I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

What are the measures to be taken against cake-eating roses?

"Ma, Mano!?

"You look like a rose. And you eat cake, don't you? I guess it's a plant-based demon."

What, this royal palace is inhabited by demons?

"Isn't it dangerous? This royal palace!"

I accidentally got louder and held my own mouth.

I have trouble spreading this before I do extermination, before I know if I can exterminate it in the first place. Only for what the people of the Royal Palace are at peace so far, something that might cause panic the other way around.


Sola looks out for the leaf-shaped spirits that are still on her hands. Probably having a conversation.

I wanted to hear what you were talking about, so I tried to put out a status screen, but before that, Sola said.

"They're not particularly bad right now. Plant-based demons don't attack unless they're basically close."

"... you didn't seem to be able to travel much."

I guess I'm not acting endlessly everywhere because I wasn't even moving my roots around like a leg.

But in that rose, I can't tell where he is, so it's horrible in case something happens that pisses someone off.

Think that far and remind me of what I was wondering about regarding roses.

"The spirits seemed to get along with that rose demon... Is that what this is about?

"It's not like there isn't. If you're a plant demon, you're often symbiotic."

"Plant-based demons have a negative effect on other plants when they are on the side..."

That's how I thought you might be incompatible with the Spirit.

"I wonder if it depends on demons"

Sola gave me answers like this for each person.

I didn't think something like that, "I'll stew on dinner in other houses, except for us," would happen.

"I wouldn't be able to do it if it were a demon that takes away the nutrition of the surrounding plants, but if it's symbiotic, it's no different than having another kind of flower blooming next door."

"Well, sure. But there's also a plant demon in the middle of where people live... Did someone plant it?

"That's possible. Sometimes, more than being a demon, I would go into actions that would make me eat your cake. Anyway, it contains a lot of magic. And it's strange that you can't find it for decades, so it was very recently that the demon took root... I wonder if it's within a decade at best"

Sora nods.

But what the hell is the purpose of planting rose-shaped demons on purpose?

What always occurred to me was Prince Eric, who was secretly growing roses in the back of the woods.

No way......

"Sola. Something about a plant-type demon manipulating people's feelings?

"I'm sure some people have that kind of magic."

Maybe it's that demonic influence that made you think so much about me this time as a witch.

Just guessing this. I really want someone's testimony, and to do that, I need someone to witness where the demons are affecting me. But I don't know when to act.

"If you know what the devil is saying..."

Even though I know when to act and when.

With that in mind, I try to open the status screen. But no channel is responding.

"I wonder if it's a demon whose channel hasn't been disclosed. I wonder if there's any other way to talk to demons..."

Unexpectedly, Sola replied.

"Then why don't you let me have some tea?


"Yes, if I had your magic incorporated, I might be able to connect because I would incorporate your magic. Maybe one piece of cake won't be enough, so more."

Don't do it if there's a chance you can solve it with tea.

All right, and I just decided what I'm going to do, and Sora holds my hand in the lid.

"Is the world tough on you?

I blink. I wonder why you ask that.

"Thou hast merged with the Spirit in the sight of death, without desire. The spirits will try to protect your heart, but there must be occasions when you are forced into tough situations more than once before what you want to do. Is it hard?

I can understand what Sora says. Memories before and after the use of the ban on spiritual fusion are terrible. The more I remember, the harder it becomes to breathe. Because of that, for once, it bothered Mr. Frey.

Even now, the spirits are relieving my memory.

Likewise, there were a number of horrible scenes.

Sora had a serious look. So I answer seriously too.

"I think it was tough at first for me to be born into this world. Any world is painful for the weak, isn't it?

Even without the danger of my life, the world felt so harsh for me until my grandmother died.

If my heart is strong, I think I should head forward more. But it was a pull-in idea. It was very difficult for me at the time, and I was just full of living.

"I just got my memories back, different worlds and ways of life opened up, and above all, my mind was more stable than before. So now I can live with hope that if I get through all this, I'll get happiness."

So I laughed and showed Sola.

"Sometimes it's tough, but I don't hate it. It's also really hard for me to be a witch like this right now. Once solved, I can protect the people who helped me and the country I lived in with my grandmother."

There are other good things to do.

"I wanted to try magic, and when this witch thing is over, I'm going to be able to live as a tea shop, so I won't worry about it in the future."

Then Sora smiles at me, albeit somewhat bitter.

"I'm glad there's something a little better for you. Thank you Yura. I'm sure we will continue to protect you..."

That's what he said, and Sola disappeared.