I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Pre Royal Palace Coffee Room Same Day 2

As Mr. Frey watched outside the door, I first looked around the room again to see if the seating arrangement I made yesterday was fine.

And the water heating room continues, and the room is confirmed.

I am very grateful to have a magic device in place that can warm the water I have carried to brew the tea.

I also have proper milk in the fridge.

In doing so, the servants brought me what Mr. Beatrice was asking for yesterday.

Fruits such as honey and dried apples. And even freshly baked cookies.


Today I told them that it was a small number because they didn't have so many customers in the store for a short time, but it seems slightly more so.

"We are also supposed to carry the cake later"

To Mr. Beatrice's story, I ask terribly.

"Um, are you okay with the excess? Or should we all do something to consume it?

"Measure the area as Yura pleases. If you return the excess to the kitchen, you'll be the servants' snack."

I see.

Essentially, in this coffee room, sweets can be made in the royal palace, so they don't take a particular price and they decide to have them ordered as they please. Because I'm not making it.

Instead, I'm hoping you'll come for some tea with a treat.

"To some extent, then, as separate from the people who helped..."

I just talked to him, and the cheeks of the servants who brought hot water and sweets loose. Yeah, I'm glad you got a treat for work.

"I think it's hard to respond if you don't know what they're putting out first, so I'm going to give you all a drink"

I prepared four pots.

I think I can put in three for one, so I can offer two cups as two ladies and four servants.

Have the hot water carried, check its temperature, and then brew basic tea.

Fluffy, the scent that smells with steam is sweet and fragrant.

My heart is relieved just to smell this scent.

Pour that into a cup and have one of your servants help you carry it and drink about your seat.

At first, the servants were very confused about taking their seats, but I asked them to drink calmly and remember the taste of tea thoroughly.

I convinced her that it was because she was confused about being served by me, but to remember the taste of tea, and she would drink it first.

"Just keep the first bite. If you prefer to be sweet, you can add sugar, or if you prefer, add milk and try it. Just remember the different patterns, it's easy to explain when you offer them to customers, so keep doing it."

Speaking of this also for work, the servant also tries to add sugar in fear or mix the milk.

"... Ah, yummy"

My mouth looses when the person who added the milk hears a pompous twinkle.

Right or right. You like milk tea, don't you? I love it too, I think in my heart.

"The scent is neater than Heddell tea and you may not have to drink it tannic"

I've already made that from Heddell, but it's a flashy one over there. And maybe the problem with brewing is the tannins.

I just started mouthing a lot of thoughts and I make my next cup of tea and leave it at the table.

"This is a fruit in it. I think this apple tea is sweet because it has apples in it, so you might want to not add sugar. Have a drink first."

Suggested servants and ladies take a sip and say, "Ah, sweet".

"Maybe you should tell him that in the case of sweet tea. If you're not used to it, you should try some tea before choosing a treat."

To Mr. Beatrice's review, I'm smiling.

"I would highly recommend that. Because I think it is necessary to provide information because tea is an unfamiliar beverage for customers."

After having one of them have a cup of tea, I clean it up once and then have a lunch break. Then finally the store opens.

In front of both open doors, a tree sign marked "Coffee Room" was decorated and placed with flowers.

Now I'm trying to interest you in something weird.

In front of the door, there is to be one waiting for the servant on a shift, and the person who has asked is to give an explanation.

Because this isn't a theme park or a castle museum, so no one would think there would be a coffee shop or anything in it.

In a way, one of the salons, I want you to stop by feeling like.

"Yes, a salon that enjoys tea...... okay?

When I was crushing by myself, the number one customer arrived.

Age unknown This is the Duchess of Triad, a beautiful woman.

"Good afternoon, Yura. You turned this place into a coffee room. That's a good choice."

"Welcome, Duchess Triad. Your Majesty chose this one. It's a very good place and I appreciate it."

Now go ahead and try to show her to her seat, and the lady selects a seat near the entrance.

"How about a more scenic place?

Since you're cooperating, I definitely thought you'd be in the privileged seat, but the Duchess of Triad shakes her neck to the side.

"I think we should leave it here today. Have a good seat. I'll see you later."

And go on.

"Oh yeah. Call me Ioria, Mr. Yura. I'd like you to call me by name."

"Well, I call you by the name of your noble wife..."

Isn't that just outrageous?

Though I thought so, I will not give way to the Duchess of Ioria Nay Triad.

"It's a necessity for you too, and I'd love for you to be my friend in order to accommodate the tea sooner or later. Right?"

I guess it made it easier for me to nod that I brought up the buying and selling of tea because it was profitable.

You said that much, and I'm sorry to say no.

Bow and acknowledge.

"I understand, Master Aeolia"

To my reply, it was when Lady Aeolia nodded satisfactorily.

"What is this store! Every time for His Majesty's Daoism at all......!

I heard a yell, and the servant woman who was outside came in like she was frightened.

"Permission to serve something that might be poisoned, such as a witch serving food and drink to others! Clear this place out now!

Angrily, he came in with three noble men of similar age, with a splendid mustache on his horny face, gray-haired hair bound around his neck.

And they're hiring themselves, apparently, a few knights in red outfits unlike the people who work in the royal palace.

The entrance to the coffee room gets crowded all at once because of them who pushed it.

The frightened servants were invited by Mr. Beatrice to solidify themselves in the corner of the room.

I thought I had to stand on the arrow here, but before that, Aeolia approached them once.

"Well, the noise. I was about to have tea time, but do something senseless."

I grin and approach the leading man. Then an aristocratic man raised his voice of consternation.

"Ioria...... why are you here!?