesty the King with a 'only suspicion'. So if you don't run away, you'll be fine."

"Only suspicion......"

Though it was for that.

Anyway, if I had to eat or something, I would die because it would take me a few days to get to the royal palace. I left the carriage with Mr. Frey, breathed the air outside and mouthed the meal given to me by the knight of the convoy.

A simple bread, water and cheese meal is a little tasteless.

But it's a quick move, so I couldn't ask if I could make tea on this occasion.

I'm the one with the witch suspicion for once, though I'm going to show you how much. I felt a suspicious gaze from the knights at the convoy.

So that night, after I got to the next town inn, I got some boiling water and Mr. Frey and I had tea.

For the most part, it felt kind of strange because it was with the captain that we had tea at night.