The coffee shop starts today.

The store opens in the afternoon as soon as lunch is served.

The Countess Anneve had just arrived, apparently on duty today, when the door was opened wide to make it easier for customers to get in and see what was going on inside.

"Good afternoon, Yura. I'll take your friend and disturb you today. Some people are going to be late..."

"I've been waiting for you, Countess Anneve. How many people?

"We just need four seats."

She smiles and says, she has two adorable young ladies younger than me. That means it seems like one person is going to be late.

"Go to this table, please."

Take the window to a seat with a good view of the rose garden and take your order first.

Mrs. Anneve orders regular tea first for the lady who seems to be drinking tea for the first time.

She also wanted cakes and cookies, so the sweets asked the servant to serve them, and I brewed tea for the three of them and transported them to the table.

"Go ahead, use sugar or milk if you like"


Such a beauty makes me thrilled to thank you with a glossy smile. The two courtiers present also appeared to be seen by Mrs. Anneve.

First put your hands on the tea and the cake, then Mrs. Anneve asks the two ladies.

"How was Viscount Maxwell's man earlier?

"... my first impression wasn't so bad, Dear Anneve"

When the grown-up maid with dark hair said that as she looked down, the blonde curly haired maid answered clearly, even as she looked sideways at her like that.

I felt like I was pushing too hard.

Mrs. Anneve nods, yeah, having heard the two of them.

"I still have two others to see, so we should take a moment to compare them."

I hang myself in a strange conversation.

While we were doing that, two ladies came into the room, who had a slight peek into the coffee room.

The servant guided me, and while I was getting my tea order and brewing, another one was coming that Mrs. Anneve had been waiting for.

There is one young man in his twenties or so.

I tried to carry his share of tea and finally understood what Mrs Anneve was doing, too.

They were engaging men and women about their age.

That means that the Viscount's man and I may have made out when we saw him coming to the royal palace, not the coffee room.

I watched with interest "I see this is the aristocratic pageant......"

The ladies who were nearby are paying attention to you.

And after the young man took his seat, Mrs Anneve spoke to me.

"Thank you Yura for the delicious tea again today. Thank you for soothing the place and helping us to talk about it."

I see, tea is rare in this world, so coming to this coffee room or even trying tea is a topic of discussion. It would also work in the case of what to talk about after a time greeting......

"Seems to have helped, more importantly."

Whatever the form, if you drank tea and thought it was delicious, that's fine.

It's the same thing Mrs Anneve used to do, make out for tea in the hotel lounge.

"I think we'll be busier tomorrow. Good luck with that."

"Starting tomorrow?

It was me with my neck around what it meant, but the next day, it became a reality.

The next day.

Inside the coffee room, all six tables prepared at the same time as the opening were filled. Most of them are noble ladies.

Because one lady, always about three, had brought a mid teenage courtier.

After six similar groups and seats in the coffee shop, one or two and aristocratic men come slightly late.

A man must have been called to the lady, and the ladies have a conversation with the man in the form of an introduction.

"Here we go, my aunt called me to have a rare cup of tea," a man greets, and the ladies are seen everywhere shy of answering, "Me too."

It's like...

"Group matchmaking...... like that?

Slightly, although there are too many women. But that's what it looks like in the atmosphere.

It's almost like Mrs Anneve did yesterday in multiple groups, because her buddy's elders engage the men and women she met.

"It seems the Countess Anneve has spread the word that the coffee room can be used in that direction."

Mr. Beatrice, who overheard my crush, has a pleasant face.

"Yesterday, it seemed very popular to try to engage men. On the women's side, too, it doesn't seem that strange men are approaching because they are introduced to trusted older women, so both parents and children can feel safe, and if you choose after knowing the crowd, you can feel safe about what happens after marriage.

Besides, it's a royal palace. If you succeed… it will be an opportunity for you to see your personality. "

In order for me to see you, I have to see you.

On the male side, if you want to know what kind of lady you are, you have to join the tea if you want to catch a glimpse.

But it's hard to set up a tea party that will satisfy both sides. Not to mention that the side you're trying to get a first look at can't call someone out of class difference or anything.

It seems that demand was met in the form of going to the coffee room.

"If there's demand, it's good because it's less likely to be crushed"

In reply to Mr Beatrice, I looked at the door for a moment.

From there, once in a while, male aristocrats peek at each other.

Some of them were among the nobles who wore toys on their first day. It looks familiar.

But I'm not doing anything.

I guess a lot of nobles want to use it, but I can't force them to stop doing it. If we were civilians, maybe we'd kick ass, but there must be a lot of glitches between nobles.

Above all, because it was Mrs Anneve who took the lead, apparently.

Sounds pretty good to me.

The Lady Anneve came to peek into the coffee room.

"Welcome, I'll make you a seat now."

I also had a table in the garden wondering if this would happen.

The servants quickly opened the sweeping window and gently wiped the table and chair placed on the veranda with the shelter roof, so I guide Mrs. Anneve there.

In the meantime, a male aristocrat who was peering inside near the door was viewed as horny.

I know how you feel so painfully, too. Because even women can see it. And I don't want her to disillusion me, so I guess I can't get my hands on anything in the coffee room.

"Can I get you another cup of tea today?"

That's what I'm saying, Mrs. Anneve will order you an orange tea.

Returning from brewing the tea, Mrs Anneve says, pinching the cookies that the servant had carried first.

"If this were all the customers coming, it would have been harder to get your hands on them. But be careful when you don't have customers."

"Thank you for your help"

I gave a deep courtesy.

As Mr Beatrice explained earlier, Mrs Anneve involved other nobles so that the Senate would have difficulty in reaching them.

While there is demand, if you try to crush the coffee room, it will cause other nobles to rebel.

Except if I get in trouble in the shadows and close the store voluntarily. I guess that's why you told me to be careful when I don't have customers.

That's how Mrs. Anneve was telling me what she thought of the tea, and Mrs. Fufu's gaze turned to the garden.