There are people walking across the rose.

That chestnut-haired young aristocrat looked familiar. Because he was with his uncles in the Senate... although I think he's probably part of the Senate.

Then, behind the window that was open. I heard whispers from the guests.

"Well, Master Eric."

"I can't believe I see you here!

"If we go to the garden now, can we talk?

Hi ladies, looks like all the people who want to get to know that aristocratic youth. Well, I don't know why, Mrs. Anneve told me.

"His Royal Highness Prince Eric, Mr. Yura."

"Your Royal Highness... I see"

Is that His Highness Eric where he adopted the Onei king and is a prince?

That king chose him as his adopted son, so I guess he wasn't that problematic on the inside at the time, but now what?

I hear that for some reason, against the captain of the regiment, instead of still getting married, my fiancée hasn't decided either...

Anyway, I see why you ladies want to get to know each other. If you're lucky, you'll be seen and queen. Even if you don't, if you stay close to the prince, you'll get a lot of good deals for yourself and your family.

"I see you've heard rumors about your Highness. Is it from Master Lucien?

"Which comes from the perimeter of the captain"

Because the main source of information is Dr. Orvé.

I never thought I'd be seeing Prince Eric in the first place, so I never even thought about listening.

"You're in trouble, and so is Eric."

I heard Mrs. Anneve laughing Ugh and laughed bitterly to fit. I don't know the details, but from the way Mrs Anneve put it, is it like the Prince isn't even a hell of a person?

Yet how can I not reconcile with the captain? Is it an inheritance issue...... What a thought. I turned my gaze back on Prince Eric.

I was curious around the prince's collar.


The Spirit hangs on his collar.

of leaf-shaped wearing rose crowns...... flower spirits?

Is Prince Eric someone the Spirit likes? Do you just happen to be stuck that way?

All I had to do at this time was snap my neck.

That evening, after closing the coffee room, I snuck out into the garden to find out what Mr. Frey called the 'noisy spirits'.

Because when I told her I wanted to do an investigation related to this incident, Ms. Beatrice told me, "It would be better in the early morning or in the evening".

I told Mr. Beatrice directly from the front that when I realized I wasn't there, I thought it would be difficult for Mr. Beatrice and the others to get mad at the knights that they were watching me in front of the room.

Then the knight is a man who moves by His Majesty the King's command, so he says he has no problem unless he comes in and out of the door. It was just an answer that it was okay for a woman to walk away, because while the sun was up...

When it comes to my safety, I don't really care, but there are some parts of me that want to keep this as a hidden ball.

I kept a chuck in my mouth that if I found out around that I was too aggressive, I would just be alert to me.

That's why I decided to leave in the evening.

This is also a return to His Majesty for all the consideration he takes, although he will act shortly after work and without a break.

"If it seems dangerous, don't stick your neck in, just come home. After dinner, it's time to get some rest."

Anyway, it's possible I didn't know anything in the morning because I just saw it with my sleeping head, so I want to make sure.

I walked out to the royal palace forest with Sakukuku.

But soon, I will stop.


There was Prince Eric.

I don't think he came out again in the evening because he wouldn't have been in the garden the whole time.

"... garden lover?

Is he someone who likes the garden so much that he goes out to the garden so many times a day?

Plus, the spirit stuck with Prince Eric on the rose crown again.

"Is he a person easily liked by the Spirit?

I can't see the Spirit, but sometimes I'm on people's side. Though most of them are passing by and replacing chairs or something like that, so they leave quickly.

But if the same kind of spirits are always stuck, isn't Prince Eric liked by that kind of spirits? But if that's the case, the captain is going to say something.

Because the Spirit likes you, you think the roots aren't such bad guys?

"Oh, but maybe the captain didn't hate Prince Eric that badly?

Either that or it was like trying to put a troubled face on Mr. Eval, who is accusing me. My memory's fading, but it was like that.

At that time, Prince Eric turned around all the time, so I hid in the tree.

As Prince Eric did not notice anything, he turns again and walks towards the royal palace forest.

"I wonder where you're going..."

If you're just a gardener, why don't you go to the woods? But I don't have a bow, and I'm not riding a horse, so I guess I'm not willing to hunt.

"No way. Like a conspiracy meeting?

Prince Eric was with the senate people who came to protest the coffee room. That's why I think he's close to the nobility of the Senate... or he's one of us.

Even so, I think a secret meeting would do it at someone's house, but maybe there's something behind the woods.

There's something wrong with the Spirit, but maybe he's involved.

I decided to go after Prince Eric so as not to make any footsteps.