His Majesty Christopher, the contemporary king, is in front of us.

There are also servants and ladies in the room, staring at us.

Not to mention His Majesty's brilliant outfit, even the servant's blackish attire was of better quality than my clothes, and even the lady summoned a silk dress.

This way, I feel sorry for getting into the house with muddy clothes.

But His Majesty the King doesn't seem to care. I've been grinning.

"Come on, I let you brew the tea you made, so we can talk over a drink"

At the same time as that word, a tea bowl is placed on the table.

The scent that drifts from it is definitely the scent of my made tea.

"I heard he's also obsessed with how to brew. My kids seemed to want to study it, but they couldn't seem to practice because they didn't get a lot of it... what do you think?

I was gently asked, "Now if you'll excuse me..." Let me put my mouth on the tea first.

Check the aroma, take a sip and check the tannins and taste. Yeah.

"I think a little less steaming time would make it feel so ideal. If you put too much water in order to darken it, it's easier to get tannic."

"Oh I see. It's not a good idea to pursue too much beauty."

"Still, I felt great enough because this is all properly brewed without talking about the actual thing"

"It's an unknown beverage."

That's what I said and laughed small, Your Majesty, goes on to say.

"I know you're giving the kids around you a hard time because I like new stuff, but you're gonna want to give it a try"

"I also realized that I didn't know much more about how to brew when selling, so I'm grateful that you told me this way"

This is an improvement.

If you want it to taste good, you should have known how to brew it.

I need to let Mr. Jorn know, and I'll make a note in my heart.

Nevertheless...... His Majesty the King is good in Oneie.

I couldn't have talked like this without the help of tea, which makes me feel like a fool, if I had a majestic way of talking to the king.

It was easier for Mr. Fire Dragon to deal with him.

Anyway, to attack His Majesty, magical defenses are ineffective, and they are not the right opponents to attack and defeat.

Don't let them get in the mood, but you can't even get a better impression of yourself if you don't have a conversation, so don't keep quiet. That's very difficult.

As for myself, I have a memory of interpersonal phobia that I pulled from my childhood as a "Yura".

So you felt the tension easier on me, His Majesty said.

"Well, Yura. I know I heard about you being charged with witchcraft, but you still don't know the details, do you? I couldn't tell Lucien everything in my running letter, either."

The story switches, and I stretch my spine to see His Majesty.

"Yes, you're right"

"It's also true that it was the noble lady who accused me of you, and a person in a position that I can't ignore a bit, but it's what cemented that charge... about your tea"

"Is there tea?

Oh, I don't know what that means.

Is tea and witches something that has something in common? I don't know, I turn to Mr. Frey.

Looks like Mr. Frey, who was listening in silence with me, also wondered.

"May I ask you a question, Your Majesty?"

"Of course."

His Majesty put his mouth on the tea and nodded.

"Yura's tea can only work similarly to magic medicine. When Yura brews herself, she can restore her strength, restore her magic, whisper but increase her defense, like this tea. But I can't manipulate people like a witch. But how the hell did you get from tea to witch?"

"I heard that the demon who drank tea did what Yura said."

"That's... in exchange for the tea the demon was magical, so I didn't manipulate the demon..."

Mr. Frey explains it to me, and I nod yeah.

"I don't know the details there either, but you mean you made a deal with the demons?

"They say the Spirit brokered the word. Because Yura can see and talk to spirits."

You shouldn't say what you can talk to demons here. Because the witch suspicion just gets deeper and deeper.

"Speaking of which, you were the love of the Spirit. Lucien taught me that tea is also made with the help of the Spirit."


The approximate thing has to be explained in the Spirit. As much as that, the Spirit is still full of wonder, so most things are convincing to me.

Yeah, and His Majesty nodded.

"Yura, I've heard so much about you from Lucien that I don't think you're a witch."

Good. They believe His Majesty is not a witch.

"And you were also asking about the Spirit, so you're supposed to have people sent by the Spirit Church to testify about your innocence. So thanks to the Spirit, I can prove it."

However, His Majesty adds:

"I think we should also increase our understanding among the aristocrats more about your tea. Thank you. There are a lot of people in the Senate who would love to hear from Maia Armadir. Some witches have even unearthed a fairy tale of magical tea and manipulating people as they please."

His Majesty kept sighing.

"Do you have such a fairy tale..."

This is bad. Even in a time when the actual record of witches is thin, there is only a fairy tale about the prerequisite knowledge of determining whether everyone is a witch or not.

Unless there's a definitive verdict, on an ambiguous basis, like a witch trial: "You're a witch! They say."

No, in my case, I'm having trouble with having a reliable judgment.

Anyway, let's do the Spirit a favor later to deceive the Spirit Church people. Don't call me a witch, but when a witch asks you to point a finger at someone or something like that, the Spirit is going to point me honestly.

The problem is a fairy tale.

If I thought so, it was suggested by His Majesty.

"So. I just want to be informed about your tea. Me."

"Well-known, is it?

His Majesty nods with great pleasure.

"Besides magic restoration, there's some other tea that works, right? Why don't you do a coffee shop in Coco, like you did in the Knights, just to let them know it's the same as magic medicine?