I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I have to explain the situation to both of you first.

The next day, I worried that it was really, really hard to meet the captain face to face......

After all that happened, I was fine and I said, "Good morning!" I don't have a strong heart to say. But I couldn't have avoided it.

Because I have to have a meeting about the tea party.

But I was trying to figure out a way.

Before the opening of such a coffee room, the servants, who were near the door, breathed heavily. Even the noble lady and lady who were waiting to open the shop.

Did something go wrong? Going as close as I could to the door to try to figure out what was going on, there was a captain standing there talking to Mr. Frey.

The women's gaze is nailed on both of them.

I was convinced. With Mr. Frey, helpful servants and ladies often steal a look at him while he's at work. Look, if there's a beautiful cat in the room, you'll look back. Like that.

The presence of the captain reinforced the impact.

Plus, he's got a little firedragon on his shoulder, so he's twice as prominent.

Because the shape was necessarily dragon but small, the women around them had intrigued eyes. He doesn't look scared.

Except when you fly.

Mr. Fire Dragon, flying off the shoulders of the Bassa and Captain, comes to me.

Hiya! and my voice rose around me, so I stepped forward to welcome Mr. Fire Dragon to my shoulder to get away from my surroundings for some time.

"Hello, Mr. Fire Dragon, would you like to add or subtract? Speaking of which, is there enough bait?

"The diner is letting him be the owner of the Spirit King's sword. I didn't know you weren't coming to say hello even though you knew you were near me."

Mr. Fire Dragon seems obstinate.

"You wanted to talk to me... I'm sorry, I didn't feel comfortable. You made me lonely. From today on, I will make time with Mr. Fire Dragon."

"Sabi!? That's not true! Don't make up your own story, witch!

"But he wants to talk..."

"You said you'd take care of me, but you left me and went far away, so it would be something to make me apologize for that, normal!

"I'm sorry about that, Mr. Fire Dragon."

It sounds like I missed you after all...... Mr. Fire Dragon must be shy.

I was talking to Mr. Fire Dragon and someone blew it out nearby.

"Anyway, you look like you're having fun talking to the Fire Dragon. It's weird because you can see that the Fire Dragon is swinging, and you're gonna laugh."

Mr. Frey tells me to hold my mouth for a second.

"You're not swinging, are you? Mr. Fire Dragon just isn't being honest."

"No, you'd love to, too."

It is the captain who has that face.... Yeah, it always looks the same. Well, if this was all in front of a bunch of people, we wouldn't talk like last night, would we?

"Better than that, did the example measures work?

"I need to talk to you two about that."

Awkward or whatever, this has to be a meeting.

"Then make a little face and ask elsewhere"

"Oh, yes."

I appreciate the way you put it. Because I have business, and you know it's not a color thing around here.

After the captain and Mr. Frey spoke to me, my gaze from behind hurt a bit. There's even a maid who looks like she's about to bite a handkerchief.

Anyway, considering your safety, it still helps to be less jealous.

In the meantime, I left the coffee room temporarily with Mr. Beatrice, and the captain instructed me to leave to the nearby garden.

Tell the captain and Mr. Frey, having also checked with the spirits who were on the side of the nearby rose that there was no one around them.

"Uh. Turns out there are a lot of demons in this palace."


Mr. Frey didn't seem to notice.

So far, no one's been physically attacked. I'm the only one in the royal palace who seems to be in danger of life at the moment.

Besides, the Spirit seems to be close to that rose demon. I didn't seem to notice the other one.

Did you fight with the demons?

I shake my neck to the side to ask Mr. Frey.

"No. They ate the cake."


In the meantime, I will brief the captain once and for all.

On top of that, I told him what I found out from my conversation with the demon.

"So thank you. They have two kinds of demons in the royal palace..." said Mr. Frey?

As Mr. Frey weakened, he grabbed the spirits that were flying in the wind that led him through the vicinity.

"Why didn't you tell me about the demons?

The Spirit is grinning with his neck hanging.

The captain and Mr. Frey, who heard the answer, gave a sloppy look. Oh, what did you say?

"Because they didn't ask... Well, that's what you guys are, isn't it? Yeah. I knew it."

Mr. Frey leaks a dry laugh.

Uh... Spirits are cool, I don't answer unless I ask, they often activate, you know. As far as I'm concerned, it's also helpful to be somewhat secretive because it can be troublesome when everything is done to the Spirit.

You mean witches and witches.

Something that would be troublesome if someone could talk to other spirits without even asking them.

Though I have you laying low that I am a witch. If I ask you well, you'll find out.

"Well for now. To protect tomorrow's tea party from demons who don't know who the other is, we've installed demon cooperation, so I'd appreciate it if you refrain from attacking anything that looks like a rose."

"... ok for now"

The captain nodded with a sinister look,

"The demons are going to help you... you really are a surprise box"

Mr. Frey nodded at me with a bitter laugh.

"So, if the demon in question shows up, I want you to catch him. Because the human wizard called in, so I'm sure it has something to do with this one."

"As a seed of discord, Yura was used...?

"I don't know if that's all. It is also possible that I tried to manipulate people in the heart of the kingdom to crush me for the purpose of attacking because I am… arr"

If I were to be targeted for the reason that I was a "witch," I would stand in Miss Maia's way, and I can only assume that I was in the way, to eliminate it.

"I guess that's the most likely"

The captain also nodded at me.