"Coffee shop..."

To His Majesty the King's proposal, I turn my eyes round.

No more serving tea inside the royal palace? I didn't think you'd be invited.

"But in the royal palace, it's a hassle to take money... I have fine money. There's hardly going to be nobility, so if you ask me, should I offer you tea and I liquidate it later? That's going to be a lot more people stopping by. Then it feels like a coffee room, not a store."

His Majesty the New Thing Lover seems to also like to think about a new cause. Start talking about the coffee room in an exciting way.

For me too, this is a boat to cross.

I was wondering how to spread tea, but if I nod, tea can be openly spread within the royal palace to noble opponents.

Instead, Mr. Frey next door seemed more confused.

"Sire, are you sure you want me to offer you tea at the royal palace?

"Of course."

"But will you drink...... I think the only person who wants to impress Yura as not a dangerous person is the one who seems to shun tea."

"Oh, it's okay."

His Majesty says confidently.

"Would you like me to meet you there for tea? What will force you to drink Yura's tea"


If His Majesty says, "You made me brew my favorite tea," and gives it to you to drink, and you tell him I brewed it, it's a later festival.

"If someone finds out the plan and mixes the poison himself..."

"I'll keep an eye on you, won't I? Besides, I don't think you can do much because you're going to rent out my lady officer as the head of the coffee room. The first thing I suspect is that even if it were Yura, we would suspect even my woman together. Oh, should I try poisoning him?"

"If you do that, if you do anything you doubt, it will all be because of your disbelief in Your Majesty… I think it's hard for them to move either"

His Majesty's reply seems to convince Mr. Frey as well.

Or as far as I was concerned, I was surprised that His Majesty would do that.

"Um, you even poison His Majesty for me... If someone puts poison in a tea bowl or leaf, there's nothing you can do. I can't risk your majesty at all..."

"Like Frey just said, it's okay. Besides."

His Majesty smiles there, wanting to describe him as Nitaa.

"I'm going to be in position for quite a few years, too, because I'm going to be in proper power, right?

"Ah, yes. … excuse me"

Kind of a scary vibe, I pulled back.

His Majesty will have a satisfying look.

"Sometimes it just can't be helped by power, can it? Something about magic and spirits."

"Something bothering you...?

Upon inquiry, His Majesty waved to the surrounding ladies to signal.

That's all the female officers who perceived everything, causing the servants to lower themselves out of the room. As it happened, there were only three women left besides us.

"I still don't have a certainty. So it's not a story I can tell anyone, and I paid for it. … magic or some influence, there is a suspicion that something is wrong"

"In the royal palace, is it?"

To Mr. Frey's words, His Majesty nods.

"Don't you think that's strange? That many people will believe in the words of their daughter, no matter how many sources are aristocrats, who have never been connected to anyone before."

Speaking of which, I guess Miss Maia could barely come out of the realm. Circumstances dictate...

At the time of our engagement, is it about time we came to meet with the captain?

He was also drawn to the periphery after that, and I don't think there would have been any close nobility.

"... I thought you sympathized with the tragic nature of marrying another country as a hostage. I was also wondering if it was due to the fact that he looked like he was inviting sympathy."

To Mr. Frey's opinion, His Majesty says, "I doubted that at first, too".

"Believe me, you won't fail to confirm it just in case. At the end of the day, I assure you that one of her words is enough proof. Isn't that just weird?

I just have to agree.

Some people react differently than usual, which means that something else happened. Your Majesty wonders if it's magic.

"There's more. It was also unusual to talk about a fairytale witch who felt angry when she did it. No one in this country has been harmed because of witches yet. Why do you hate witches so much and try to punish them so hard without even listening... I don't understand. Honestly, I'm confused."

Oh, boy. His Majesty shrugged his shoulder.

"Are you going to leave that investigation to Yura?

"I mean, if it's magic, I thought you could use Yura's tea."

I answered that to Mr. Frey, Your Majesty. Oh, is that tea?

"You can give the tea a magical effect, right? Yes, I'm asking Lucien. Then I was wondering if I could make some magical tea that would dispel some magic."

I see, tea to dispel the magical effects...

Can you make it? I'd like to ask Sola, but I wonder if there's such a gap.

While I was thinking, His Majesty's story continued.

"Well, even if you can't do that, when it spreads to a lot of people that you actually drink your tea and aren't witchy, if someone decides oddly, you float, right? If it wasn't magic, it would be weirder to call Yura a witch."

"So you can claim that there are people who want to make her a witch somehow, rather than Yura suspecting a witch."

"That sort of thing"

I see.

If unusual behavior is due to magic, even if I can't do anything with black tea, it clears my suspicions by allowing other big people to determine that it's strange.

"So, you want to go to the coffee room?

Asked lightly, I nodded instantly.

"I would love to sweeten your words"

... This is why we are going to have a coffee room at the Royal Palace.

Well, what will it take? I had to pick up what I needed and ask for it, and when I tried to spin my head full without it, His Majesty introduced me to one of the ladies.


Yes, Your Majesty.

A woman, in her mid-twenties or so, beautifully tied up her red-brown hair, advances right behind Her Majesty.

A woman with a soft atmosphere "sister" atmosphere, with crying black children under her eyes glossy.

"Yura, I'm going to ask this Beatrice to help me with your coffee room. He really likes tea, and he wants to learn how to brew it, so he thinks it's appropriate."

"Well, that's an honor. Best regards,"

I bow to the dust.

It got a little out of the way...... I feel like it's been a long time since I've been dealing with women my age. So it seems that the old trauma has made nature and my tongue stiff.

"This way, please let me know. We're here to help you achieve your goals."

Mr. Beatrice smiled soberly and greeted me.

"Talk to Beatrice about what you need. Can we start in about three days? I think I should take a break today and have my prep as Beatrice tomorrow. Nice to meet you."

His Majesty makes plans for me. I wrote it down in my head so I wouldn't forget.

"Then Beatrice, show Yura to her room. Frey's gonna have you hang out with my story a little bit, okay?

"Thank you for all your consideration. Excuse me."

I stood up and thanked Mr Beatrice and left the room.

Going outside the door of a splendid sculpture, I'm suddenly struck by the feeling of being alone and a little scared.

I know it's because I left Mr. Frey, but it's something I have to do on my own when it comes to tea, so I have to hang in there.

With a little temper inside, I walk out about Mr. Beatrice.

That's how I was guided to a room in a building a little further away.

It was much bigger than the castle room of my own Knights.

There is about a room where I had tea with His Majesty earlier.

Although there are no gold or silver decorations, the walls are decorated with sculptures and patterned edges, and beautiful laces are also used for the curtains.

The bedside doesn't even go as far as the strut bedside, but the bed cover is also exquisitely embroidered and loosened...... isn't this too luxurious?

"Um, is this a room or something?

"That's right. Because it meant treating guests from His Majesty. However, Yura will feel uncomfortable when entering and leaving, so we make it closer to the servant's passage."

"I do appreciate it better if the servant misled me...... no. I'm sorry about the customer treatment..."

Because the truth is, I was about to be treated like a sinner. Even if we skip that, can there be civilians who treat customers?

Due to the knowledge of the civilian "Yura," I have no idea the rules of the royal palace.

Speaking softly and softly, Mr. Beatrice grinned and rang the bell he had placed on the fireplace.

The door opens as if it were a continuation of the room, and about three servants appear at all times.

What you have in that hand is:

"It's the treatment of His Majesty, so you'll be fine in this room. I think the factor that makes me uncomfortable with that is also in that outfit...... At His Majesty's behest, we have already prepared the costume. Be worthy of the lord of your room first and get dressed. That'll calm you down, won't it?

I just had to nod to Mr. Beatrice, who approached me without saying whether or not.