Getting close to the captain is hesitant, after all.

But I don't think it's the distance that's in the way of us talking, so okay.

The captain gave a thoughtfully suspicious look.

"Were you giving tea to demons and going around? Are we done yet?

"No, not yet"

"So let's go, where's next?

"It's about twenty steps over there. I tied a ribbon nearby to the landmark..."

The Captain I heard turned his foot in the direction I had just taught him.

With a light attitude, I follow with relief.

I'm fine with walking on the side of the captain, but now my doubts are raised.

I also responded to the style of 'what I didn't do', but I wonder what the captain intends to do.

If you're going to say it's Nashi, why did you kiss her?

Lost your mind? But do you want to kiss me or something? That's what I can't believe.

So I cling to my own cheek. Don't think about it. Now we have to let them open channels with demons.

I'm about three steps away from the captain while sprinkling tea.

Five, six, seven... and all poured tea into the roots of ten demonic strains.

"What do you say?

"Uh, wait a minute, please"

To make sure the captain doesn't know that, put out the status screen a little diagonally and check it horizontally. Something that moves too suspiciously because it touches you with your fingers. It's hard to explain.

As soon as I open the screen, a pop-up window will appear. "Channel A has been added" At the right end, a solid new channel A was glowing red.


"Oh, I did. I think I can talk to the demon!

"Right. Well done."

Turning to Negiri's words, the captain stood unexpectedly right next to him.


The captain grabs my arm and stops me from falling by accident.

"Thank you"

I tried to thank you and get away... but the captain wouldn't let go of my arm. Looking up, the captain stared down at me.

"I know what you care about and you're distancing yourself from me.... You didn't like it, did you? I want to apologize to you. I'm sorry."

My cheeks get hot all at once. Because the captain soon found out he was talking about that kiss.

"Huh!? Well, I don't like it..."

Not that I didn't like it.

And this is how I say it, so I guess the captain was willing to act on it.

But what about a relationship with no future? Suppose, for example, as Mr Beatrice said, that I was given the title after I was able to settle this matter. But being a witch doesn't change.


"But oh, that kind of thing. Pei, I know it's pet handling."

This is what I want to do, and I want to cure my feelings.

And not all the unspoken feelings are conveniently perceived by the leader of the regiment.

The captain frowned when he said it was unexpected.

"You still thought it was the same treatment as dogs and cats.... I thought you hated me."

"No! You can't hate the captain. The captain is a benefactor and a protector."

"But do you accept it very much, no matter what you do, because you're a pet?

"That's not exactly what I meant"

"Can I assume that there are other reasons why I accepted adulthood?


It's hard to answer this question.

In silence, the captain asked further.

"I wish I were, is that what you think?

The captain touches my cheek with his other hand.

Hey, there's no way I can answer that question! If I told you I thought you could kiss me, it wouldn't be what I thought!

But wait for me. I said I didn't hate you... Oh, me too... dig a grave...

"Um, uh, wow!

I ran away. I run away and go back to my room and sit back as I am.

Oh, my God, oh, my God!

It's not like I confessed!


I just have to cover my face with my hands and groan.

Embarrassing, afraid to face each other again. 'Cause it's like I said I like it.

"I like... uhhhhhhhhhhh"

Crush and groan again at that embarrassment.

But it did, and droplets fell on my mind, and I thought I'd become acquainted with the water.

I like the captain.

I've been trying not to think about it. From the memory of my former hikikomori at first, I thought there was no way anyone would look at me like that. After that, I knew I was a witch and there was no way I could think of it that way.

But the captain did that. I started saying things to Mr. Frey, and I couldn't deny them. I still tried not to think I liked it though.

Once you think that, you can't undo it anymore.

"'Cause be careful, be nice, and do that to someone you trust... Not that I don't care."

Most importantly, he likes tea. From the beginning, believe me, you drank it, and the incident we fell asleep with is a good memory now.

I've always wanted to get involved that way, if I could. Even if I don't have to be in a relationship like that with my lover or something, enough to think that I'd be happy with that if I could watch it on the side.

There was no way I could keep denying it all the time when such a person showed me that I liked it. I want to say it too. Do you admire it or like it?

But if you think of the captain...

"I mean your husband for pets, let's go through. You should still be able to hang up."

If they ask me for clarity, I'll just have to say I don't like it.

Because if you don't, sooner or later, when you get away from the captain, you're going to let him look for me and cause trouble.