I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

When I make the costume change, I'll be ready under your job. Two.

The tea served was rosehip tea.

If it is the same as the world of previous life, it has plenty of vitamin C, it just feels graceful when it comes to rose fruit tea, and there are plenty of elements that women seem to like.

Maybe I'll mix it with some tea next time......

Though I think about that, my eyes do not hesitate to confirm what you and Mr. Beatrice have done.

... Yeah, it seems okay to drink it normally.

It's too rude not to put your mouth on it, so I drink rosehip tea even though it's a snack.

While enjoying a little sour tea, I wonder what to do next, wonder if we should talk about something.

But when I couldn't even think of talking and it was solidifying, the ageless Duchess of Triad, who was right next door, recommended me a cookie.

"Here's something sweet, Mr. Yura. I drank your tea and I totally liked it. Cookies taste better with tea, too."

"I like what I put in the milk. Sweetened with honey and sugar, it was delicious. You can get tired and it's amazing, tea. Is that made by magic?

It was the elderly Marquise Isel who went on to talk to me.

Although Marquise Isel is a little younger than my grandmother, she's the one who makes you feel warm and warm... kind of the most relieved to watch. Is it because you are a grandmother child?

Auntie and I nodded so that we could be drawn to kindness.

"I'm making it with magic. I thought you wanted a cup of tea that tasted like that..."

"I'm glad you invented it. Your Majesty told me about the merchant who bought it. I thought I'd make sure you could drink at any time."

When the Duchess of Triad says, me, me and the other two go on and say it.

Oh, business is thriving.

Mr. Jorn would also be a know-how by now. Later "I got a massive order in!" He may come again with a full smile.

Imagine, nature and I had a grin on our mouths, too.

"Oh, you finally laughed, Mr. Yura"

Countess Anneve looks happy with her eyes narrowed.

"He didn't look like he was floating in his dress, and he still seemed nervous with his sweet mouth, and I was wondering how he could let me loosen my mind. Maybe you have a stronger merchant temperament."

I'm afraid I'll be spoken to.

... could be.

"We're aware of your situation. Because His Majesty the King called us to explain."

Feeling the story go straight to the point, I stretch my spine unexpectedly.

"When we hear about the situation, we do feel it's unusual, too. Especially when my husband and son are in the House of Lords, but I was uncomfortable when I heard from them."

His Majesty, as well as the Countess of Anneve, seemed uncomfortable.

And I perceived why His Majesty the King had drawn these three men to me. Because you seem to like tea and stand by me, and because there are people inside you who want to throw me in jail... because by working from them, if I'm mistaken, you're in a position to make me change my opinion.

"I can't believe I only use the opinions of women I've hardly even met... Even if the alleged guilty side is a civilian, isn't there still, as a woman, something for once? I doubt it."

The grin of the Duchess of Triad, who should be soft, scares me a little. But from that point of view, it was easy for His Majesty the King to draw three women to his side.

Perhaps these three ladies thought to take sides in what His Majesty is trying to do unnecessarily because of this?

"For these reasons, are we in your coffee room? I called you today with the intention of saying hello because I am supposed to cooperate with His Majesty's Tea Party."

Countess Anneve says and mouths the tea.

"You can't talk like this when you visit the coffee room, and I can't explain it to you at your majesty's tea party. But it's not the same thing to deal with because you think you don't have a collaborator, is it? We worked together, but we miss being alert."

I breathe relief into the three people who laugh with pleasure.

"By the way, when does the coffee room start?


Asked, I think I haven't told you the details yet, and I look at Mr. Beatrice. Then she said as if she had understood.

"As soon as the tea leaves are ready, even. The number of aristocrats visiting the coffee room will not be so high. I've got a room next to the hot water station, and if you're going to almost get the confectionery ready for the royal palace cook, as long as you're ready for the tea leaves, I wonder if it's even possible from tomorrow? Dear Yura,"

The hot water preparation is ok, and besides making the snacks of the Spirit as well, that won't matter if you can share the wonderful treats of the Royal Palace.

"I've brought quite a few tea leaves. If you can have everything else, I think it's possible to run it tomorrow."

To me you answered, the three ladies nod yummy.

"Let's visit each of us after tomorrow.... hehe, that's fun. I hope we get a good visitor. If you meet someone at the Royal Palace, I'll ask them out."

The Duchess of Triad looks like a lot of fun.

"If anyone in the aristocracy gets in trouble with the coffee room, you can rest assured that we or your Beatrice will deal with it."

"Yeah, don't worry, we'll stay on your side."

Go on. Marquise Isel tells me gently.

"We owe His Majesty in the first place. Your majesty is a man of affection, but he knows the damage, so he asked us to help him."

The Countess Anneve laughs at the words.

"It's easier for us to move, too. And I said to my husbands," Have you forgotten Your Majesty's grace? ♪ It's enough to say, and it's so easy ♪

I'm surprised.

I never feel burdened with it while I say I owe you, to the fact that you all use it lightly as a tool to make what you and the King want.

"Your Majesty reigned on the condition that you do not marry. That was the right situation at the time, but as soon as the immediate problem with the throne was resolved, many people would flinch their words. So His Majesty, too, sold thanks and increased his allies. I'm sure my husband knows how grateful he is."

"If it's normal, right? There must still be something strange going on."

The look on the face of Marquise Isel gives me.

"If, as His Majesty the King feared, it was some sort of magical influence, I want that distortion to be corrected. Nice to meet you, Tea Master."

Three women stared at me, and I nodded teasily.

"So, we'll do what we can..."

I'm definitely not sure I'd say let it work out, but I'm going to try my best so I don't have to flee the country.

Mr. Beatrice was smiling contentedly as he saw how I was doing.

After that, Mr. Beatrice guided me to a place to turn it into a coffee room.

The afternoon seemed like a very sunny place. It's a rose hedge outside, and the open window reveals a rich rosy scent that blows in with the cake.

The room is white in tone and the walls are decorated with gold decorations and beautiful landscape paintings.

You were already going to make it a coffee room, with some shiny round tables in candy, but that's also something with cat foot gold embellishments.

How graceful.

A room that feels exactly like a nobleman is going to have a tea party in the afternoon.

And I know exactly what it means to be dressed. I was too inferior to your room to serve with my usual clothes, and I would have had a narrow shoulder.

... because it blends into the surroundings and you can't hide.

"We will have a few servants stationed when it comes to serving and other help. Don't worry, the woman is supposed to take turns with me and the other."

"Thank you. It's comforting......"

I'm hardly sure how to deal with the nobles.

Miss Maia didn't say anything in particular because she knew this one was a rural civilian. Though I was more responsive to the chief than to the nobility, I think it was the place called the Knights that wasn't tough, because I thought the chief himself was more of a part of it than the nobility.

Besides, you might get tangled up because you're a civilian here...

Let's focus on the calming tea. Everybody's gonna be so hearty, it's gonna be hard for me to get tangled up, too.

No, no. Would it bother you if they told you that drinking tea here would make you sleepy or something?

But I'd like to keep it in the tea lineup.

If so, I don't want to take off straight tea and honey and apple tea either. And the milk would be fine if I didn't mix it, so should I offer it in a small milk pitcher?

After much thought, I'll list what I need with Mr. Beatrice and ask her to do it.

He was very relieved to undertake that not only the tea utensils, but also all the fruits and the like were available.

I can still worry about it, so I'll just open this coffee room for a short time tomorrow and ask a few customers to come in and see if there's a problem.

From the day after tomorrow, if you will, it was decided to open from noon to evening.