Freshly baked cakes are warm even if wrapped in a cloth towel.

Put it in a cradled basket and I hurried to the room.

Sola's summons can't even be seen by a servant or Mr. Beatrice (something I can't explain!).

So after pretending to sleep and picking you up early, I'm going to make time to talk to Sora slowly.

Thanks to the fact that I've been coming and going around the kitchen and coffee room in the Royal Palace over the past few days, I can go home to my room alone without anyone to escort me.

Anyway, I thought I'd take a shortcut.

I know it's better to break through the garden and get to the room early.

From the corridor around the edge of the garden, descend into the garden.

That's how I started walking and it was about to plug in near my room.

I thought I was looking right in the front, and suddenly there was a hedge looming in front of me.


Did I see it wrong? Was it blurry? and stop the leg.

Looking at my feet, I don't care what you think, the stone laid trail leads ahead, but the rose on the hedge is busy and I can't move on.


I don't know, let's take a detour.

That's what I thought and proceeded to dodge the place where the rose grew, but my arm caught on the rose ahead of me.

Luckily, it seemed like it was a crawl of roses with not much straw, but I removed it carefully, and then I realized.

In the basket, the cloth towel that was wrapping the cake is off.

Besides, some of the cake was missing, like a twitch.


Not even when I let you in! When did someone stumble on you!?

Surprised I turned sideways to the smell of cake tickling my nose on my lid...... I was stunned.

"Nah... nah... nah"

A rose crawl was lifting pieces of cake and pushing them into the center of the red rose flower.

I mean that, really rose!?

Something about the petals moving like a mouth, and the cake is all over the place!

"Then roses are eating cake ooh!?

I screamed unexpectedly, "They found me!" The flowers that were crunching the cake all the time turned back to this one, stationary.

As always, I stared at each other with flowers.

I don't know what to think.

I mean, this, you can eat cake, so you're not a rose? Uh, there's some suspicious creature in the royal palace that's rose-shaped or something, I don't know what it means more and more.

This rosy thing in the first place, no way.


Even though I think that's stupid, I crush it.

But what doesn't establish suspicion is that the Spirit is stuck to that suspicious rose.

A spirit wearing a floral crown in the shape of a leaf is getting a grasp of the cake separated from a single piece of cake that the rose crawl will grasp.

It's a cake with tea that I made, so it's not strange if the spirit eats it because it's in a state where it's a snack for the spirit. You mean we share, this rose, too, Spirit?

"What's a big rose-shaped spirit... are you there?

I don't know much about spirits, so I don't know.

While confused, the rose finished eating the cake and pulled in for leaves and flowers to escape to nearby hedges.

All I had left was a cake that was missing about two bites.

The garden trail is also so straightforward that the path can be seen because there are no more roses that were blocking it.

"What is a Rose Spirit... are you here?

I get less and less familiar with the Spirit.

Let's get this together and ask Sola.

"But they screwed the cake... Can you handle it if you put some magic into it?

I'm anxious, but this is the only cake I can use to call, and let's try it first. If not, I'll have to make it again tomorrow.

I hurried back to my room.

"Welcome back"

Mr. Beatrice opened his eyes for a moment and said to me, returning from a sweeping window facing the garden.

"I'm sorry to surprise you. I thought I could take a short cut, so I went home from the garden."

To be honest with you, Mr. Beatrice nodded as he was convinced.

"I think that's actually closer to the room. Just be careful when it gets dark. Although in the royal palace, there are people who think a lot about it."

"Yes, thank you. I'm tired of making sweets for a long time, so I'm going to bed early today."

I'll tell her I'm going to bed early, accordingly.

"When you arrive here, you don't have time to breathe, you run the coffee room, and you're tired."

Mr. Beatrice, who understood, helped me get ready for bed and pulled me out of the room early.


Anticipating the time when there were no more people in the room and perhaps Mr. Beatrice would have gone away too, I get up teasing on the bedside.

Let's summon him as soon as possible.

"Rather than waking up in the middle of the night and making noises, it seems like he's awake again in his sleep and doing something, something that doesn't seem suspicious when he hears noises outside."

Anyway, there's a Knight on the lookout outside my room. On His Majesty's orders, it's because you're following me for protection, and if I make a strange noise, I might come to my room to make sure it's a terrible anomaly.

In that case, it would be easier to say "I didn't sleep and I was awake -" even if it were me.

I can pick up the basket cloth I had on the table in my room and magic into the cake.

"Hmm... I wonder how many MPs I should have. About a thousand first?

When I put it in, the cake began to flutter and glow.

So, I feel so bored with the area of the wig, I'm going to cut the end. There, where were you, a spirit in goblin with a green flower leash around his neck jumped.

If you open the screen,

Can you make it? Will you? "

He was a foodie.

"If you'll call Sola, I'll give it to you."

Tell him, the Goblin Spirit is a good job! and thumbed out his right hand, lifting the end of the cake and dancing out on the table.

I still have a lot of snacks today.

Nice Snack

The Best Snack

"Magic is full of nourishment!

The dancing spirits increase the number by two or three so that they will always look blurred.

Eventually more than a dozen spirits turned around as they surrounded the cake on the table, then the bubbly cake glowed -.

Turning away from my eyelids, I look back at the voice.

"Long time no see, Yura."

"Long time no see, so..."

My voice stops calling my name.

Even though it's the usual voice, I'm shocked that Sola's appearance has changed again from before.