I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

* The day something about the captain changed

- That was what I did impulsively.

"In case anything happens, I'll take you out of the royal palace without asking your opinion. Stay with me."

I may have told her to push in case she didn't feel serious about it because Yura was okay.

Of course, Yura should have been frightened inside. That's probably why I got extra mean and just tried to think about other people.

But I didn't want to nod all this time.

I also want to make him realize that whatever happens, letting Yura go will never change his feelings.

"Please reconsider..."

I forced him to stop what he was trying to say.

You could have blocked your mouth. But I kissed her on the strength of my feelings because of the feelings and craziness that you wouldn't understand.

I panicked at myself like that, almost immersed in a warm exhale and a sweetly inviting sensation.

Though I wondered if Yura would hate it and get angry or cry out when I left, wondering if Yura would figure out the heat on her face as well.

... she was so blurred.

Are you so... surprised? I want to, but Yura didn't seem to like romance either.

But he doesn't look angry, and he doesn't hate it? I was relieved there.

Speaking of Lucien on the other hand, the feeling of face fever gradually rising doesn't go away.

Weird. Would I have been this person?

Until now, I was shy or as much as I enjoyed watching a panicking Yura.

As much as I think that if I were my usual self, I would have to think of Lucien more often than any other human being, even if this kept Yura away for a while.

We move on, albeit puzzling.

I don't have any more time. Eval also came often, so I had Yura pack her things.

It's Frey who makes Yura follow.

Because no matter what happens, I undoubtedly give priority to Yura, and I also know the circumstances under which she is a witch.... I personally think there are a lot of things I trust. In case anything happens, even if Frey didn't take Yura out of the country and back, as much as I think he would.

"... but weird"

Why can't I get so much heat off my face?

After dropping Yura off in the convoy with a slightly anxious look on her face, she decided to see Orvé.

Stop Orvée trying to get into the fifth building right away.

"Orvé, I'd like you to check on me a little bit."

"What's wrong with you? That's unusual."

Certainly unusual. I didn't catch much of a cold, so I was even more confused.

"I feel hot."

Apparently he was worried, Orvé touched Lucien's head on the spot and used some magic for check-ups.

"My throat hurts or something."


"And joint pain?

"Neither does it."

"I see...... hmm?

Where Orvé used the third magic, he flaunted his face.

"It looks like the amount of magic isn't stable enough. If it's hot, it's too much."

"Too much magic?

How could I have thought of this, Lucien, but I can think of one thing.

- No way, is that what happened with Yura?

But normally, they don't supply magic without consciousness. I've never been like this before.

"Anyway, I was wondering if you should use your magic as soon as possible."


To what extent should I just use magic?

In the meantime, I just have to get on Vilta and move to the woods.

Lucien stepped down into the woods near the castle, accompanied by Eval, who wouldn't say he would follow.

I try to keep Vilta away and defeat only one, two, and magically one demon that came near me.

"How about that?

"Doesn't look very different..."

I still feel hot.

It makes Eval look worried when I hear back.

"Master Lucien has the Sword of the Spirit King, and it shouldn't rarely mean he has too much magic..."

Eval says it best.

For as long as I have it, the Sword of the Spirit King has always received magic from Lucien. Only to the extent that it is possible to say the last few numbers, but every day the magic is definitely taken away.

It's been years.

So if there was going to be too much magic, the magic should have moved quickly to the sword.

"'Cause I just used it to crusade the Fire Dragon, so the sword should lack magic, too."

"Can't we move more?

"I haven't done much..."

I want to do something about this malaise early. Just thinking about it, Lucien pulled out his sword.

But as soon as I pulled the sword out of my sheath,


and the momentum that seemed to sound, about three spirits jumped out of the tip of the sword and fell to the ground.


In front of Lucien, who rounds his eyes, the spirits fly away laughing.

"What have you done?

Eval, who can't see the Spirit, has asked with a strange look.

"Yes, no..."

What an explanation. Should I say the Spirit was born of a sword? Maybe he just showed up. So I clouded the words.

Instead, the fever caught. I feel like I'm back to normal now. It would also be weird to say, though, that it healed as soon as I pulled out my sword.

"Maybe I'm still tired too. Let's go back first..."

That's what I decided to go back to the castle.

"I'm in this place. Here, the owner of the Spirit King's sword. You said you wanted to talk to me, but you just wandered off."

Oddly enough, I hear a third party voice.

If I accidentally looked around, a small fire dragon was about to come down from the sky.

Fire dragons floating in the universe with their wings fluttering like they were here rang out "ghoulish" and spewed smoke like harassment.

"I've heard about the humans, but what are you going to do after the witch is taken? That witch promised me she'd get my place back. If I try to make sure what happens to my promises, I won't disappear until you."

With the chirping, those words echo in my head.

What is this?

"Are you talking to me, you?

Asking the Fire Dragon, Hung and I were laughed at with our noses.

"Who do you think you've been telling me? You, you would be receiving the magic of that witch. If so, you don't have to bother using my technique to tell me that you can have a conversation."

See, the Fire Dragon stretches his chest.

Eval, who was watching how it went, snapped "Damn......" to keep his mouth down and turn away.

Oh, you look cute if you're a little creature even if you don't have an attitude, you... and Lucien is about to say.

Eval's little animal lover is no longer sick. If you want to flex this man, it's effective to give him a kitten or a puppy as a first step.

Anyway, now I know. I have no more doubts.

If something strange ever happens, the cause is usually Yura.

We have to get to the royal palace early.

Fortunately, I pulled off the hot feeling.

We must hurry to the Royal Palace as soon as we have the necessary preparations, such as administrative handling and correspondence while away.

Tell Fire Dragon first.

"I'll finish prepping in a few days and follow Yura. Follow me, too. I guess it's safer to be able to check on you, huh?

"Well... is that so? Come on."

The Fire Dragon, who answered greatly, flew again, sniffing with Hun, and Lucien and the others hurried back to the castle to prepare themselves while they were away.

But this is not the end of it, Yura's outrage.

I was about to leave for the Wang capital, and a couple of spirits flutter up and whisper to Lucien.

Yura opened the store.

"New store!

"Frey said he'd keep an eye on you for now."

He said, "Own a shop with the king!"


How the hell did that happen!?

Listening to the Spirit, Lucien wanted to praise herself for not shouting.