I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Two busy days at the Royal Palace Tea Party.

A flying object went up the edge of his sight.

Something black and I wasn't sure, but like it looked like a person's shape? It was as small as a spirit, but I've never seen it.

But from where?

Looking around, a rose spread on Prince Eric's back, slamming something off all the time.

Pompous fell, like a doll...... is this a black flame?


With a blur in my mouth, I look at the status screen as a hack.

I haven't responded to anything in a long time, channel F was lit red. I knew it was a demon! I turned on the channel thinking.

Well, what kind of demon is F? I feel like the harm seems low because I'm about to be slapped down by a rose demon......

"Fury: Mata, Sita the Jama, Shokubutsu"


When you speak to them, they also hear you, so you snap your neck inside. Well, what kind of Fury would have been in the game? By not being there, you mean this is the demon that was made?

Thinking in English, it should have meant anger or something like that, but what the hell kind of demon is it......

Fury: You're such a shock, you're such a mess.

The black flame jumps pimply and approaches Prince Eric again.

Fury: Nah, it's Moyase.

Fury: Shokubutsu, Fusawashikunai

Fury: I can't believe Otoko's sodating Hannah.

Every time we approach, one or two black flame furries increase.

And Prince Eric shouldn't have seen it, but his hand on the cake stops, and he gets a dark look.

"No way......"

I saw and guessed how Prince Eric was doing and what the Furies had said.

Fury wants Prince Eric to burn him because the rose-shaped Albors are in the way. So you're fooling around with Prince Eric's "Man Grows Flowers" to make you feel more comfortable?

... right. Prince Eric was badly told by someone that he was growing flowers, and you were sneaking watering him with it. Because no matter how badly they said it, I couldn't hate flowers.

I know you can't hear me, but the fact that Prince Eric's expression is changing may mean that with Fury nearby, he feels that way more.

I guess I'm thinking from that name, trying to gush up anger emotions and make Fury act the way he thinks.

"We have to do something."

Because I had an instinct that this was the cause of one of my cases this time.

The nobles assumed that I was a witch and that I was about to be put in jail must be because Fury led me and made me assume so.

That's all His Majesty said, 'That's crazy, isn't it?' Even if you persuade me to be reasonable, the nobles still doubt me because Fury was manipulating me in this way.

But how can I defeat...

If I wanted to let Mr. Frey know first,

- Byun.

The black object went at a tremendous speed in front of me.


A black object as it is is is caught in a rose leaf on the side where it is hit by a rose hedge.

I rounded my eyes.

Because the black object was Fury.

Fury happened to be thrown out of the hedge, wrapped around a leaf.

"Albor: A Little Rise"

Looks like the Rose Demon got rid of Fury as promised.

But there's still a lot of Fury.

If you noticed, it was sticking to nobles' backs and arms everywhere.

Fury, who swayed to dance loosely over the head of one of those aristocrats, was blown away by the scones and the spreading of roses that had grown.

Then the aristocratic cuttlefish blows up with me.

... Ah, there was such a fine cutlet in this world, wasn't there?


"What's that?

Amazing nobles.

The nobleman, who was snagged, put his head over him and said, "Wow!?" and crouch on the spot.

But such noise has nothing to do with demons.

"Albor A: Other Demons, Eliminating Well"

"Albor B: As promised. We're great."

"Fury: In Shokubutsu's Bunzai!

An angry black flame Fury heads for the rose.

The roses softly turn on the black flame, and one Fury jumps across the hedge.

"Mr. Yura, what about this demon that suddenly sprang up?

That's what Mr. Cain, who came to my side at that time, was asking.

He's in a position to shelter me, but he seems confused because the roses are also a little wary.

So I told Straight where the line draw was.

"The roses are allied now, so it's okay. A black fiery demon is called Fury, and it's like a demon that generates anger emotions that fit the purpose in a person's heart."

"Generate anger emotions?

Soon the captain came next door as well.

I wondered if His Majesty would be all right, standing up and in a slightly remote position, surrounded by the knights. Around looking at me and the fuss with pleasure, should I just say Your Majesty?

No, I trust the captains, so I guess they think they'll do something about it.

"It's like if Fury and the others whisper to the person they want, the emotions will develop in their minds, just like I said. Maybe I'm the witch, and the witch has to be put to death, as the person who created this demon commanded me, or the culprit who made me assume so."

Other Furies split again while I was explaining.

Because they stick to the nobles' backs, Albor and the others tap out Bashibashi's back with rose flowers and leaves, and then snap the cake on the table and eat it puffy.

The nobles scream and get off the table, but Fury can't help it because he's stuck on his back, shoulders and head.

"It's the witch's tea!

That's what the nobles screamed with Fury on their shoulders.