I woke up a little early that morning.

I was dreaming like someone was whispering in my ear... what was it?

Rather than people, it's like the Spirit was noisy all the time in his ear, the sound of the outside leaves deliberately swinging in the wind all the time......

"Hmm... it seemed soothing for now, and it was a good dream?

Much better than a dream of a zombie coming out, like who would die or keep being chased.

Nevertheless, I guess when the servant hasn't even woken up yet.

I even had eyes and I couldn't seem to sleep twice, and if I did that and overslept, I'd be annoyed by the people who would change and support my meals in the morning.

So I decided to leave the garden alone.

You can't just move around sleeping rolls, so turn your loose hips in your room attire into a dress that won't tighten and go outside from the veranda with sweeping windows.

A few tree stands, arranged like blindfolds, are entangled with crawling roses to blossom red.

I guess the gardener is diligent in times when I'm not around, etc. Dead roses are also treated, and there aren't many bugs on them.

"I wonder if roses can take a hand in this world too..."

I grew potted roses once in my previous life, but I just put them outside for a little while and the beetle stuck around and it was hard.

I saw a book on how to grow it later, and I knew I had to drop strawberries with a brush or use drugs. I thought I wasn't buying roses...

I already have the image that that's all gardeners are amazing people.

From the shadow of such a rose, a little goblin spirit appeared and disappeared softly.

"... No way, was Mr. Spirit really making a scene from the morning?

But I still don't know what Mr. Spirit is saying without using the status screen......

I guess that's why it's a dream, going out from the garden in front of the room to the bigger garden.

Ahead, a forest entrance with a huge right hand.

I saw it yesterday on the left, in a garden with a small pond.

It's early in the morning so nobles won't walk in the garden, but at any rate, let's go in a direction they've never been before.

I walk to the woods.

In the woods, maybe it's a place where you can hunt lightly or something. I hear deer roar from somewhere, and from time to time birds fly far away at the edge of the tree.

It's just a little strange, is it getting wild? Roses were sometimes tangled and grown in trees.

It's like Hedell.

Of course there was Heddell, but it's strange that roses grow well in the woods.

"Is it a insect resistant kind...? Or did you plant it because it's in the royal palace?

If you planted it, it's just too extensive. There are also roses tangled and blooming in trees on quite the other side of the road. So maybe it's a waste to throw away the roses in the garden when replanting them and replanting them and that's more.

I don't know the truth, so I stopped thinking early.

Seeing as it was, there was another spirit in goblins on a nearby rose. And when I see him, he disappears again.

"Is Mr. Spirit here familiar with people?

I feel a little different from what Mr. Goblin Spirit always does. But I'm originally a whim, so I can't seem to help thinking about this either.

I just walked some distance and decided to turn back to my room.

"Mr. Yura?

"Uh, Mr. Frey."

It was Mr. Frey who walked from behind the woods.

Is it because he was up early in the morning and walking around, too, much lighter than usual? I don't even have a cape, I'm just weaving a black knight clothing jacket that looks like a different royal palace knight. Though I wear the sword.

I'm a little nervous about Frey's work these days, but I need to bow my head to Frey first.

"Thank you for yesterday. I wanted to thank you again."

I was a little scared because there was only a bunch of women, and a bunch of men came over.

I am so sorry to Lord Aeolia and Mr. Beatrice for trying to protect me that I really appreciated Mr. Frey trying to protect both of us.

"That's what His Majesty the King had asked me to do, so I just did my job. Well, it seems like having the Duchess of Triad would have been enough."

"Still, because it's amazing how intimidating it is to be pushed by all the men. It would be nice to have one man on my side."

Anyway, I can't disobey you if you raise your hand.

Oh, but is it okay if I preempt the magic of a normal shield? When it comes to something like that, it's going to inadvertently blow the full power magic out of the person you tried to beat, and it's horrible and unusable.

If you do that, you'll know exactly what my anomaly is, and I'm going to be witch-certified.

... Just for a moment, I also thought I'd like to see it blown away.

Whatever, if they were enough to raise their hands, I thought I'd step forward... so I was glad Mr. Frey was a deterrent.

"I wish it had helped"

Mr. Frey smiled refreshingly.

"By the way, did Yura wake up with the spirits making a scene?

Apparently, the spirits were making noise last night as well.

"No. I woke up kind of early."

It may have been noisy, but I didn't hear it clearly or it might be a dream, so it was hard to say clearly.


"Did Mr. Frey come to look into that?

Mr. Frey nods when asked.

"Last time, I couldn't find the spirits that were the source of my voice. I thought today was the day..."

That's where Mr. Frey holds his mouth so he can yawn.

"Didn't you sleep much?

"You watch if the Spirit doesn't move out even in the middle of the night... After that, when I was asleep, I heard the Spirit and woke up..."

Mr. Frey's eyes were a little moist because of the yawn.

... It feels a little glossy and I distract myself.

"The coffee room starts today at lunch, and rest until then"

"I guess I'll do that.... then escort Yura to her room."

I said, Mr. Frey, give me your hand.

When they do that, it's hard to refuse. If you ignore your hand, it looks like I'm a total loser...

That's why I put my hands on it.

"... yeah, this distance so far"

Mr. Frey snaps blush and lightly grips my hand.

I wondered what it was about, but in the meantime, Mr. Frey started walking, and I was upset to hear it.

But walking with your hands drawn is embarrassing. But you never let me go before...

While I was remembering, I even came to the wood near the room.

"Oh, that's enough. See you at lunch."

I said that and tried to let go of my hand, and Mr. Frey smiled.

"Be careful, though the knight has refrained from doing so in front of the room, because there was something yesterday. Bye."

A temporary goodbye word, with no weirdness whatsoever.

But Mr. Frey lifted my hand with a smile on his face and mouthed it on the back of his hand.

"Oh, that!

"I escorted you, so this is like a courtesy to you."

He just told me that it was weirder to be surprised, and Mr. Frey waved away.

I stood there until I couldn't see him as he was.

"Yu, alarmed..."