I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Royal Palace Tea Party Day is very busy 1

Under the raucous sun.

In that garden, where the breeze gently drifted the scent of a blooming rose behind, colorful treats were arranged on a bright white table.

"Your Majesty loves sweet things..."

Crushed is the old Duke who was seated first.

"The Duke of Baden didn't like sweets, did he?

Around the same age, this one comes with a cane, says the old Count, sitting next to him.

"I still have the best liquor and hard knobs, Count Orlov."

"Neither is Non. Well, it's not like you can't even eat sweet food."

"They say this and this aren't sweet, you two"

That said, the captain, who was seated nearby, proceeded softly to the two of them.

I recommended a plate with tomatoes and cheese or a dip of vegetables like avocado on top of the bread that was cut into small pieces and cooked to crunch.

"Ho, is that a snack?"

"It seems so. I just asked a woman official."

"The Duke of Alvin didn't like sweet things, either. My grandson didn't want to give a gift to the Duke, but he couldn't give him a treat, so he seemed troubled."

The two old aristocrats laugh cheerfully at the captain for responding accordingly.

"I don't care who the gift is."

The captain's face is sinister, even though he answers softly. Seeing that, I was about to laugh secretly.

Actually, me, I'm confused pretending to be a servant.

Anyway, the people in the Senate who believe me to be a witch. If I make a dignified face, I won't be drinking tea anymore.

It's just to the extent that some people just looked at each other a little bit. "You won't notice," Ms. Beatrice tells me, disguising herself if she wears a brunette wig and lays her eyes down for a moment.

Besides, the servant's costume is a discreet color of dark blue.

Nearby, Mr. Beatrice and his majesty's lady are hidden because she stands in a cloaked or cream-colored dress.

There will still be in case of this. At that time, Mr. Cain and the captain, confused by the knight of security, were supposed to magically let him escape.

The problem is Prince Eric. He has a clear view of my face up close, so I'm sure he remembers clearly...

Prince Eric, in his seat a little away from the commander of the regiment, is silent as he looks at this one sideways.

Perhaps you don't want to be outspoken about one of the roses in the meantime. You don't know what they'll say if you follow me, so you must just be there without spreading a clue as to who the woman is.

... Please, stay put.

Hopefully, I'll check the status screen I was sneaking out. Channel A is being selected.

"Albor A: When other demons come, why don't we throw them?

"Albor B: Why don't we throw it out?

"That's okay."

Respond with a low voice.

Anyway, because the purpose of the Tea Party is to make you drink tea unintentionally to prove my innocence. So if there wasn't a problem, I'd say, "Look, you're a witch. It would have been a lie!" I ask His Majesty to say, "I will settle here.

Then I'm going to deal with the demons.

Two demons talk about "I see" and "Canteen".

In doing so, there came about ten other nobles. Most of them are aristocrats who have been to the coffee room. And you don't seem to notice me, so good.

If I were a woman, I would care, but I was told I wouldn't think of remembering a servant's face any more, but I was right.

That's how everyone sits and waits, His Majesty the King appears.

"Thank you for coming to my tea party today."

His Majesty, the glorious King, wore garments decorated with wonderful embroidery and gems. Although the laces on the sleeves and collars are flashy and conspicuous, they fit wonders and sire. Is it because of the atmosphere?

"Have a cup of tea and relax first. And Eric. See, don't hesitate to eat."

His Majesty groans, whenever he can carry a cake to Eric on one of his servants.

Ho, this prince likes sweet things.

It's called growing roses, a little maiden and seems to fit in with His Majesty the King. Is that why you were chosen for adoption? Of course he's not excellent. Otherwise, other nobles might treat you like you're innocent.

Meanwhile, His Majesty also goes to stroke the head of the captain. The captain didn't defy His Majesty even though he had the look of putting up with something... because he's a benefactor?

"It's been a long time since I've had tea with you, Lucien. How's the south? I'd love to hear more about the dragon."

"I don't think it would be an interesting story to be able to meet His Majesty's expectations..."

and the captain reports only faintly what happened....... I'm skipping what I can't report, so it's like a really hard report though.

By the way, Mr. Fire Dragon has the royal garden flying around on its own because it's troublesome when the other nobles are frightened. As soon as I got upset, I had trouble getting smoke out of my mouth.

They were finally looking for any suspicious demons in the woods.

Anyway, the tea party slipped away. The participants put their mouths on the tea so that it could stick because His Majesty had just drank the tea.

But there were a number of people with a bite of puffiness and a sinister look.

Oh, you're the one who's had this tea. Besides, in the pattern you're also hearing about me making it.

"Sire, what is this tea like? It's not like that witch made tea..."

Some of the participants who heard about it rushed to place cups of tea. Too bad. Looks like the three of us didn't drink tea. Anyone who knows what tea tastes like must have been drunk at home.

... Ah, that Third Lady's husband, who is a relative of His Majesty, also looks sinister. I guess I'm drinking well at home.

"Isn't it delicious? I like this."

"Sire, stop drinking what such a suspicious person has made. What would you do if it was a mixture?"

"Hmm? I say it was made by a suspicious person in the first place, but even regular tea in the first place, you don't know who used to make it, do you? If you can't feel safe without checking the history of those who grow tea ingredients or even every single manufacturer, then you won't be able to drink anything? Marquis."

I'm afraid of the way His Majesty attacked you!

The type that attacks with stuffing……. I suppose this is one of His Majesty's ways, as the captain keeps his tea quiet all the time.

But the duke who disputed it also gave up badly.

"But if it's anything else, a trusted merchant will confirm it..."

"You're checking this out, too, right? Lucien."

His Majesty cut me off, and his nobility was stuck in words.

I guess there is no objection to being told that the royal captain is confirming it.

"Everybody drink in peace, okay?

Faces that unwittingly smile at His Majesty for obedience. That's kinda funny to watch......

In the meantime, Prince Eric was silently drinking tea and consuming cake.

I can see from that that this prince is not scared or disgusted because he is a witch about me. I can't figure out why you tried to get rid of me...

When I thought, I saw something strange in my sight.