After groaning for a while, they knocked on the door from the outside.


"Customer...... are you not feeling well?

If you're on the lookout outside, he made you worry. I'm sorry.

"I'm sorry, I'm fine. Well, I was laughing at it!

When you make the right excuse, you say, "Ha ha... Take care," I hear an ambiguous reply. It seemed impossible to convince me with this excuse. But you left me alone, so good.

When I realized I was feeling calm, so I decided to check Channel A first.

I poured you some tea and you left, so it's definitely that rose demon. I'm not sure what abbreviation "A" is.

If I were to look for something close in the memory of the game, there would have been an Albor in a plant-based demon. It was a growing grassy demon, moving with a touch, and the one where the grass stretched and attacked. That proximal species? If so, even A is convinced.

I have trouble hearing what the story is about, so I move to the back of the room and turn on the status screen.

To keep you in the mood, tap your cheek once and then press the button.

"Okay, Po, a little"

Once, a pop-up screen appears in front of me.

That's how it showed up......

"Albor A: Ahhh."

"Albor B: It's - Ah, love."

"Albor C: Love - It's the Shinji of the World"

"Albor D: The Witch Who Can't Reveal


I wondered what the hell we were discussing, and this could be it!

"Albor A: The Man's Reached Hands Are Not Reachable."

Albor B: The Witch Runs Away

I accidentally pressed the channel button to break the display of the conversation.

"Wait... this, demon, right?

I can't believe what I saw. It's a demon, so I thought we'd have a more goblin conversation...

"No, it's like a cake-eating demon, and it always seems like you've done nothing by simulating it on a rose, do you?"

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's not a normal demon. He seems to be close to the Spirit.


I take a deep breath and push the button again.

Albor C: Hey, that was the voice of a witch earlier.

"Albor A: Definitely."


I knew it, you mean me and the captain? I mean, Master Commander, did you try to stop me? If you ran away without even seeing that, I'm sorry......

No, now forget about the captain and have a conversation with the demons.


"Albor A: Ah, the voice of a witch."

"Albor B: Where are you talking from?

"Yeah, directly to your heart..."

I'm not sure how it works either, so I'll say the right thing.

Albor ABCD: Hmm.

It was not pursued in depth. And I can talk to him unexpectedly normally, so I asked him what he cared about.

"By the way, why are you looking like a rose? Ordinary Albor is more like this."

"Albor C: That grass is not artistic."

I said it's artistic, even though it's demonic!

"Albor D: Man wants to be on the side of a rose with a combination of male and female."

"Albor A: Ideal for viewing"

Hey, is that a debagame?

"Albor A: Principal Seat"

"Albor C: Impersonating Roses, It Was Hard"

I didn't know that was why I became a rose......

Something tells me you don't have to ask, but I didn't clear my suspicions, so I asked you a question.

"Well, trying to make people argue, trying to make someone hostile..."

"Albor C: Can you sit in a special seat?

"Albor A: Marauding Love?

"Albor B: Predatory is better than hostile."

"Albor D: I want to observe the natural form."

Even for the viewing purposes of romantic patterns, I found out that I would not. So... why the hell not? If that's what you think.

"Albor A: With that said, I was plundered."

"Albor BCD:!?

Demons loot love!?

"Albor A: The water clerk didn't come today. Someone must have plundered you."

"Albor C: Uh, water."

"Albor B: He Has No Lover"

"Albor D: Poor thing."

Water clerk?... I know something about one person who looks like that. But maybe not.

"Is that about the gardener? He's the one who waters all the plants in the garden."

"Albor A: Gardener? A stranger."

Albor B: Water clerks are often called princes.

Prince Eric... the demon is treating you like a water clerk! Still, I don't have a lover... I've got some weird information. But he's a prince, and one of these days he'll marry a lady in a good place, and maybe he'd rather not have a lover.

Albor A: But I know my enemies.

"Albor B: Getting ripped off - two -"

"Albor C: If you're not a person..."

"Albor D: Could it be the one who's not a person?

"Albor A: Yes, I, the demons, deal with him."


Is Prince Eric being approached?

"I'm hot on demons...... so there are still other demons in this royal palace?

It's a big problem! There are too many demons in the royal palace. Problem!

"Albor D: Yes. Newcomer"

"Albor A: I came in recently. It looks like a human wizard has called in."

"Offender of action...?

Albor B: We're trying to hate each other a lot.

"Albor C: It Was Funny To Be Seen Love's Breakdown At First"

"Albor D: But that's not funny, so I try to get in the way."

"Albor A: Falling off well with leaves"

You treat me like a bug.

"What kind of demon is that?

"Albor B: Hmm, it's like a ghost."

"Albor A: I haven't really seen it, but it's probably demonic."

... It's not a demon. I even came up with suspicions.

But I can't seem to hear any more from these rose albors. So I decided to do every favor.

"Then the day after tomorrow, in one place, I want you to throw that demonic thing out of my sight and keep it away. I'll offer you something instead, so could you do it?

"Albor D: The water clerk won't come, so if you'll give me that cake instead,

She liked the cake with tea.

"Albor A: Even that brown water."

I feel subtle when they call tea brown water...... well fine.

"Okay. I'll give it to you once in advance, and I'll give you more cake and tea as a reward later."

Then, after talking about the trip to their venue, I finally went to bed.