"Yu, I can't be alarmed..."

I thought you were just going to be escorted, but I didn't expect you to be surprised by an unscheduled event.

Early in the morning, besides, Mr. Frey said he slept, and we were on our way to acting as part of our investigation with each other, so we no longer thought this would happen.

"But it's just the back of my hand. It must be like saying hello."

That's what I thought and decided to forget.

Soon the goblin spirits on my shoulders were pounding my shoulder like "well, easy" too.

But something terrible was discovered afterwards.

"Lady Frey, are you going out with Lady Yura?

Time for tea after breakfast, Mr. Beatrice whispered to me softly, and I almost accidentally blew out the tea in my mouth.

"Uh, uh..."

What the hell does that mean!?

You perceived my question from the look on your face, Mr. Beatrice will answer it.

"In the early morning garden, because you were close to me"


They were watching......

I managed to put the tea bowl on the table that I was about to drop. Or properly, the cup touched the saucer making a louder noise than usual.

That's what Mr. Beatrice asks me relentlessly.

"So, if you need to sneak me through to your room, I thought I'd ask you first."


I remember trying to say, "I don't need it."

If there were spirits or secretly wanted to be contacted in connection with this case, would there be any possibility of sneaking in and out? If Mr. Beatrice blocks the contact in the shadows because he said no then...?

"Um, I'm not dating you. With no one..."


Mr Beatrice says somewhat unfortunately.

"But if you need to secretly contact me or consult me on a matter that Your Majesty has accepted, I may ask you to let me through…"

"... you mean work only dating?

"Yes, sir"

Answering, Mr. Beatrice looked sorry after all, "Really?" but brightened his expression all the time.

"So your destiny is with Master Lucien?


As soon as I hear the captain's name, I catch my breath.

Mr. Beatrice smiled at the look of it. As in "I know everything"......

It's hard to argue because of it. But if I don't tell you now, I'm afraid the mistake is going to accelerate!

"Chichi, it's not. There's no such thing as fate!

I just remembered what happened before I came to the royal palace.

Isn't that a waste of time, both of you?

"I'm so sorry to even imagine, so, um, sorry..."

Apologizing, it seems that Mr. Beatrice has also been told that something is just different.

"Um... really?

"It's true, it's true"

"So why have you changed your complexion...?

My shoulders tremble. Mr. Beatrice doesn't miss it there.

"Something happened, with Master Lucien"


I was silent. But Mr. Beatrice also looks at me in silence.

Eventually it was me who became intolerable.

"There's been an accident... a little..."

"Was it an accident"

Mr. Beatrice, who was so crushed, meets his hands and signals, and the remaining servants leave the room.

When I was impressed with whether this was such a signal, Mr. Beatrice sat next to me.

"Is it really an accident? Let the power say something..."

Oh, no way, Mr. Beatrice, you are suspicious of the captain!? Exactly. I have trouble suspecting the captain because of me.

"That's not true!

"Master Lucien is also a strong alcoholic, but he may feel relieved when he does so."

"Oh, I didn't even drink alcohol or anything, it was morning!

"If it was morning, would you have fallen asleep or something?

"On the morning of the day I was taken to the royal palace, I fell asleep..."

I almost said, "I can't believe I kissed you," and I blocked my mouth with my hands. I have eyes for Mr. Beatrice. Her mouth was a little bit, in the form of a laugh.

This... Mr. Beatrice put me up to this.

"There's no way Master Lucien, who hasn't fallen asleep, can do something inadvertently. So it was a deliberate crime, was it?


I was silent. If I say anything more, I'll find out perfectly.

But this seemed sufficient for Mr. Beatrice.

"Mostly I get it. But you didn't like it, did you?


Mr Beatrice is right. I didn't hate it. I'm just embarrassed, I don't know what to do, but I decided to forget.

"And Master Lucien didn't do anything to disturb her feelings because of her deflection, did he? I'm not a person who entertains women's minds with jokes, etc… or someone who can't."

"... right"

Mr. Beatrice told me, and I still think it is.

To the witch herself... and. I thought I was sorry if I was to take it seriously and cause trouble, and I was trying to think that if it was some kind of distraction, the captain would wake up one day too.

I was just a little relieved to tell a third party that I was too self-conscious and that I felt like I was being turned on.

"But there's a difference in identity in the first place... I wonder if one day the captain will think we won't be matched by civilian daughters like me."

Even if the captain meant it with one possibility at a time, his surroundings must not recognize him because of his identity difference, and that is why I thought that one day he would really have to treat me the same way as the Spirit...

But Mr. Beatrice seems to disagree.

"Without thinking that way, if you were on an equal footing with Master Lucien, why don't you think about it?

"Oh, that's not possible..."

"It can't be. If we can fix this, Your Majesty wants to give Yura what she wants. In honor, in my capacity."

"Mi, are you an identity!?

Oh, is the king ok with giving such a civilian crusader a pompous identity!?

But Mr. Beatrice, naturally, it's a natural attitude.

"It's not surprising. If there is any cause and the nobles of the Senate are being fanned, it is also a crisis for the kingdom. This time it happened to be used as a means of personally attacking Master Yura. But I don't know when, or when, to try to harm His Majesty or the Kingdom in the same way. If we can prevent it before it does... it will be quite a feat, and everyone in the nobility will acknowledge Master Yura"

I open my mouth to Pocahontas.

Was this quest, or solving a case, that important?

"Even if not, if something magical were to cause it, it would be that Yura saved the senate people by resolving it. I think it's a big contribution. I thought it would be natural to accept the consideration."


But I'm a witch.

There is no way that I can be on your side, even if the captain of the regiment thought as Mr Beatrice said.

I, too, should be in a position to disconnect quickly enough to cause trouble.

That's what happens when you let go of the lead, like a pet who runs away somewhere.

Nature and I get annoyed.

Seeing that, I guess Mr. Beatrice decided to stop saying anything more.

"Sa, take your time. We'll pick you up when it's time to head to the coffee room."

That's what Mr. Beatrice told him, and he left the room.