From that figure to the perception that it was somehow Sola.

But he's growing taller again. Higher than me, feels upwards... somewhere, looks like when I look up to someone.

I remember the captain.

But when I saw Sora's face, I felt like someone different again.

As for the creation, a young man with long dark hair slightly pale complexion but a tender looking face. But it looks familiar... But I can't remember who it was.

"I finally met you like this."

Sora smiles and hugs me.

I didn't know what to think and got stiff.

Sora in goblins is not as good as people, and I never felt anything until now when I was embraced because I thought of her as somewhere godlike. But now, you look like a person.

I'm confused if I can do this.

Let me go after such a while, and Sora laughs bitterly.

"Is something wrong?

I just have to shake my head to the side. It's not weird. In appearance. Instead, it was more unusual for him to be in a goblin, what ever was called "King of the Spirit".

But wait.

Until now, it must have been time for me to take in a certain amount of magic to change Sora's appearance.

I, after beating Mr. Fire Dragon, or when I took in demonic magic, I didn't complete anything that sounded like an event in the game anyway.

"Why... did you change like a person?

To my doubt, Sola becomes a troubled face.

"That's hard to explain in detail. It's just that there's more I can tell you. So I can tell you now... that you have given the Spirit King's sword his magic."


At first, I feel like I'm about to snap my neck without really knowing. But Sola doesn't seem willing to give any more hints. The rest is silent with the look of wanting you to guess.

First, I thought honestly.

Divide the magic power from the Spirit King's sword bearer...... Have I ever parted magic powers with the captain? I just thought about it, and I remembered flutteringly.

- The most efficient way to transfer magic is through the mouth, rather than through the hands.

I, the captain of the regiment, and my lips were matched by that event that left me with shame when I remembered. Could it be then!?

But how could that have anything to do with Sola?... That's right. Sola is king of spirits. It must have something to do with the "Sword of the Spirit King" held by the Captain.

But I heard that the Spirit King's sword is limited in the amount that the sword can absorb magic directly, and the other half is divided from the captain.

To the captain, for I have divided my magic, and that is from the Sword of the Spirit King... did you pass to Sola?

I just think so.

"It's exactly what you imagine, I'm probably pretty sure," he replied, staring at Sola.

So I asked.

"You are the Spirit King...... ok? Sola."

Though connected to the owner of the sword, Sola herself appears to like it. That's why I'm not the one often found in swords.

If so, you should rather think of the sword as an intermediary and the Sora of the Commander and the Spirit King connected.

Sora smiled and nodded.

I could hardly get these kinds of questions answered before, but this time I was able to affirm whether some conditions were met and the secret was lifted.

"I can't tell you yet from myself. I'm sure of that perception."

"But I think something's wrong. I understand you have a connection with the captain, but between me and Sora?

Every time my magic increased, Sola and the spirits were influenced to change their size and costume. How could that be?

"Because you're a witch, Yura."

I just replied that Sora was a simple story. But I don't know.

"Is a witch a kind of spirit? But what influences Sola and other spirits because the Spirit has only gained power in one place? If I were more of a sola..."

If the Spirit King has gained strength, he has changed, then I am convinced.

Speaking of which, I stopped the words myself.

Witches must blend with spirits.

And he has the power to make immense magic his own, and also to destroy his country. Besides, Sola doesn't have the power to stop someone who's become a witch from not stopping Miss Maia herself directly, knowing that the witch will destroy her in the future?

I don't know what that is...

"Witches are equal to or more than Spirit Kings..."

Is that the position of being?

Though I wanted to hear it, it distracts me from Sora.

"More than that, I can't do this for long either. Is the errand I called in today okay? Yura."

"Oh, yeah."

Yes, we must have the most recent problem before pursuing the witch.

There are two consultations I wanted to have with Sola.

"First, are there spirits who look like plants?

Even the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance looked like a pretty girl. There are many spirits with animal appearances like fish and lizards, but the plant as it is... about spirits in leaves? But the spirits also had hands and feet on them.

"I don't know, a tree growing in the soil is like a spirit as it is, and it moves..."

"Wouldn't it be first?"

Sora's answer was light.

"Oh, then that's..."

Are you saying it's not a spirit?

"Sora, it's like the spirits around here are getting along with a rose that moves and eats cake, can you tell me what that rose is?

"Move and eat cake..."

Crushed Sola reaches out into the air softly. It was the leaf-shaped spirits with rose crowns that appeared there all the time.

After staring at the Spirit, Sola has told a hell of a fact.

"Oh, you probably saw a monster."

Hey, what the heck!?