isn't it early?

That was the first thing I thought.

The captain also said he was coming to Wang Capital, but he said he needed to clear up his work and that it would take time... I mean, I, I've only been here about three days, right?

While blurring and thinking about it, the captain walks over once and takes my side.

The gaze was directed at Prince Eric, who retreated one step later.

"Did this person have any crude phase?

Prince Eric scolded the captain, who asked lightly.

"He followed me. Suspicious. Why are you here in the first place?

"We're hiring this guy in the Knights, so we're here to take charge"

"Go home. Don't get involved with the guy with the witch suspicion in the first place. I will deliberate on this witch in the Senate and seek Your Majesty's leave."

To the words of Prince Eric, who trumpetes without a nibble, I understood that he was going to pierce a different opinion from His Majesty's.

The captain does not shake any particular emotions with regard to it.

"I'm not a witch. Either way, Your Majesty is calling me, so I'm not leaving."

"Your Majesty again... Huh!

Prince Eric threw up.

I get a little giddy. Does Prince Eric have a bad relationship with His Majesty?

"As far as she's concerned, I hear His Majesty doesn't want the Senate to deliberate either. Instead, the senators wonder why they fear being so fairytale."

"Uncertainty should be eliminated"

To the enquiry of the captain, Prince Eric says clearly.

"There is no smoke standing where there is no fire. He might be the one who brings in something that's not good for the country."

"Even if I assure you......?

The captain leaves a step forward.

Prince Eric turned away.

"You should think a little more about yourself, Lucien. Your majesty should just give up sheltering this witch and hand it over to us for good."


Something's wrong with me, I had my neck clenched inside.

Prince Eric thought he was acting like the people in the Senate because he believed I was a witch. But now... I think he's telling the captain to turn him in as a witch, even if he's guilty.

The captain smiles.

"I can't pull back very manly all this time.... Come, Yura"

They called me, and I ran over to the captain's side. The captain grabs my arm like that.

"I promised this man I would never let him go."



In response to me and Prince Eric, who were surprised by the outrageous remarks, the captain continued with a tongue-in-cheek expression, "I'm sure you haven't said anything particularly weird".

"When you keep it on your side all the time and protect it. So even more so if I'm dressed in wet clothes, it's my responsibility to keep trying to save them until the end."

Prince Eric looked at me for a moment.

At that moment, we were convinced that we were in agreement with each other.

- How can the captain (Lucien) say such an embarrassment!?


Prince Eric's face is bright red, but suppose it's because of what the captain said, someone so pure?

Because he's the kind of person who enjoys growing roses in confidence with everyone, so he probably is. And I think I'm brighter red. Something that's going to ignite from your face.

But when I found out someone was thinking the same thing, something, calmed me down.

It is all the more strange that Prince Eric, whose sensibilities are decent, wants to make me a witch without proof.

Even if it has something to do with it, it's a little impossible...

No, I know there's no such thing as tailoring a civilian woman to a witch because she's in a position to pass if she can't push it. If His Majesty didn't cover for me now, it would have been a straight line.

Besides, I don't have to feel like I'm reluctant with the captain. Subtly the words aren't abusive either......

Prince Eric coughed up.

"And for now, I will continue to advise His Majesty the King on this one. You get your hands off me quickly."

That's what he said, and he ran away.

After looking me in the eye like I wanted to see 'Colos if I said anything extra', as I walked past my side.

As much as I'm sneaking up on yellow roses, though the captain won't say anything from what I've told him. He really seems to want to keep it a secret.

To some future applause, we might be able to talk friendly from there, and I'm going to keep it to myself.

After the captain dropped Prince Eric off his back, he took a small breath.

"So Yura. How the hell were you meeting with His Highness Eric here?

"It just so happens that if I was walking out to investigate, I'd go with the prince and meet him."

I tailed him precisely, but to be honest, he was going to be pissed off, so I kept it to myself. Even Prince Eric won't tell the captain the details if it's like that.

"I hope so...... What do you mean, an investigation? Tell me about it since you came to the royal palace."

Encouraged, I spoke.

That His Majesty welcomed me. That I was to run a coffee room.

That you were introduced to Mr. Beatrice or a fellow called the Lady Trinity.

When the people of the Senate came to the coffee room.

And what Mr. Frey said he was investigating because the Spirit was making a scene.

"The Spirit..."

The captain turns his gaze around.

Looking in the same direction, I could see leaf-shaped spirits or bird-shaped wind spirits at the tip of a tree branch.

So I notice all the time.

When I came out of the Knights' Castle, I said my head was blank about how to talk so much. You were normally in conversation with the captain now, he said.

The next thing I remember, I was talking to Mr. Beatrice.

The captain said he couldn't have done that without thinking about it.


Let's not think about it. At least until the end of this problem......

Or until the captain says something.

Otherwise, I don't know what to tell you.

The captain also seemed to have a crowded schedule today, urging me to return to the royal palace early.

"The Spirit can't see anything strange either...... Anyway, you should be back in your room today. I must now discuss this with His Majesty. Hey Fire Dragon. Let's go."

When the captain calls, Mr. Fire Dragon, who was in a nearby tree branch and was raising smoke for some reason, stops by.

"You... call me more respectful, mortal"

Even though I obey honestly, Mr. Fire Dragon says Gucci. I wish I hadn't heard you......

"My words sound like other people. If it was weird, it would be a hassle to recognize you as a mad dragon, and then the arithmetic to return to your residence would be distant. I want you to be patient. So get used to it."


Obviously, Mr. Fire Dragon and the captain were in conversation.

"Yeah, yeah? Dear Commander, the words of Mr. Fire Dragon..."

To me I asked, Mr. Fire Dragon and the captain replied at about the same time.

"So I could talk."

After that, the captain explained to me that Mr. Fire Dragon had bewitched me to understand the words, and I was just trying to be pompous.