I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

When I make the costume change, I'll be ready under your job.

"Now we're done."

Mr. Beatrice, who looked at me from various angles with a well-done look, took a huffy breath.

I exhale from the back of my lungs.

The fatigue is just amazing when you do it all at once, from bathing to all the costumes and stuff. But I can't get a cry out of my mouth because Mr. Beatrice and all the servants who were moving around to throw me into the tub or put on my costume to bring it on should be tired...

But I'm glad it worked out to loosen the corset.

The moment I was told to exhale, on the contrary, I swelled my stomach and resisted myself, Goodjob. Still feels tough.

And in the mirror in front of me, I wore a silk dress that I thought I would never wear for the rest of my life, I saw myself.

The color is a reddish black brown color. It's the same color as my eyes, and it feels like I know it.

"How about that? Your majesty's mother had it in your possession, but your majesty designated a dress the same color as tea. Even though I felt a little like a tannic color to the young Yura."

And Mr. Beatrice told me.

Ohhh... was that Your Majesty's instruction?

But it's a somewhat soothing color, but being a small-minded country girl, I'd rather stick around the corner of the room with less embarrassment. Anyway, this dress, no matter what you think, is going to cost you about a house in your hometown.

Dresses like a silk princess were silly expensive, though I've seen the value of dresses sold in games. I remember it was expensive, even though it had little defense, and about anyone buying it for a small quest or wearing it during non-combat.

I think the price is probably the same as what I saw in the game. Could it be more silly if it were to be the possession of His Majesty's relatives? What if I break such a luxury item? I don't know what to do if I get dirty, I'm not comfortable anymore.

That feeling seems promising to you, Mr. Beatrice.

"You may not be used to silk, but it's worse to stand out in the royal palace wearing cotton and hemp. A woman in cotton would be about a servant. And..."

Mr. Beatrice continues by instructing the servant to turn the clothes I was wearing to the laundry.

"Master Yura is going to fight, nobleman. People often don't listen to the words of those who are weaker than they are. You should firmly insist on being treated as a guest of Your Majesty here as well. So the dress is a battle suit."

"Shh, battle clothes..."

Sure, I think we should wear clothes commensurate with the battlefield. The reason was understandable to me too.

"But I'm not used to wearing it..."

Let's get used to it.

Mr. Beatrice said happily, pulling my hand.

"Sa, from now on you are the lady whom Your Majesty has specifically invited to the royal palace. If you don't have a problem in the eyes of others, you'll feel confident."

"Others... no way"

Oh, are you going to see people like this?

"Let's take a walk."

Mr. Beatrice forcefully took me out of the room and I can't think of a reason to resist. I was to go for a walk to be dragged.

"Um, even if it's called a walk, where?

"There's a place you'd like to greet, so I'll head over there. Please keep following me."

I'm not sure right or left, I'll do as I say anyway.

"Earlier rooms are located west of the main royal palace. Take it easy, Your Majesty, as this is a place where you will not see too many aristocrats face to face lest Master Yura shrivel too much"

I appreciate this consideration. When I step out of the room, I get a place to meet your nobles in a second, or something.

"Thank you for your concern"

"No. Perhaps more important than that is the proximity to the place to make it a coffee room and the proximity to the kitchen. We also hear that you can make sweets and so on."

I'm so happy about that.

Whether you're calling Sola or asking the Spirit to help you, treats with tea are a must.

Yes... Spirit wants to be able to call.

It's normal if a nobleman in the royal palace just hates me because I'm a civilian or if he's just looking down. But as His Majesty says, it seems a little unusual.

With regard to the aspect of Miss Maia's involvement with other nobles, we should place more emphasis on the views of His Majesty, which I know better than I do.

And even if there's something unusual, I can't find out what's inside the royal palace. At times like this, it's best to ask the Spirit for information quickly.

While I was thinking about it, before I knew where I had walked in the royal palace, the door to a certain room was opened.

It was a room in the royal palace that was taken.

Knock, Mr. Beatrice opens the door.

There were three ladies inside.

"I've been waiting, Beatrice."

The first woman to stand up was a woman with white hair in her fifties or so. The beautifully knotted hair also shines with gemstone ornaments that are elegant, but that seem terribly pricey.

"That's the example...?

Sitting next to the right of the first lady is a woman in her forties or so. He's a sobbing black child in Brunette's hair, wearing a classy green dress and yet colorful.

Mr. Beatrice nods.

"Yes, this is Yura, the tea master Your Majesty has invited."

Introduced, I rush to bow my head down small and praise.

While I hesitated to say hello, the other one said.

"You're a lovely lady. I brought you your first cup of tea the other day. I really liked the smell."

The third is no longer a woman of unknown age. Though it feels majestic, it also combines soft beauty. I know you're definitely older than me, but I have no idea if you're close to the other two or to me.

So finally, Mr. Beatrice explained it to me.

"This is from the left, the Marquise of Isel, who is the mother blood of His Majesty the King, the Countess of Anneve, who is her cousin, and the royal Duchess of Triad."

I see everyone has something to do with His Majesty the King. And that you look at me favorably, I guess all three are very close to His Majesty the King and close to feeling.

Did you let these three meet me, possibly for a back shield in the royal palace or something like that?

"Thank you for liking the tea. I'd like you to meet Yura Savell, the tea master."

A word of greeting that has finally arrived, but I do not know if this is what the aristocratic ladies deserve. But all three of them took it to Eagle Deep.

"His Majesty asked me to meet the tea maker today, and I waited. I'm glad you're cuter than I expected. Let me tell you a lot."

"Have a seat first, and Miss Beatrice with you"

I was urged to sit down, and my head panicked more than just now.

Wait a minute. Aren't you too high a hurdle to mix with your lady's tea or something to the civilians who just went up to the royal palace!?

Even though I no longer remember what happened to my tea with His Majesty the King earlier, Mr. Frey was with me, and while confirming that, why did I still manage?

But this kind of practice, women see it with tougher eyes.

I don't know what it is because I think it's heterosexual and I don't think there's any other way to make a difference in the way it works.

But you can't say no. Maybe this is where His Majesty the King set up to increase my side. That's why Mr. Beatrice brought him here.

... uh, let's remember.

The most discerning person around me is the captain. I'm a man, and I may be a little different because the place is in a café too easy at the Knights' Castle, but I remind you of the Commander's manners. Me. The only thing I can count on is that memory! Something His Majesty the King has already completely forgotten!

And I decided to take the lead.

"Thank you. I'm a rural civilian, so I don't know how to do it, and I may be rude, but forgive me."

When I asked them not to be angry even if the manners were messed up, they all smiled and nodded, so I was finally relieved.

The servant who was in the room pulled the chair, and I was to sit next to Mr. Beatrice.

That's right. Let's also refer to what Mr. Beatrice did.

Although it may be annoying to be seen here and there, Mr. Beatrice, please! While I think about it, I check horizontally on how to sit.

Anyway, the hem of the dress is long, so I don't know how to sit neatly.

That's how I managed to get to my seat.