I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

* Knight and His Majesty's Contact Matters

"I see."

The king nodded as if he had convinced himself of something as he saw the door where Yura had left.

That's how the women who stayed on the spot pulled them back out of the room.

I would have paid for it to finally tell a story that no one can make me listen to.

Frey, who so decides, opens his mouth where no one is anymore.

"From the captain, how far do you want to go?

"Um, I guess I know perfectly well that Lucien is a very fond kid. It was so much fun to see more and more descriptions of Yura, even when it came to the letters you write to me from time to time. It's really unusual."

The king carried the tea to his mouth, laughing dullly.

I can also see the king saying that. Until now, the captain would have rarely written about women in relatives' letters. It is also natural that the King should be interested in the same person over and over again.

At the same time, I feel unexpected that the captain didn't think he was telling me so much about Yura in his body.

No matter how different your words and actions against Yura are, I didn't expect the captain to let the king know soon enough...

I don't think so.

You let him know on purpose?

While wondering which reason, Frey also put his mouth on tea.

I do have a slight bitterness than what Yura brewed me.

As for Yura, I guess I couldn't miss this pain and didn't lie about it being delicious earlier.

I think it's probably like that because it's about her having such a passion for drinking tea that I'm not sure.

Speaking of which, Frey recalls. I didn't expect to stick to tea until I was in a convoy inn.

I'm about to laugh, and Frey can push that feeling in.

"I was wondering what kind of kid he was. Lucien seems to like it, and I know that people don't fool me like that. But as a parent, I'm worried, so I wanted to see it for once..."

The king speaks loudly.

"You're a more honest kid than I imagined from the letter. A little surprisingly...... are you from an idyllic land? Anyway, I know Lucien's gonna want to help."

So the conversation was interrupted, and Frey gave him the letter he had kept from the captain, and the king, who broke the seal unconstitutionally, looked through.

"... As for the suspicion of Maia Armadir, it was the difference in touch, wasn't it? If only Lucien had contacted me a little faster...... But I'm glad I moved to another country early. If it's true that you're a witch, it's dangerous to put it in the country."

"If a witch makes a disaster in Tanastra, it won't affect Arlendar right away."

Because there is no direct damage to being exposed in other countries.

"Besides, it was Tanastra who told the hostages he wanted that girl. Perhaps there's a reason you want an Idrisian person, but this one didn't push you, so whatever happens, it's not Arlendar's fault."

Even as Frey, I agreed with the King's view. Maia goes to Tanastra and is relieved.

Thinking about when Maia just can't handle her magic powers as a witch anymore, you can't forget about her because you think the problem's cleared up.

So many witches are dangerous.

I guess it was stuck to the flowers decorated in the room. The Spirit was also stuck to Frey's fingertips with an anxious face. Probably shouldn't miss it.

"Your Majesty, just in case, I suggest we keep a watch on Maia Armadir."

"Are you going to spie on Tanastra?

"Master Left. What has become a witch can ramble its mighty magic. It is also possible that the damage will not fit only in Tanastra..."

"Is that famous in Idrisia?

To the king's question, Frey shook his head sideways.

"If you're royal, you'll be listening... Her mother was planning to marry her from the beginning to another country. If so, I don't think my mother knows and she's likely not been told that much either"

It is risky to have someone who knows all that is in his hand to marry another country.

So it would be more likely to know only the least. Some of them must have information about witches.

Otherwise, Frey thinks that Maia wouldn't be on that bet.

At the same time, I am concerned about the words of the Idrisian mage who appeared when he defeated the Fire Dragon.

- The king says there must be no more than one witch.

The Idrisian sorcerer was then made to disappear screaming "why" by a being with the same mighty magic power as the Spirit King who appeared.

If that dark presence is the Spirit King... Did the Idrisians make witches after asking the Spirit King?

There must be someone who can summon the Spirit King in the first place, but who the hell is it?

Who summoned the Spirit King in need of a special occasion, a great deal of magic......

Impossible in Maia. If she could have done that, because she would have convinced Frey to be one of them after telling him that there was a shield behind it.

To Frey's heart, those questions come to mind.

But I can't think deeply. I'm in the middle of a conversation with the king now.

"I'll arrange for a spy. I see spirits in my former royal family, because you say it, and I'm afraid of later when I'm gone."

Laughing furiously, the king tolerates Frey's opinion.

Frey shut up and bowed his head.

Even if I use it conveniently, I don't find it unpleasant to be charged with espionage because it doesn't push the challenge, it respects my opinions. Otherwise, Frey would have used any hand to act so that he could accept about Idrisian protection in other ways.

"In the meantime, I guess that's what Lucien wants, so I'm going to leave you with Yura's escort for the moment. Those noblemen in the Senate who seem a little strange, they think they're civilians and they might do something about it."

Because I, Cute Lucien, don't want you to hate me.

The king, who said mischievously, ordered Frey to stay in the royal palace and to reside in Yura's coffee room.

"I'm putting in an exploration over here, but you don't know why those aristocrats get weird. I hope the Spirit asks me about it, too, if possible."

At the end of the day, the King added:

"You seem to like Yura, too, and it's gonna be her protection, so it's gonna be a hassle, but good luck, okay? I'll try my best when it comes to protecting Yura, too."

He was winked, and even if a man in his forties did that, Frey nodded as he was only a little slackened there.