I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Why don't you go to the royal palace?

- How are you -!? The person who waves with a gesture that seems to say.

When I saw the man, I accidentally circled my eyes.

He was a tall man.

I look like I'm in my thirties when I'm older. Tall. Your face looks like some actor. The clothes are woven with gowns edged with gold embroidery on a long coat that runs all the way to the calf.

Above all, it is characterised by long, slightly wavy, pale gold hair. I tied that around the neck slightly below, with a ribbon.

He's waving at me with his hands on his cheeks, feeling like such a person is going to say "come on".

At the royal palace, I didn't think you'd be greeted like that.

Behind the man at the time, there are the knights who seem to serve the King's Palace, and he looks at this one with a subtle look. On the contrary, some of the aristocratic men were annoyed.

The temperature difference is intense and confusing.

How am I supposed to handle this?

On my side in vain, the knights who had escorted me knelt down. Mr. Frey was at it, and he pulled my arm, so he panicked and I knelt too.

No way this guy......

If that's what you think, the captain of the convoy knight said.

"Your orders, Your Majesty, have been successfully fulfilled. Behind you is Yura Savel."

I knew it was His Majesty the King!

It was a very light vibe that might be, but is the king ok like that...... And, surprisingly, maybe he doesn't look like the captain? I'm younger than I've ever heard.

How dare you, Your Majesty, respond to the knight at that light pace even while I thought.

"Thank you. You look just like I was asking, so it won't even mean you're different, so Ka n Pe Ki ♪ I'll take you there later, so you can rest now, okay?

The knights and those behind them bothered with the winking remarks.

"Your Majesty, I didn't expect you to take him yourself!?

"He's a suspect! Whatever..."

"There's a danger! I will see to His Majesty once we have interjected. Now just look what you look like and you're not satisfied!

People who stop mouthing.

"Uh, but I came this far with that intention?

With that said, His Majesty the King walks in just a short walk.

People in samurai-like, similarly colored jackets try to stop, but when His Majesty the King looks uncomfortable, he stops his hand trying to grab his clothes or his leg trying to block the front.

... is he that scary?

As a matter of fact, hiding that I was a witch, I had no choice but to sit still on the spot thrilled.

And in no time His Majesty the King will stand before me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you again, Yura. I'm Lucien's uncle, and I heard about your tea, and I liked the tea I got from the Duke of Alvine's house. I really wanted to talk to you. So, are you with me?

In a somewhat feminine way of speaking, His Majesty the King invites me.

Yes, it was. You were this guy Onei......

What a reminder, I nodded.

Your Majesty said to me, "I want to hear about the Knights too, so your child is with me," so I follow your Majesty with Mr. Frey.

I was full of nervousness about what would happen earlier, but thanks to the friendliness with which I was treated, I also had room to look around.

The Royal Palace, which when you come nearby, finds itself made of white gray stone, is not as over-decorated as you might think. This is how I imagined a decorated wall of gold or silver, but it wasn't so gorgeous.

But white columns and walls, beautiful lines of sculpture are unraveled. That alone felt a lot of neat beauty from the Knights' castle, where many of the stones I had assembled were protruding.

And the royal palace, I thought it was the kind of place where ceiling paintings are everywhere, but I don't really see those paintings.

There's just a place with paintings on the wall. I don't know whose painting it is, but there were so many paintings of men riding horses, so I guess they're the first kings or kings of history who founded the country?

At any rate, Your Majesty, I didn't expect that person to pick me up.

But from the looks of the others, I think if His Majesty had not been there, I would have been put in a place like a cell without question.

The samurai-like people can't believe the suspect and His Majesty the King speak directly! The other aristocratic men, though they had stopped at the feeling, remained expressions of hostility.

If His Majesty the King hadn't come, maybe they would have decided on my treatment, and if so, they wouldn't have seemed to respond calmly...

That's where I snap my neck.

I don't remember doing business like buying personal grudges. The nobles I've been involved with in my life are about the captain and Miss Maia.

Just because there was a witch suspicion doesn't mean that leads to resentment. For those within Arlendar, the witch should still only be a figure in the fairytale world.

I have no idea why......

I can't think of it myself, so I'll ask Mr. Frey for his views later.

Eventually His Majesty the King seems to have arrived in the room of purpose.

The chasing squire opens the door so that it precedes His Majesty the King.

So he stopped his leg, and his majesty smiled and said, turning round this way.

"Come on in."

It's as light as inviting people to their homes.

There's no reason to say no, so I'm going to let all of you in with Mr. Frey.

"Excuse me, sir."

I say a word when I knock on the door and step in.

Then it was a much brighter room.

You can't see stone walls, white lacquered and nicely cosmetic walls. The walls were not so flashy as to blink in the eyes because they were decorated with silver, and it was a room that showed a very calm distortion.

There's a gap between this onerous king, Your Majesty, and his image, though. Maybe he's supposed to be a very quiet person.

There was a table with a thin red cross in the center of the room, and I felt the color was very noticeable. On the table, sweets are available.

"First of all, thank you all the way. Let's have some tea."

With that said, His Majesty sat down first, and me and Mr. Frey looked at each other once before sitting in the two remaining seats.