I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Looks like we've got a tea party day.

In the end, that day, I would not be reunited with the captain.

I guess I was busy meeting with His Majesty or something.

It is naturally impossible to meet Mr. Fire Dragon as well.

It's just weird that the fluffy Fire Dragon, who follows the captain, wanders all around me.

I can talk to him - and I don't know in what direction the senate people who are solidified by witch suspicion will storm their assumptions.

"Ma, you'll see me tomorrow. Right?"

To the Goblin Spirit, who was on his lap at some point, of course! And he just sticks out his thumbs-up hand.

Don't worry if I see that, I went to bed early.

The next day.

I started running the coffee room just like the day before for now.

It is the Marquise Isel, who seems elegant with gray hair, who has come this day.

"Well, that's an amazing feast. Mrs. Anneve is a really good fireman."

The Marquise Isel, who chuckles and mouths her tea, said so as she saw the accompaniment of an aristocratic woman waiting in turn in the hallway, after being full.

But the Marquise Isel was also bringing one of the ladies.

Now the warrant lady enjoys tea on the table with the woman she seems to know of the Marquis Isel and the young man she was taking with her.

"Those two, they're childhood friendly."

"You're not the first person to meet me, are you?

I was a little surprised because I was just thinking that if we were going to make this a pageant venue, we were going to make out with someone we'd only seen face to face or never met.

"Because I know you, it's like I'm going to butt in when I... again. But I thought it was a good combination, so I brought him to a place where I knew there was a 'nuance like that', even though I didn't feel very strained."

The Marquise Isel spoke with great pleasure.

"Yeah, well, I wanted to talk to you today, too."

"What are you talking about?

The Marquise of Isel told me about her neck.

"Your Majesty has decided on a tea party with the men. The reputation of the coffee room spread faster than I imagined, so it would be fine in about three days."

Is it three days from now?

Faster than I thought. That's what I think, and the Marquise Isel seems to have spotted it.

"I also felt a little too soon, but it seems that the people at His Majesty's Tea Party didn't like to wait for His Majesty's decision. I hear someone's been trying to get their hands on the treats we use here."

"Oh, is it a treat!?

Marquise Isel nods with a quiet smile.

"So you should be careful at the tea party in three days."

"Thanks for letting me know..."

Think as you thank me.

That said, I don't know what to do.

I know you'll be even more vigilant in the future because Your Majesty stopped me from trying to get in the way of this one.

That's when I found Mr. Goblin Spirit in the rose that was decorating the table.

The Spirit laughs and says something.

I sneak out the status screen......

"Snacks, make? Full?"

Do you want some?

In doing so, about two strange knights and Mr. Frey came to the coffee room, and I was called to His Majesty's room.

I leave the occasion to Mr. Beatrice to respond to His Majesty's call.

"Long time no see, Yura. Looks like you've been doing well, huh?

His Majesty's been waiting for it seems to be one of those reception rooms where he meets people.

Though how much my adorable nephew assures me, it won't put a civilian daughter in the office.

"Thanks to Your Majesty's consideration, we are staying connected"

It may not be the same as the aristocratic courtesy, but I answered that and I bowed my respects.

But I didn't do anything illegal... I think. With His Majesty, the captain who had sat at the table earlier did not change his expression in particular.

And even Mr. Fire Dragon was on the table, but this one exhales his nose with Hung.

It's the usual twinkle, but you seem to be making me look good.

You can talk to the captain now, well, it's something the captain can persuade you to stop even if you try to be impotent.

"Just have a seat."

His Majesty will greet me and I will be present.

The table is gorgeous with sweets adorned with beautiful flowers, candied petals and cakes lined with scones. Immediately, tea will be served, and the atmosphere will be such as an elegant tea party itself.

A samurai who just served me was surprised to be scared of Mr. Fire Dragon. When His Majesty paid, he left as relieved.