Prince Eric walks to the back of the woods without hesitation.

It's the way people who have the right destination go.

"I thought it was a secret meeting or something..."

If so, you might be able to sneak up on what the senate side is thinking.

The problem is, my covert abilities.

"You can't use magic to hide yourself..."

There is magic itself. But it's a kind of underworld technique, like the killers who kidnapped me used to travel instantaneously. Only ghosts can move without showing up, or something. They say that's the kind of law that makes magic settings in this world.

That's why I don't want to use it because it's a technique that I can't use without killing people and animals.

Try your best to do something on your own, don't make footsteps, even proceed with caution to the sound of stepping on the grass.

Chasing him just wishing he hadn't lost sight of him, though he really tends to lag behind, he eventually stepped out near the artificial creek.

Ha. Is Prince Eric a hobbyist who wants to blur or create poems in the river plains?

I thought so but it was a little different.

Prince Eric had a small potato.

(The prince is around?

I thought there was no garden in the woods like this...... I was crouching in a place with a bunch of roses near the river and watering a little.

"You're about to bloom. Oh, okay."


It must be some dialect. I am surprised by the unfamiliar accent.

Prince Eric nods and waters, then sprinkles something.

"Sora, get too big. Oh, do it over here too..."

Prince Eric sprinkles something on those red roses that are swarming nearby as well... Does that mean fertilizer?

One more peek into the gap where Prince Eric was, once again, planted with a rose with a cute yellow stump.

I think it's been quite a few years since they planted it.

It was there in size, and I guess I increased it with inserted branches on the side, and I could see in the distance that there was a row of the same kind of roses, one small round, and also nicely pruned.

(This is... finally...)

Prince Eric, are you enjoying growing roses here?

"Why are you hiding it?"

A prince would have grown a rose with dignity. I wonder if the aristocratic ladies sometimes say, "You have an elegant taste".

"But what you're talking about is missing, could it be the language of your hometown?

I think he was born and raised somewhere in a strong neighborhood because he was adopted from the remote margins of the royal family.

Prince Eric stares at the rose and smiles satisfactorily.

Sounds like something fun.

Or when I came to the coffee room, I felt more natural than the faint way I laughed, so this is probably Prince Eric's vegetable.

If so, he may be a good man, even if he stands on the Senate side. He looks like that king, and I'm sure he won't betray his adoptive father.

Plus, there doesn't seem to be a conspiracy meeting or anything like that.

Trying to disperse, I tried to get away from the spot.

But away from the tree I was hiding,

Suddenly, a spirit with a rose necklace sticks up in my face and I can't see it in front of me.

Something caught on my leg at a moment of surprise.


I raised my voice and fell on the spot.

Ugh, my hands on the ground hurt a little. It's okay because you can cure it magically, but what has the Spirit suddenly done to blindfold you? If you think so.

"I don't want to see it!?"

I look back to Prince Eric's voice with my hands and knees on the ground.

I stood up in a panic at Prince Eric trying to lift my eyes and walk over here.

"Oh, uh, what are you freshening up about!?

"Lie to me! There's no way you've ever noticed me so close!

"I had no idea! Oh, didn't you see it blend into the woods or something?

"Obviously the color of the clothes would be noticeable!

Indeed. Prince Eric was now calling for a yellow jacket. This excuse seemed impossible.

"But it doesn't look assimilated to roses."

"You. You were still watching my rose!

Shit. My mouth slipped. If you haven't seen Prince Eric, you won't even notice the yellow rose. Other than that, the rose was bright red......

"Um, goodbye!

If I tried to escape but just run out with a win, Prince Eric quickly grabbed me by the arm.

And I can't force myself to shake it off. If you use magic, you'll only deepen the suspicion that you're a witch, and you're no match for your powers.

"Run away! Until you make me promise not to speak out...... No, confess your weakness! Otherwise, you don't have to trust promises that are just in your mouth."

"I don't want to say weakness or anything!?

"Answer me if you really are a witch!

"I'm not a witch!

It's a lie, but I'll scream it out.

"Don't trust me!

"Why do you doubt it!?

That's what I was asking.

After the question came out of my mouth, I thought this might be a good opportunity. It's called the people of the Senate, it's called this Prince Eric, why do you keep doubting me when you have no proof? I hope Prince Eric confessed too much momentum.

Prince Eric hated and cared about me.

"I hear witches are horrible beings. He said he could destroy as little as one country without making it. If a little girl like you is a witch... it's dangerous to leave a guy like that with power..."

Prince Eric suddenly groaned and knelt on the spot. A spirit with a rose neckline on his shoulder was caressing his brown hair worryingly.

"Are you sick?

So much so that the Spirit cares. I think I feel really bad.

What should I do? Should I call someone? But Prince Eric won't let go of my arm.

If you think


A monstrous voice sounds and Prince Eric looks up as if he had stirred.

And beside me, a reddish-colored creature passed by with tremendous momentum.

It was not long before I was stationary in the air and looked back at this one......

"Mr. Fire Dragon!

Definitely. There must be only one puppy-sized fire dragon in the Arlendar kingdom.

But why are you here in the royal palace!? If you think so.

"Your Highness Eric, it's been a long time."

A tribute I don't hear much in that person's voice.

But Prince Eric, who was asked, took his hand off my arm like he had been begun, and stared behind my back.

I look back at you, too.

Silver hair was brilliant in the color of the sunset.

Though my face is faceless, from the way I stand with my arms together, I feel annoyed. Kind of scary. But definitely.

There he was, a few days ago, a departed captain of the regiment.