I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Pre Royal Palace Coffee Room Same Day 3

From the way the man with the mustache was at the beginning spoke, it seems that Aeolia knows this man or is in his body.

Master Aeolia responds as he opens the fan he had.

"His Majesty asked me to set up a coffee room in the royal palace. I would love to go if I were to do something funny like that. Even though..."

Lady Aeolia turned her eyes to see something lamentable.

"I can't believe I'm yelling at a place where only women are, when I come with you."

"But isn't this where the witch, the witch, serves a suspicious cup of tea!

The aristocratic man looks around gently and turns his attention to me.

"You witch. I suppose you're trying to manipulate your majesty with suspicious skill and magic the humans in the royal palace!


I think (now I'm in trouble).

These seemingly presumptuous people usually don't listen to people. I don't feel like talking and doing something about it unless it's at least after I let my feelings flutter with tea.

Why don't we get away with it? Or do you manage to make him drink chamomile tea?

A male aristocrat tries to grab me before my thoughts come together. The one who blocked it was Aeolia, who reached through with a fan.

"Benedict Else Triad. Are you willing to go against His Grace's will? She's offering tea here at the behest of Her Majesty's life, isn't she?

Aristocratic men get stuck in words all the time.

By name, he seemed to be Mr. and Mrs. Aeolia's husband.

Oh I see...... and I understand. In anticipation of this kind of thing, I thought the Aeolians would come to the coffee room.

But the Duke of Doriad kept regretting that he couldn't pull this far.

"And for that, we must save His Majesty. I'm sure your majesty will also be misjudged because of the witch..."

Master Aeolia sighed.

"You're in trouble...... In the first place, you and I have been drinking her tea once."


To the Duke of Triad, who rounds his eyes, Lady Ioria continues.

"You said you'd split your new tea from His Majesty, and you served it a few days ago, didn't you? So not being manipulated because you drank her tea isn't the state you're demonstrating right now?

Hey? And Lady Ioria looks back at me and smiles.

"If I were manipulated, wouldn't you come to protest? And the others."

Seen closely, the noble men besides the Duke of Doriad also distract themselves.

Well, that's right. If I could manipulate people for a moment, I would try not to attack me the moment I met them yesterday... I guess you know exactly where it is.

Some of the nobles followed because they were within their peers and could not oppose them, or they were in a bystander attitude behind them. Perhaps they are the nobles of the Senate (not a gathering of noble grandfathers). He's a surprisingly young man in there.

The chestnut-haired youth aristocrat smiles when he meets me.

... I don't know. I wonder if you'd like to be friendly with me with His Majesty on your side.

The knight, who apparently brought me here to take me by force, laughs bitterly at me for not believing in witches from the beginning.

But the Duke of Triad didn't seem to like coming this far and doing anything.

"Anyway, I have to let this girl talk to me. Hey, get him out of here!

I ordered the less ridden knights. The knights have no choice but to move. If you're not a knight of the royal palace, the Lord is the Duke, so I guess you'll have to listen to him.

I think so.

"Oh, wait a minute. I didn't do anything!

"I'll hear about the opening later!

Once again, Aeolia and Beatrice stood between them and pushed the Duke of Triad, who tried to come only slightly.

Plus Mr. Frey, who was coming with me, stands in front of it.

"We are not allowed to move this person out of here without Your Majesty's permission. Pick it up, Duke."

"Hey, who are you!

Mr. Frey replies firmly to the line of the Duke of Triad like some play.

"I have been a knight to His Majesty since the other day. In the first place, I should have made an arrangement with the senate that His Majesty would not put his hands on it because he would be responsible for managing it. That's why I keep surveillance in front of the room, and besides me in the coffee room, I have a knight who monitors you so that nothing happens to you... Will they ignore your arrangement with His Majesty?

The other day, probably yesterday, right?

Even so, did you come aboard here with such an arrangement as Your Majesty, senate folks? They want to get rid of me.

It sounds like you're analyzing it relaxed, but honestly I'm just confused because I can't come up with a way to protest the noble greats' without pissing them off '.

So good luck, good luck, Mr. Frey!

"Ha, just listen!

You thought it seemed cute to make only one Duke of Triad say, other aristocratic men fired cover shots.

Oh, beautiful friendship...... Honestly, it's just the Duke of Triad standing on the arrow, so I thought they were all pushing him on his own like the Octopus Club.

The Duke of Triad is relieved to have a proper ally as well.

"If you want to talk, Your Majesty will listen to me. Or that I can't trust His Majesty's words?

At last, the Duke of Triad can't seem to push any further at the look of Noh's face and the appearance of Master Ioria, who has become cold.

"If you want to know, Your Majesty is not welcome. And don't let His Majesty's voice get in the way of the attempts we started. So you don't remember having a husband to give back, do you?

The Duke of Triad seems to have decided to back off with it.

The nobles who were with him also flee quickly.

When it was finally quiet, Master Aeolia took her seat quietly.

"So, which tea would you recommend?

Mr. Beatrice responded to the voice and finally everyone started to move like a pre-coffee room.

After that, a friend of yours arrived saying that Aeolia called him out of time to get around the preparation.

There are three ladies in their thirties and over and two young ladies whose daughters I guess.

They enjoyed chatting and watching the garden with tea in a painting of the royal palace.

One of them twinkles with a fluffy look, whether it's because he asked for chamomile tea.

"It would be nice to have a coffee room... Kids these days, it's gonna be hard to get someone to meet, isn't it? It's strange to bring her out to nightclubs frequently, and when it comes to daytime gatherings, it really is often called a tea party with a woman, so it feels like a matchmaking place where the host called to set you up."

Sitting next to that lady, she's only about fourteen years old.

Will the aristocrats look for someone to marry this early? Even as times and worlds change, marriage seems to be difficult to do something about.

"But I can't go to the royal palace often even though I have nothing to do with it... because His Majesty doesn't have a queen. It's hard to make a reason to ask."

"Oh, are you going to let him find someone in love?

Other ladies ask her and she nods.

"If you're in the royal palace, you won't have a problem with who you meet"

"So is that."

The ladies, who had an unusual and serene conversation after hitting earlier, enjoyed the lovely treats of the royal palace with their tea and relaxed, then went home.

They're just leaving today, closing the store.

"… there was a problem, but is that the first step?"

Mr. Beatrice laughs at me for crushing myself.

"I'm pretty much on schedule about the problem, so I think I could start without a problem first. What time do you start tomorrow?

"Right...... for a while to come, let's say from lunch to evening. So if it thrives, it starts in the morning."

Just because this relaxation makes me busy around the corner, it won't happen.

... How I thought I was sweet.