"I wonder what's wrong, Sola..."

I think there's a reason why you suddenly ask me that.

Just getting worried?

Turning my mind, I was just sprinkling tea on a rose in a painting in the garden.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

A fine water sprinkles and wets in the leaves of the rose, in the soil beneath it.

I just sprinkled a pinch of tea on the rose in the garden and I gently left the excess cake shards on the ground.


Nothing's going to happen, so I'm gonna go away for a second. That's how he looks back and observes as he turns away.

A little rose leaf stretched out and stuck the cake into a nearby rose flower.

The toads and roses move and the cake is consumed.

"Surreal even if you look at something"

While tweeting, call the status screen.

"Do you still want to leave?"

But no channels have been added. I guess I'll just have to give the tunnel some tea.

"No, maybe it's not magical enough"

The tea I just sprinkled is usually brewed. Too much magic sparkles, so I can't excuse myself for feeling like it and sprinkling water. I didn't want to be suspicious and I made regular tea to try it out first.

"I knew I'd have to spray it all over the place when I was blind."

It's a royal palace garden, so there may be aristocrats walking around in and out, and gardeners. Spraying a glowing cup of tea can't help but stand out.

If you try to target when no one is around, is it still midnight?

And I'd prefer a rose in the woods if I could.

Because people won't come in the woods, and even Prince Eric, who grows that rose, won't.

It's just inefficient to give tea to all the roses, so I, in the evening, went into the woods looking for the demonic roses.

There's only one way to find it.

It's about picking a rose with spirits nearby and putting cake shards around its roots. If you eat it, it will mean a demonic rose, so you can sprinkle your tea there.

As a result, I found about ten demonic roses.


The royal palace, it's too demonic. Just one painting of the royal palace. That means you should think that there are more than ten times as many of these overall, right? You haven't had a lot of problems before...

"Why didn't this demon work?"

While crushing, I went back to my room once and had my day as usual.

After the night, in the name of wanting to think about what kind of tea to brew at the tea party, Mr. Beatrice asked me to separate the teapot from the hot water.

After being alone, I brew tea.

After adding tea leaves and pouring hot water, gently touch the pot to instill magic.

"A thousand... is that enough?

I was a little anxious, so I put in 5,000 MP.

When I opened the lid of the teapot, there was tea shining like glittering gold flour. The glitter is drifting out of the pot. Something amazing.

But you can't just take it like this. Something I'm sorry if I broke the teapot.

I went into the royal palace woods in the middle of the night, stuffing the water bottle I had brought as my personal belongings with a shitty cup of tea.

Ten demonic roses have a thin ribbon tied nearby as a landmark. I searched for the ribbon, one by one, and poured tea.

It was dark at night, so it was hard to find more than just the light on the candlestick I had. Thanks to the fact that the moon was out.

Pour tea into one.

Tea, which fell to the ground scattered with gold light, crept into the ground.

Then, in about three seconds, the pin and the rose stem extend firmly. But there's no other movement as it is. It's just that the rose glows a little blurry from the roots. Because of the tea you sucked up?

I've checked the status screen, but no new channels have come out yet.

And it should have been supplied with magic, but the demonic rose didn't move any more.

"If I gave all ten copies, would this be the time for the channel to come out?

I patrolled other roses as well.

The amount of tea in the water bottle is finite, so small amounts per bottle. If it's not enough this time, let's prepare something even more magical.

As I was going through the forest at night thinking so, I could hear footsteps treading on the soil and dead leaves from somewhere, sawdust, rust, rust.

Is anybody coming into the woods? Besides, while they're distracted by pouring tea, it sounds like they were coming pretty close.

Bad. You can't be seen pouring glittering tea into the ground in the dark woods. If you look at it, it's not suspicious! Suspicious, let's go!

I decided to hide in the shadow of a nearby tree. Lid the water bottle thoroughly and keep it on the ground. If you accidentally spill it out of the pour the moment I move, it'll glow and stand out.

Though hidden, the footsteps surely come for me. Why!?

Shall we escape somewhere...... But if I freshly footed, I'd know I was definitely around here. Mr. Frey used it before, the magic of being invisible, I wonder if I can use that one.

I tried to look at the status screen if you didn't remember.

At that time, the footsteps suddenly become faster. I'm approaching you suddenly.

It's frightening to move anymore, so I was wearing a hood, shrinking, and holding my breath.

Eventually the footsteps stop nearby and the target breathes.

"You must be there, Yura"

"What, Captain?

Face up. The silver-haired man, who looks white in the slightest moonlight, is definitely the leader of the regiment.

"Why are you here?

"I thought you said there was something wrong with the Spirit. I'm looking for the cause. Because the spirits don't crack my mouth either. So, why are you working in the middle of the night?

Asked, I stand up and answer.

"Well... thank God there's a demon in this royal palace."

"The demon?

The captain flashed his face. Oh, you didn't notice. The spirits aren't making a scene about having demons either, so maybe it's natural... they're usually just roses.

"It is. I discovered a plant-based demon pretending to be a rose."

I explained how I discovered it and told him (lay low what I asked Sola) that when I asked the Spirit he told me it was a demon.

Even while I was explaining, I somehow stayed out of the shadow of a tree.

Hard to get close. You have no choice, do you? It's just you and me. Something that reminds me of when I was alone in the meantime. Besides, it looks like Mr. Fire Dragon isn't here.

"So I was wondering if something would happen if I tried pouring tea or maybe I would be able to hear my voice..."

"I know why. If it's a demon, let me know."

"Yes, excuse me..."

"And how can you stay hidden there?

Ugh, they pointed me out.

"Excuse me for this"

I pick up the pot and step out the back of the tree. But that's where my legs stopped.