I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

It's been a long time since I've made sweets.

"Sa, eat anything. Don't worry, I've got security and I don't think anyone's got a hand on it."

His Majesty says he was about to be set up with sweets, and I can see that.

"Yes, I'll take it"

I just got my hands on a cake decorated with beautifully edible little fresh flowers. When they serve treats to customers in the coffee room, they want to eat something.

Fortunately for this, when I eat my little cake all over, His Majesty nods satisfactorily.

"I'm glad you're eating like it tastes good. Lucien's not very good at sweet stuff, so I can't get her to hang out with me."

Ah, the captain barely eats sweet food.

"Well, I'll tell you what to do first. I'll have a tea party with the Raccoons in three days."

His Majesty cut the story out early.

"Sometimes the coffee room goes well early and the other nobles have a good reputation, but if you take too long, you're going to run wild. I don't know... feel like someone's chasing me."

His Majesty gives a troubled look, while he mouths his tea.

"And I'm getting reports from Frey that the Spirit might have something to do with it. I wanted to do some more research there, but I figured I'd figure it out because Lucien's here."

"Your Majesty…. I have a problem with being overrated."

Wherever His Majesty blows the wind, even if the captain says with no expression.

"Because I have a good sword, and good luck with it. Even as an employer, you can hang in there for a kid with eyes on you, right? I've been so eager to ask you in a letter."

Your Majesty finally laughs at the Captain in words.

Oh, Master Commander, what the hell kind of letter did you send...? I'm just wondering if it was because of what happened before I left or because I had a conversation with Mr. Beatrice.

"I'll do what I can. If the Spirit is involved, it should be safe for His Majesty's sake."

"Shit, I'm bored."

His Majesty pointed at me when I was told that I was thinking about the negative effects on His Majesty.

On the other hand, I felt like I was putting my chest down.

Because of yesterday's incident, I thought the captain would talk absurdly.

His Majesty immediately regains his mind.

"Anyway, I'll leave the Spirit thing to Lucien and Frey, so can Yura focus on the Tea Party thing? I'm just worried about food and drink. Is the tea okay?

"Probably would have figured it out if it was poisoned or something"

Because when I look at the status screen, I think I would know if I had an abnormality like poisoning or numbness.

"Then I guess I should manage the sweets thoroughly."

"Confectionery...... right"

Listening to His Majesty, I think.

I can't do it with a regular treat, but if I make it a snack for the Spirit, can I check for anomalies?

It's not like people have a problem eating it.

"Sire, on the matter, can I mix tea with everything? Then, if anything goes wrong, I think I'll find out."

"Want some tea? You're about to get a rare treat. Fine, let's go."

His Majesty, who summoned a samurai to speak to the royal palace cook.

I acted separately from His Majesty and the Commander of the Regiment and decided to meet with the cook along with his squire.

We talked about making confectionery later, taking the key tea leaves.

Said a chef like a professional wrestler with horny hairstyles in a disappointing shape.

"Why does your daughter make sweets, too?

"If the real job is going to make you, I don't... No"

I rethink.

"Can I make one or two, please?

Before the tea party, I care about the Spirit. I wanted to prepare a treat that I could freely consume to make a meal for Sola once.

So I just rented the kitchen that night because I wanted to 'prototype'.

The Royal Palace kitchen is very spacious.

There are many of them, and not half the amount of pans and frying pans.

I was in the middle of having a cook washing pots and plates that were used at dinner time or a servant of that help, but I let him grandfather and let him use the corner.

The place where the treats were made was separated from the place where the meals were made so that there was no problem when working at the same time.

The chef tells the young man cook who asked me to show him where the flour, butter and sugar are.

I gave them tea for them to use as a treat.

"This is tea..."

Opening a can with tea leaves, the cook just confirmed the aroma. She also wanted to check the flavor because she put it in the sweets, she picked one leaf and tried it.

In the meantime, I'll be ready to make sweets.

False as a prototype today, create one for Sola.

Besides eggs, flour, butter and sugar. And a little tea.

Keep the tea fine in a rind bowl and mix after combining the other ingredients.

I borrow a rectangular mould and often wait in the oven I was getting warmed up.

All I could do was tea pound cake.

I made two, so I cut one some, have the cook and tea brewed and tasted, and make sure it's okay to serve it to the tea party.

"... well, you'll be fine"

I was a little relieved because I got a pass with the addition that it was made by an amateur but a king's guest.

I left the rest with the cook to check with the chef once and I decided to bring another pound cake back to the room for myself.