I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Royal Palace Tea Party Day is very busy with three

"The witch's tea attracted a demon that I don't understand! Wow!"

A noble man, who spoke and shook his brown fluffy wavy hair, jumped up and was surprised by the rose crawl from behind.

Turning around behind me, the crawl is in a state where he doesn't know what he was beaten to after he had already shrugged out.

But the people around him were paying attention, so the rose crawl suddenly seemed to stretch, attacking him.

"The rose... was it a demon!?

Noisy nobles. Prince Eric looks shocked. In the case of a prince, it may be because his beloved rose was treated like a demon.

"... but it's not a mistake"

Roses are demons, too, but the real problem is with Fury.

I'd like to draw your attention to you, but the person who is obsessed with Fury doesn't see Fury...... like?

Now when I say "I'm here," I say, "I'm lying!" I just get told.

"Master Commander, can't you somehow show the demons?

"I guess the way you're disappearing doesn't mean you're magically forced to... It looks like me and Frey, but maybe it's because I see the Spirit. I don't know the magic of making that kind of presence visible."

"That means if you can't see the Spirit, you can't see those Furies either..."

It's a challenge.

If you can't see the original killer, you won't believe me where I made the explanation.

So Mr. Frey says, "No..."

"Roses are usually knocking down demons like that Fury. That's why they exist as objects. I just don't look like a normal person. So..."

"Oh, I get it. How to make yourself visible"

That's why I decided to make Fury and the others visible.

The nobles continued to appeal to His Majesty.

"Kill that witch quickly!

"It's bad for our country!

"Fury: Colour, Yura Colour"

"Fury: Cha must have Walui's hitte"

And to Fury's remarks I saw, I almost had blue muscles floating around my forehead.

Tea is not bad!?

I'd love to catch him and shake Fury up so hard, but I don't even have any influence over here when I make contact. So I lifted up one treat on the table and said to the nobles.

"There's no way a rose that's blooming beautifully is a demon. I'm sure it's the flower where the Spirit lived."

You lied a great deal to me, and the nobles said, "What is this servant?" and turn around.

And Prince Eric turned to me with a stiff look.

"If you don't mind, let's take a look at the culprit."

To make the demon appear, I threw a creamy cake in my hand...

"Mr. Spirit, guess what!

If you ask the Spirit to do so because it is a no-con, the Spirit of the Wind, who looked like the bird that was around him, flies as he carries the cake for good fun.

Fury, realizing he was coming at himself, tried to escape in surprise, but the Spirit accelerates him with a kick in the cake and bumps into each other.

Though the sponge fell, Fury, raw cream all over him, makes a sound like he's talking about something after a long time.

And finally, the invisible also recognized that there was something there.

"Become... what is this!

"Raw cream aunt......?

A smaller old nobleman made some pretty remarks. It is only natural for those who do not see the appearance of a black flame to look like a raw cream aunt.

Though I look like a black and white two-tone object.

"That's who you are manipulating your feelings with."

The consciousness of the nobles nailed to a completely odd Fury appearance. There, Mr. Frey added.

"It's a demon I've never seen before. Someone may have made it to confuse people..."

The nobles get upset when they say it out loud.

And Fury got angry.

"Fury: Colonize!

The raw cream filled fury touches. Whoops, the figure swelled up by the size of the person and disappeared.

"... you let him get away?

"No, you're not, Captain."

Mr. Frey grabs his finger.

One of the nobles had a grown Fury sticking up. The expression disappears and you approach me step by step.

"In the meantime... su. A woman named Yura, she is..."


No way Fury took over people's consciousness!?

The other Furies do the same, each hugely sticking to a nearby human back.

And he attacked me.


I hurried back a few steps.

'Cause if I magically attack Mumble, I'll hurt you badly. Oh, yeah. Defensive defense.

Before me using the wind shield, the captain and Mr. Frey leave.

"You stay there."

Pull out the Spirit King's sword that the Commander always carries with him.

By waving like that, the people who were approaching me are blown away.

Didn't you go for the wind shield?

"Duke!? And why the Count!

Besides His Majesty the King and the knights surrounding it, Prince Eric, who was not influenced by only one Fury, tried to rush over to them in surprise.

But Prince Eric is stopped. Then by the roses stretched out.

"Albor E: Water clerk, dangerous"

Albor F: Pull the water clerk in.


Apparently, they're trying to protect Eric, their precious watermaker. Then you won't have a problem with the prince.

The knights who came running over to protect the prince were stuck, so I ask Mr. Frey to tell him that there is no problem.

The captain then turns to the person who staked out Fury.

"You should probably be able to kill him with this. If it's more targeted, it's fine."

Swaying down the sword, stabbing through the Fury, still sticking to the back of the person who was falling.

With the sound of wearing the ground all the time, Fury's figure fluttered white and disappeared.

The person who was possessed has a blurred look and blinds his eyes like he doesn't know what happened.

Mr. Frey then repeated that the captain would detain those who were attached to him so that he could easily defeat Fury and that the captain would extinguish Fury.

When that's how he finishes defeating all Fury, the last Fury remains black, sucked into the arms of one of the nobles and flees.


That magnificent aristocrat had taken refuge alone away from the table because he was not obsessed with Fury.

Neither His Majesty nor the Commander will miss a nobleman who acted suspiciously, trying to escape from this occasion.

"Capture Count Glare!

"That's what caused it!

A knight who happened to be close to the voice seizes it.

On the other hand, the rest of the noblemen, who, although they were in Fury, were unattached, had their eyes rounded.

"We... what the hell..."

"It was manipulated, was it?

Prince Eric was surprised at something a little different.

"The rose protected me...?

Touch the leaves of a rose tangled in your arms with a blur.

Then the roses swayed with a touch.

"Albor E: Did the water clerk recognize you?

"Albor F: Po..."

In successive spreads that were tangled in Eric, buds formed and occasionally blossomed large rings of red roses.

... nobles and servants in the Senate spread the word about this time, and later Prince Eric became known as the 'Prince of the Roses'...

The fact that the rose was actually a demon meant I wanted to keep it a secret for the rest of my life.