"Are you going to start today?!?

Were you busy with a lot of things yesterday, and Mr. Frey, who had visited after breakfast time, turned his eyes round.

... Well there's no point in saying that either.

It is a move that His Majesty can make because he is ready by hand and the servants are in an environment where they can serve as much sweets, teas and tea utensils as they want, waiting for anything from the setting as a help.

If you have a party, you're about to serve tea and food to a hundred units of people, the royal palace...

Now that the royal family is still alive and well, opening something like a salon, they're always ready for tea.

We need to serve tea and meals to clerical people and sudden visitors...

The manpower is also appreciated by His Majesty, who lent it to the ladies and gentlemen of Beatrice, who are likely to be in guardianship.

Anyway, in the coffee room, I have to make a harmless appeal!

Well, it's pre-opened today.

"We're going to be checking the setup and dealing with the customers and everything, would you like to join us?

I don't know Mr. Frey's plans, so I asked him that, and he nods.

"Right. Before I do, I'd like to talk to you a little bit."

Mr. Frey runs his gaze into the room and takes a glimpse of the servant who was there to change and prepare breakfast (honestly, I don't care what to do afterwards if I eat whatever I want without someone, I can't even change by myself in a dress, so I'm helpful because I'm extra careful).

Oh, could it be about spirits or magic?

Then I can't make anyone else hear much...... Because I get in trouble when it comes to talking about getting into it.

Mr. Beatrice, who was listening with me, says he guessed without saying anything.

"How about a little walk through the garden before you go to see the coffee room? There are places where you can rest."

Why don't we talk in a less popular place? Apparently.

Mr. Nice Beatrice. Much appreciated.

That's why Mr. Beatrice guided me out to the royal palace yard with Mr. Frey.

... I thought yesterday I was tired of arriving, talking to Her Majesty, and making arrangements for a coffee room table with the Third Lady to get dressed, so I fell asleep after dinner. I've only done enough to think about what I'm going to write on my menu card.

Therefore, I have not been able to take a closer look inside the royal palace or anything at all.

In relation to the consideration of not seeing other nobles in your room either, he said that it was a place surrounded by trees and not very suitable for viewing, and that he would let Mr. Beatrice guide you later.

I have a beautifully maintained red crane rose, and just watching it makes me feel graceful, so it's enough for me.

And there are circumstances where I can't get out of the room on my own.

Outside the door of the room, there is one guard on the lookout.

They have a double mandate.

The role of surveillance to convince the nobles in the Senate who suspect me of being a witch. And the role of protecting me so that nobles on the Senate's side don't harm me.

Apparently His Majesty instructed me to do so.

Either way, it's for me. If nothing happens after I keep watch, it will help me prove my innocence.

Meet such a guard and leave the room.

From there, turn to the outer corridor and get to the garden.

"Oh spacious"

When I come, I look around the garden, nervously unable to watch much.

This world is full of nature, and even the Knights' castle was full of courtyards, fields, and woods. This is another interesting place where people's hands are wide enough to get ready.

Does it feel like a managed beauty or a view of the tidy queue of large numbers of people?

That could be a shaped implant, a rose arch, or a flowerbed.

And I don't have to worry about someone listening nearby because of the good prospects.

With a pond with a river of population flowing into the center of the garden and a chair in front of it, me and Mr. Frey decided to sit there.

Open the distance that your voice barely hears, and Mr. Beatrice will refrain from doing so.

"So, what has Mr. Frey been up to since then?

Ask just now.

"Yeah. After hearing other stories from His Majesty, I was looking everywhere. You have something to do with the coffee room, so I'm going to do what I can. So... I also looked into the spirits."

Mr. Frey sighs.

"The spirits in the vicinity say nothing unusual in particular."

"No abnormalities......"

"So it doesn't look like the Spirit is involved, but it's odd"

"Weird, you mean?

Because Mr. Frey is strange, isn't it information that could lead to some kind of clue?

"It's like the spirits are making a scene in the middle of the night. Speak up like you're having some kind of quarrel."

"Voice like you're having a fit......?

"Didn't you hear that?

Mr. Frey asked, but I just have to shake my head to the side.

Basically, I can't interact with words without a screen......

"In the middle of the night, you probably fell asleep right away and didn't notice."

That's what I decided to delude myself into.

"Then what choice do I have? Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's weird. So I'm going to do a little more research on you... and"

Mr. Frey has subtly laid his own hands on the hand I was on the bench.


"Because as a coffee room escort, I was basically supposed to reside there, too. I have also asked His Majesty about the positions necessary for this purpose. Don't worry, we'll have tea."

"Um, yes, thank you..."

Even though he's touching his hand, Mr. Frey has the usual tone, so he rather doesn't know what to do. To shake it off in a hurry, it feels at least less like it's coming than usual.

"Perhaps if you started the coffee room, the nobility of the Senate would come in the way before His Majesty invited you. Your Majesty's Tea Party will be in a few days, but you have to be careful"


That's what I hear, I get nervous.

Will it be okay? I wonder if that's obstruction. Violent? Or would it be a system that mixes something with water or tea?

But if you do that, there will be damage to the three ladies who will come tomorrow and the day after in exchange, as well as to the other customers... I don't suppose you care about that?

Imagine all kinds of things, I get a little scared.

I wonder how I can protect my customers if it really damages others as well as me.

"The deviant should try to keep the Spirit informed as much as possible. It's okay, I don't have to hide the Spirit from now on, so I'll ask the Spirit to prepare me."

Mr. Frey lightly shakes his hand when he was just touching it.

Until then, I was embarrassed, but was it because I thought a scary situation would arise? It seemed very gratifying because I could believe that the hand was reliable and would also help me without abandoning it.

Uh, did you lay your hands on it in that sense?

Thought it was because I was going to talk frightened...?

Mr. Frey won't say anything more than that. And he won't, so I think that's probably what it is.

"Um, I'll ask the Spirit a lot, too."

"Thank you for doing so. Maybe there's a spirit out there who can tell us something."

So I finished the conversation and I headed to the coffee room with Mr. Frey.